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  1. Coming back to this though a plus to another Iganashi1 art (seriously, I absolutely love the way that artist depicts lady Eiki). All my respect for someone drawing such a gorgeous looing Yama. I feel tempted to post all of his art, but I have to limit myself to just a few. Source https://twitter.com/Iganashi1/status/1553320025947533313/photo/3 Source twitter.com/Iganashi1/status/1448288826309308417 (dead Twitter link) Source https://twitter.com/Iganashi1/status/1538919555841785856/photo/1 https://twitter.com/Iganashi1/status/1533826731031023616/photo/1 Source https://twitter.com/Iganashi1/status/1524045465586921474/photo/1 Besides lady Eiki, I see Iganashi1 also likes to depict Yuuka (even if that seems to be more like the territory of @tohoyuukarin) Source https://twitter.com/Iganashi1/status/1537823886267805696/photo/1 Source (again, the Twitter link is dead) twitter.com/Iganashi1/status/1533085766766989312
  2. I think we recently got a rerun on the Hina Cheering Saga event. As for what is to come next, we can only wait to see what follows the Easter event rerun (points collection available until the 19th and event shop available until the 26th). From what I noticed, the game patter seems to be new event / rerun / new event and so on. As for the news roundup, a bit of a follow-up: News and updates Scarlet Devil Tower JP just presented their new batch of characters. This time, we are completing the Unconnected Marketeers cast by adding Tenkyuu, Momoyo and Tsukasa. Is is just me, or Tenkyuu's face looks slightly weird in this angle? Now, with the exception of Mizuchi, Yuuma and Miyoi, LostWord has added the entire Touhou cast starting with EoSD. Besides that, LW developers do not seem to be tired of adding even more new EoSD alts. Seriously, haven't we got enough Remilia and Flandre recently? I don't even know if their EoSD retros have been released yet, despite featuring in the Tower. Community discussion and memes Since many people complained about Remu EX, tutorials started to pop up in regards to how to beat that stage and what team comps to come up with. Usually, these stages require you either units you may not have yet. Or if you have the units, you may not have played enough to give them the MLB cards needed ("what, you do not have 24 MLB copies of Witch of Scarlet Dreams/Puppeteer and Necromancer/Mysterious Sword Master/etc? Shame") Let's not forget that, at least according to some, this entire EX stage was made specifically for being trivialized if you had C3 Yukari. A lot of these EX stages feel like they were made specifically for one character or another, and that you will struggle if using anything else. Nice strategy to sell a product. Sell a powercreep unit, then balance the upcoming content based on that unit(s). Main story is (still) trivial if you have that strong units, the real challenge of LW becoming these endgame content style challenges.
  3. Alright, time for an actual reply. First of all, thank you for actually coming back into this, even so many months after the original post. I guess it is more about being a fan of this series feeling out of place when you are the only one in a large crowd knowing about the existence of the series. I thought people heavily disliked Jojo fans for being annoying. But yes, our community seems to be very dedicated to the franchise, and will always be able to create something new or introduce us into anything. I mean Touhou was referenced even on Cartoon Network, despite not directly/through a parody. But I thought Touhou also counts into the category of "weeb content", and we all know how much people hate weebs and weaboos. I used to not be very interested in the issue in the past. I was actually asked by my school colleagues why I took no interest in a relation, and could not explain it. It just felt like I was not interested, and tried instead focusing on other stuff. Now, I think it might start biting me in the butt. I used to prefer solitude for a long while, but then 2020 and lockdown happened. After 2 months stuck inside my home, I realized I need to see people, and when we could finally go out, I tried hanging out with my best friend as much as I could. Fascinating, I heard the same thing a while ago from an acquaintance. I would write a lot about this, but I have explained in full detail how I got into the series as part of my first thread on this forum Indeed, it is full of degeneracy. It becomes problematic though if the things from the internet are not only kept there, but also come into real life. Like if your "internet life" actually affected your real life and how people see you irl just through the lens of online posting. Maybe I have not missed so much. It is annoying though people make it as if I did though, especially when you have not gone through the "standard" stages of your life up to an age. Like if you are still very delayed with a lot of issues, or do not feel emotionally ready for them. Your logic says something, but your mind and instincts start beating you up with exactly the opposite. I have not felt the pressure of being alone until now, but recently it started becoming ever so pressing. And not really in the way of "I have to do it", but more like "I am feeling alone, I really need someone next to me". Yes, I have been feeling alone this entire last year, especially since I lost an entire first college year and interactions through long distance online courses. What also scares me a bit is that every traits I may be looking for to find on a girl, I have found exactly on my best friend, who is a guy. He is smart, has a personality (although having a personality is something arbitrary to define), we both like the same things (especially a strong liking for Touhou and history), and he is also the kind of person who I would stay talk to all day long and can listen to all my rambling for hours without getting annoyed. I guess finding someone like this, but as a girl, could be very hard, if not impossible to find if I not looking hard