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  1. Koshi don't let your attempts be memed 😉 (no seriously if 10 year old can try so can u! and u still have more than 3 days left!)

  2. Swag_Koishi9898

    Week 1 Challenge!

    Holy...the Prismriver sisters rekt me on easy and that is enough. well rip
  3. Swag_Koishi9898

    Touhou Warriors of Friendship 2

    Ok It's Enter,please put that as info so that nobody gets confused like me again.
  4. Swag_Koishi9898

    Touhou Warriors of Friendship 2

    I also need to know how to select "Play".
  5. Swag_Koishi9898

    Touhou Warriors of Friendship 2

    How it wroks: The game plays like megaman 2. Run left and right, shoot enemies and jump. works*
  6. From discovering hoaxes to rescuing lost "maid"ends. remilia Remilia is not capitalized correctly. Lost "maid"ens you mean?
  7. Swag_Koishi9898

    Touhou 15.5: Antinomy of Common Flowers [Game]

    4 stars for two reasons. Issue 1 Loading times.Just loading times. They are very long , unlike a game like ISC or EOSD that loads fast enough. Issue 2 It reset my data. I had Reimu , Marisa , Mazimou , Nitori , and Reisen Runs already done. I didn't try Miko or complete any other run. That's all for my review.
  8. Swag_Koishi9898

    PatchCon: Defend the Library!

  9. are u cuddlycupcake_master?

    1. Swag_Koishi9898


      Are you AngelTheGoodie? Bceause I am CuddlyCupcake_master.

    2. silly_suwako


      yea i am angel the goodie

  10. I haven't noticed. I literally won like 5 days.

    1. Cejic


      See if we can make it 6

    2. Swag_Koishi9898


      Ok I got 6 now gg Cejic

  11. Swag_Koishi9898

    PatchCon: Defend the Library!

    *Tower Defense Mode. Your units spawwn on top of platforms with no way down; enemies will rush for the bookshelves. Spawn is spelled as "spawwn" and not "spawn"
  12. Swag_Koishi9898

    The year looking back

    Talking about Touhou Azure Reflections?
  13. Swag_Koishi9898

    Missing a file in a few game folders

    I do have the same problem as Grouchy Reimu but it's missing the original English Version of LoLK. It's not as a big problem as hers but I don't understand Japanese. Thank god my Reisen Save Data Moved.
  14. Swag_Koishi9898

    Rap (Gap) Battles of Gensokyo

    Youkai Wars! Who will win? Yukari,start!

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