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  1. anyone know how to update this so it can play online?
  2. actually, I change my mind, that's too OP (not that I don't want OP). being able to copy and do what other people around me can do. can go from a simple trick to being god. I lose said ability when I'm not in the same "area" or line of sight of said person unless I can do the ability myself. the twist is that I can't perfectly replicate the power/trick and there will be a very minor difference at minimum (for better of for worse). can't be too different though. an example would be like pyrokinesis, I could control fire but the difference is that it is not consistently steady and it keeps exploding. another example can be stopping time, if the person can do 9 seconds I can do 5 (or the other way around).
  3. same as Yukari but I tend to use it as little as possible it and works based on how I think/perceive of said concept.
  4. when I try opening the game, the application will just disappear.
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