enough. Finally, my entire sentiment of feeling alone eventually went into what I am drawing, which can also explain why I am constantly frustrated and not satisfied with what I do (and perhaps one of the reasons how I ended up into Touhou, despite never having taken an active interest in anime/anime style art and bullet hell games). As much as I love designing tanks, there's still the feeling, almost self-pushed for drawing girls too. I was never too interested in that before 2020, but I started to feel it like a need for completing a void I have. Even designing my OC feels more like a coping mechanism, as one of my original thoughts back then was to design basically "the girl of my dreams". Which, as cheesy as it may sound, might just be a reflection of feeling lonely and become a more and more easy pray for waifu/cute girl bait stuff from media. Hell, maybe that was one of the reasons I actually got stuck into Touhou for so long and still feel fiercely loyal to it despite never having played the games (when in the very same fateful 2020 I switched through multiple fandom before landing into that one). Until recently, I have been in denial about a lot of stuff, but irl friends really helped me start realize some of the stuff and I've begun speaking more freely and honestly about it.
  4. Wow, it has been over a month and ha;f, and I still have not started writing this. Such a shame. Sorry for wasting you time trying to write huge reviews for that game. I really should start y review, but I see no way of starting it too soon as I always end up adding more and more I want to talk about, and eventually expand the goal more than I initially planned for. Plus, my mind and opinion about the game seems to have dramatically changed in the past month, therefore what I would have written back then does not fit anymore with what I would write nowadays.
  5. Unfortunately, most of the time, maybe due to ignorance, it ends up ridiculing everyone from that fandom for such behavior, and not just the individuals who caused the problem. Therefore, the reputation Touhou can get every now and then due to high contrast between the way ZUN draws his stuff and the way fans represent it afterwards. Again, like I said in the miscellaneous ZUN illustrations reply just above, it was funny that he said he tried to draw an adult, but still ended up with a child. I am not making this up, it's from the notes for illustration "Zun008.JPG".
  6. From what I managed to check yet, it seems like the latest, temporary free full release of the M1 Grand Prix has a number of the comedy skits I have mentioned. Particularly YuuTen Paradise and Moriya Kero. They have been re-released with the latest graphics, but also got some changed in terms of script. I can either let you watch and see what is different, or go into further detail later. The video will be available for free until the 31st of August.
  7. Might be weird, but the wiki has not updated yet the page for the music group. Therefore, i cannot check yet whether the new songs are part of something bigger or not (even if they most likely are).
  8. Yeah, this is a very good description of not just fanon Yuuka, but also fanon Tenshi (before getting turned into Shion's girlfriend by fans). Not sure about Iku though. What is usually the fanon surrounding her besides being lazy/living in a messy home? Also that Tenshi and the way she was turned into a car reminds me of an old slightly cursed, but also extremely funny shitpost animation (?) seen long ago about two guys using each other as a car or something and I think competing against an actual car. You remind me of this. Looks like Chimata either did not understand what an NFT is, or she utterly despises them If you want hardcore/edgy Yuuka, look no further than her Seihou version. That image gives you strong "I need help..." vibe How did you know I have one war song from each former Yugoslav nation? But yeah, I find very interesting the whole theme and symbolism behind the release of PoFV, the idea of every 60 year cycle (which conveniently coincided with the 60th commemoration of the end of the war and start of the tribunals, as well as being not long after the big tsunami that took so many lives in the Indian Oceana area)
  9. Remind me to come back eventually with an elaborate answer for Cardinal. He made a lot of good points
  10. This info coming from the comments of the big Reddit thread might flip some of the data we were aware of It is interesting to see that despite its reputation, Touhou apparently does not have so much content of the kind within its own tag, while other series go close to 50% of their fan-made cotent be NSFW. Also, please let's get things straight, once and for all. I am not condemning the creation of any sort of R18 materials, since I am perfectly fine with some of them. My only thing is about people when they start acting like immature monkeys around mature stuff. Like all those people who act as if they never saw a woman in their lives. Or those who believe bland, generic, cookie-cutter video formats (there literally is a format to which you only need to insert the photos you want and voila, the video is done) with cropped Touhou hentai represent peak Touhou content. I will probably not comment on POV/wish-fulfilment images like the kind Fusu creates (I really is his safe for work art, as he has not drawn anything safe since November last year). I am not familiar enough with that format, and also do not really want to anger anyone if my take on it is bad. Instead, I will link two discussions I have seen recently on both the annoying YouTube videos and wish-fulfilment art. From here, it is up to you to decide. "No anon, your waifu doesn't love you or as you go out with her, or go into any sort of romantic confession to a complete foreigner. No anon, your waifu will not allow or want you touch her in inappropriate places. No anon, your waifu will not beg you have sex with her" I think this ending paragraph sums up what I feel about the general horniness of Internet users rather well to be honest.
