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  1. To me,the most severe incident is Touhou 9,Phantasmagoria of Flower View because... Because what? Toxic and thorny flowers could have spreaded,such as the "Lily of the Valley". Pfft,lamest incident ever. I'd also like to point out that Yuuka is powerful enough to outclass Shikieiki,so this is just a theory,but what if Yuuka could spread whatever type of flower she wants? If she EVER wanted to spread thorny and toxic flowers,she could have done that.
  2. Post memes made in MS Paint here.
  3. I'd say I'd be able to brainwash? Oh I think somebody already has that from the official games. Time Travel? Oh wait. Sakuya already has time powers. The ability to summon whatever I want.(If nobody has that that is) I'd like to nerf my summoning power though. I can't summon people or animals. I can't transport myself with my own ability either. (seriously,who does that?) The upside,I can summon what I want,like food for example. Maybe money? (Nah,that'd be a Jo'on) And there you have it. Sorry if this is too long.
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    Dabbing is normie lol


  5. Pretty sure somebody of Maidens of Kalidoscope (idk how to spell) said that Marisa is dead
  6. According to ZUN the canonical reasons why these 3 characters are going to hell is : Youmu : is half phantom Reimu : went to hell before no biggie Marisa :
  7. How about let's add...Mai and Satono? Maybe Reimu for actually being a shrine maiden?
  8. HmMMmM....I've come up with a hypothesis! That the hardest game in the whole series of PC-98 is Touhou 3!
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