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  1. Samidare

    Release Information
    Type: Vertical Bullet Hell Shooter
    Developer:  RebRank
    Publisher: RebRank
    Release: 2002-2005
    Language: Japanese
    In 2785, full-scale war breaks out on Earth over the various nations' rights to extraplanetary resources. This war ravages the Earth's environment, forcing humanity to flee underground. It also sees the creation of the M.R.S. (Machine manufacture Research and development System), an automated manufacturing and battle system designed to allow wars to take place without actual human participation. Unfortunately, within five years of humanity's flight underground, M.R.S. has completely taken control of the Earth's surface, and the first exploratory group from humanity's underground Shelters is annihilated.
    Not long after this first exploratory mission, the M.R.S. system discovers the Absolute Dimensional Barrier technology and eventually refines it into the Dimensional Absolute Barrier Shield; it uses its SMD series of warplanes to test and perfect the system. Unfortunately, the prototype unit, SMD-00x, disappears after activating the barrier for the first time, and though M.R.S. is eventually able to establish contact with the dimensional void into which SMD-00x disappeared, it's never actually able to find the ship again. Nevertheless, the system continues developing the SMD series, creating smaller, more capable craft such as the SMD-24-0x "Samidare", which is piloted by a humanoid control unit, C-22, and the final unit, SMD-31-FX "Gesshoku", whose control unit, C-23, possesses an advanced, self-aware AI.
    Meanwhile, humanity is busy urbanizing its Shelters, developing bipedal robots (armed lightweight walking vehicles, or ALWVs), and preparing to take the fight to M.R.S. Sixty years after the cataclysm that drove humanity underground, it finally emerges to retake the surface. By this time, M.R.S. has developed significant internal defects, and the battle is relatively short. Within two decades, almost all M.R.S.-created automata on the surface have been destroyed.
    Samidare's main story mode follows the major missions of SMD-24-0x: its testing against the biomechanical construct Sylphid, its encounter with Anareta, the defense system of long-ruined space outpost Tetra-Biblos, and its encounter with the SMD series prototype, SMD-00x. The extra mode follows a flight of the SMD-31-FX several decades later, after SMD-24-0x makes it back to Earth (if you get the good ending).




  2. Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - Plus Disk

    Release Information
    Type: Old-School RPG 
    Developer: Nise Eikoku Shinshidan
    Publisher: Nise Eikoku Shinshidan
    Release: Main: Comiket 84, on August 12, 2013
                    Plus Disc: Comiket 91, on December 31, 2016
    Language: English-Patched
    Version: 1.203
    AKA Touhou no Meikyuu 2   Description
    Suddenly, a mysterious giant tree appears in the middle of Gensokyo disrupting the balance with the outside world. Even worse, Ame-no-Murakumo, the legendary sword has been taken from Rinnosuke, and is most likely hiding in the magical tree. 

    Touhou no Meikyuu - Gensokyo to Tennuki no Daiju, or also known as Touhou no Meikyuu 2, is a dungeon crawler role-playing game and the sequel to the first Touhou no Meikyuu. Similar to its predecessor, Touhou no Meikyuu 2 challenges players with exploring and mapping an hug edungeon. The game uses a team of 4 characters and 8 reserve characters, and combat is be entirely turn-based. New features are available upon game completion are: Boss Rush Mode, available after recruiting 46 characters; And Enhanced Boss Rush Mode, unlocked after finishing Boss Rush Mode; Extra Areas - can be accessed from the 12th floor- with more enemies, treasure, and bosses. 
    The new features of the Plus Disc are: additional floors, characters, equipment, and challenges far beyond what the original game offered.

    How It Works:  Just like the first game, you go around exploring, battling random encounters, facing off against bosses, and collecting items. New are FOEs that can be agreed in a certain area on their respective floors, as well as many new player characters. You can level down characters now, and you will receive items that grant permanent stat boosts if you defeat bosses at or below a certain average level.   Steam Release
    The game is also available on
    Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1131920/LABYRINTH_OF_TOUHOU__GENSOUKYO_AND_THE_HEAVENPIERCING_TREE/




  3. Seihou 2: Kioh Gyoku

    Release Information
    Type: Vertical Bullet Hell Shooter
    Developer: Amusement Makers
    Publisher: Amusement Makers
    Release: 2001
    Language: Japanese
    Default Controls
    The Arrow Keys move the character around
    Z: causes a short barrage of shots to be fired; it may be held down for rapidfire
    X: releases a bomb, presuming that any are left in the inventory
    Shift: slows the character's movement and focuses their shots into a tighter area
    Esc: pauses the game and brings you to the in-game menu
    F12: takes a screenshot
    Plot Point: Since there are multiple paths, there is a slightly different story for each character. 
    How It Works: Kioh Gyoku is like PoFV. There are 5 bosses, a split screen, and character-specific abilities. Yuuka Kazami (Lovely Mound of Cherry Blossoms) appears in this game as a playable character.   Source code release on github (incomplete): https://github.com/pbghogehoge/kog




  4. Touhou Desktop Pets

    Girls Ready to Check Out Your Desktop (28)
    Alice, Byakuren, Cirno, Flandre, Kanako, Keine, Kogasa, Koishi, Letty, Marisa, Meiling, Mokou, Mystia, Nitori, Patchouli, Reimu, Reisen, Remilia, Sakuya, Sanae, Satori, Suika, Suwako, Tewi, Youmu, Yuka, Yukari, Yuyuko

    Explanation of Config
    TouhouWiki page for TDP

    Want to Watch for New Pets?
    Page they're released on
    Recently updated to version 3.  The five new girls are:
    * Satori Komeiji
    * Mystia Lorelei
    * Kogasa Tatara
    * Hong Meiling
    * Letty Whiterock

    These are different from the regular shimejis; these float around on your desktop, and you can interact with them in a few ways (fast mouseover left/right will dizzy them, mouseover up/down forces them to move, and they'll look at you if you slowly hover over them).