  11. Alright, with everything in mind and some small updated, time to bring again the news roundup. News and updates LostWord JP has announced their next UFES unit. This time, it will be Hifuu version Patchouli. Just like the simulation, expect her to arrive on Global in a matter of weeks at most. "That just leaves Butler Koakuma for the E universe. Hopefully most of the Chapter 4 characters are SFes and not EFes. I’m definitely sure Moon Seiran and Ringo are SFes. Mage Patchouli is most likely an Attack type unit." (u/WWWWWWRRRRRYYYYY, usual announcer on r/touhou_lostword whenever something new is announced) Meanwhile, LW Global received the Ten Desires/Touhou 13 retro version of Toyosatomimi no Miko. We also got Interlude Finale (which I still have not played yet), and are expected to get the first act of Chapter 4 the coming week. Community discussions and memes This time, I also made a contribution to the discussions of the community, in the form of a thread. Given the weird patter Global has moved on in terms of releases and event schedule, I wanted to see how much we are behind JP and what we have skipped in order to rush a number of characters at the price of translating story and card. If we are looking at the following schedule, things are interesting. If "(Anniversary)" does indeed refer to 1 Year Anniversary, then it means we might be getting some of these events like Horismriver's March or Summer Horrors soon. However, people are concerned after this point, a lot of the listed events are becoming either a follow-up to what we got in the first year, or are basically rehashes (like how they were talking about the Okuu and Orin maid outfits being like the third maid at the SDM event we got). We are also in the weird situation of having released costumes on Global that do not have yet the character for them, stories without character banners (still looking at you, Interlude, and no Sumireko despite her being the oldest General unit we did not get yet) or just outfits shoved in without their specific event coming out yet. But more on that a bit later. Somebody proposed a PvE mode for LostWord. I am not sure about how viable it sounds, but there have been some opinions on how would you make that work. After all, this is a single player game, but which for some reason still needs internet connection to work. Everybody is confused about the age of MC, especially now after Interlude. To be fair, the game made it slightly more complicated because in Hifuu you have MC being someone giving all the signs of being in college, while in the main story, she is of very ambiguous age. In the main story, everyone treats her like a child, and then there is also the enigmatic figure which appeared in Alice's Fantasy Rebirth portrait (theorized by some to be the main character). Discussion ensued: The discussion about LostWord made its way from the general gacha subreddit to r/touhou_lostword. More interesting comments from this side as well. @Isaac you might find this one interesting. It is a discussion about Parsee and people waiting for her to get to Global. For me, it is interesting because people raised some good points in regards to the absence of a large amount of General units as well: The first one: And there is one more interesting comment, from the same u/WWWWWWRRRRRYYYYY Yeah, there is still quite a bit we are waiting for, not gonna lie...
  12. Holy shit that's quite an extreme, isn't it? Well, I guess such people exist as well. Honestly. I still don't know why Global was so desperate to rush its content and try to get up to date with JP (besides money of course). It's not like the original server was 1 year ahead in terms of content or something. Everyone says that the bad for GLB started in November, when EoSD Reimu came out followed by 6 back-to-back UFES characters (the Lunar War versions of the protagonists). And from there on, the almost desperate need of Global in trying to stay up to date with the latest recolored powercreep unit JP released just days before. Before, the biggest controversy people saw was when Suika (the first character that ever got the S+ tier) and Scarlet Marisa came back to back, or when the Mysterious Sword Master banner was received a a scam due to what units came quickly afterwards. Which brings me back to the old tier list from June year I presented in previous thread page. Anyway, in this rush, we skipped a lot (at least 10) general pool units, and a few regular FES ones. I will come back a bit later once I find a bit more info. I've read some interesting stuff yesterday, and I want to see if I can find it again and place here.
  13. Due to the lack of major updates and discussions going on around Lost Word, the news roundup will have difficulties in updating content. Instead, they will focus from now on bringing in a number of interesting threads going around the community. At least until news will be more reach (just give it a week, Chapter 4 might be fuel for something...). So, to put it like this: News and updates Interlude Final is finally here. I have not played it yet, but I also see there is little talk about it. However, there is one opinion (and the only opinion/review) I have found about what is going on (spoiler for anyone who has not played it yet). It seems like not everything is perfect. I might have to personally check and see what is going on. Community discussions and memes There is just one thread which caught my attention. I was not posted on r/touhou_lostword, but on the general gacha community. Well, if we think Global has it rough, apparently it is worse on JP. Not that it is much better here, even if apparently the admins for Global are doing their best to soften the impact when some JP shenanigan is sent to the rest of the world. Some people even ended up praising the admin team of Global, or how GLB is so much more generous than JP, but I see there are also counter-opinions, with some actually worth reading arguments: I am personally still not feeling much better about the game. My only achievement recently would be getting the Fantasy Rebirth outfit for Akyuu, but now I wonder if that is really a redeeming factor for the game. I am still feeling drained, and as if all the flavor of the game is gone. I am not feeling interested in the news UFES units. I am not feeling interested in the RFES units either. I am (at least) slightly weary about what will Chapter 4 be. There is little new content which really makes me excited. I really need something that would bring me back to enjoying it the way I used to last year. When everything was much simpler and easier to enjoy... The two threads I have referenced though this little comment:
  14. There has been a video which caught my attention recently. It is not about the 2hus we are all so familiar with, but the miscellaneous drawings ZUN has done over time. They are all available on the wiki, and I might cover each in a different thread. Until then though, I would like to focus on a specific one, and the description ZUN wrote for it: "Zun008.JPG" (2001/05/20) Translated Name: Blonde Shrine Maiden From a Future Era I wanted to draw a "poster shrine maiden." My original concept was to truly draw a sultry, adult-looking shrine maiden for once. No, really. (^^; But it turned out to be a young girl. (lol) It's just that since I was drawing a poster girl, I wanted something that would grab and entice with vivid colors and a subtle expression on the girl. But I guess it's a pointless picture. (^^; I honestly find it funny that ZUN actually tried drawing an adult, but still ended up with a child. Or how someone put it into a joke (paraphrasing now), "even when ZUN wants to draw an adult, he still ends up with a loli" ("legal loli"/woman with small breast size or small in stature or not, this is left to be interpreted by the viewer). Even if I said I will only cover a single one, there is one more I would like to point out the text for: "Zun006.JPG" Translated Name: Training on Mt. Haku This time I drew a shrine maiden in the middle of training. Even though mountains are usually off-limits to females. So she's training to ease the desire to go there as a last resort. Or just training in general, like a shrine maiden does. Hmmm, I'm starting to draw more properly. But anyway, I don't really like doing anime-style coloring so I used a more hand-drawn method. When I saw that, I initially thought he was referring to overall drawing in anime-style, but I see it is not more about coloring and I guess shading. Still a little bit of an insight about the way ZUN decided to draw his characters. Anyway, for anyone interested, the video is here. I might create a separate thread at some point to bring here all the images that also have a description, as they depict quite an interesting part of the evolution in artstyle (especially since many of these predate EoSD and might be called an evolution towards what would end up in the official games we all know and love).
  15. I think Forbidden Scrollery confirmed the fact English cam be used by both Remilia and Kosuzu. At the end of one of the volumes (need to check out which one - but it was after the story with the Tupai/pet Chupacabra), Remi sent a letter in English to Suzunaan. Akyuu was wondering whether Kosuzu understands the language. She said she does, but the gag goes that next time they met, Kosuzu is seen struggling to write a letter herself in English - "But I thought you knew English". She basically knew how to translate it, but had trouble writing back in that language - as in the panel Kosuzu is seen with several English dictionaries and guides. Also not to mention through FS, Suzunaan keeps getting books and magazines in English, sometimes brought in by Mamizou. That appears several times at least through the first 4 volumes (the ones I have read yet). Later, I might come with visual confirmation if I get my hands on the laptop (I'm not home right now)
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