    When you right click them, you'll be asked if you want to set options (first choice) or close that pet (second choice).  In the configuration options are choices that are unique to each girl; you can set how fast they move, how fast they dizzy-spin, and if they have a special double-click option (like Youmu taking out/sheathing her swords or Nitori using her opti-camo), you can disable it, or in some cases set a special option for it (like how well Nitori's opti-camo works).


       (19 reviews)



  5. Defiant of Shrine Maiden

    Release Information
    Type: RPG, SRPG & RTS
    Developer: Hachimitsu Kuma-san
    Publisher: Hachimitsu Kuma-san
    Release: N/A
    Language: Japanese

    AKA Touhou Maiden

    Touhou Maiden (東方冥異伝, romanized Touhou Meiiden) is a (series of) RPG which uses a somewhat complex battle system, but otherwise plays like your standard RPG (that is, dungeon, boss, another dungeon, boss, etc.). Each "segment" released includes new features, rebalancing, as well as various other things such as bug fixing and game optimization. This is in addition to the patches released regularly.




  6. STB for Busy Person

    Release Information
    Type: Visual Novels
    Developer: KASUGASOFT (カスガソフト)
    Publisher: KASUGASOFT (カスガソフト)
    Release: N/A
    Language: English

    AKA Shoot The Bullet for Busy Person





  7. PCB for Busy Person

    Release Information
    Type: Visual Novels
    Developer: KASUGASOFT (カスガソフト)
    Publisher: KASUGASOFT (カスガソフト)
    Release: N/A
    Language: English

    AKA Perfect Cherry Blossom for Busy Person



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  8. Touhou Warriors of Friendship

    Release Information
    Type: Platform
    Developer: Bianca Games
    Publisher: Bianca Games
    Release: ???
    Language: Japanese

    Character Information
    Playable Characters: 3
    Satori, Sanae, Lithous Medusa Gorgan (whoever the heck that is).
    Default Controls
    Arrow keys move you in the direction you want to go. Z-Shoot button
    Plot Point: Use the touhous to fight for the magic of friendship fighting with the various set up of villains. (10/10 copyright is best boss.) There really is no plot from what I can tell when playing it. It's like megaman but without actual reason.
    How it works: Well it's like megaman. It's megaman (and by megaman I mean move left and right shoot the badies and jump over holes and such) with touhous except with a ton of bullets and your "lives" is your health.




  9. Touhou Warriors of Friendship 2

    Release Information
    Type: Platform
    Developer: Bianca Games
    Publisher: Bianca Games
    Release: ???
    Language: English

    Character Information
    Playable Characters: a lot
    (Satori, Koishi, Utsuho, Orin, Zero Apparently, and probably others that I haven't unlocked)
    Default Controls
    Arrow keys to move, Z button to shoot.
    Plot Point: Use the touhous to fight for the magic of friendship. Again. There isn't really much to say about this game aside from some of it is hilariously hard and funny.
    How it works: The game plays like megaman 2. Run left and right, shoot enemies and jump.  




  10. Seihou 3: Banshiryuu

    Release Information
    Type: Vertical Bullet Hell Shooter
    Developer: Amusement Makers
    Publisher: Amusement Makers
    Release:  August 15, 2008 (C74)
    Language: Japanese
    Machines that run by the energy source device called "RedStorm" discovered by Erich are going on a rampage across Earth, and it's up to VIVIT-r and Hirano Sakurasaki to stop this.

    Banshiryuu (幡紫竜, lit. "Pennant Purple Dragon") is a vertical-scrolling danmaku shoot 'em up that focuses on fewer, faster bullets, and is the third official game in the Seihou Project by "Shunsatsu sare do?" . The game came in two major versions, released on Comiket 67 (Winter 2004) and Comiket 74 (Summer 2008) respectively. Both versions were released specifically for the Windows operating system.




  11. Flandre's Quest

    Release Information
    Type: Visual Novel
    Developer: Rednal
    Publisher: Rednal
    Release: 2010
    Language: English
    Plot Point: Flandre decides, one day, to go and visit her friends at the Hakurei Shrine. She arrives only to be told that Marisa's birthday is swiftly approaching. And so, Flandre must decide what to get her friend for her birthday...

    How it Works: It's a standard VN (Visual Novel). Well, actually it's not super standard, as it's length is not the greatest.... In fact, to be quite honest, it's really short. Like really, you've been warned. it's a heartwarming story though, so why not play through it. I haven't said it yet, but there (if I'm remembering correctly) aren't any choices to be made. And if there are, they don't change anything. So you just click and progress the story.


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  12. Touhou 16.5: Violet Detector

    Release Information
    Type: Photography
    Developer: Team Shanghai Alice
    Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice
    Release: 2018
    Language: Japanese
    AKA 秘封ナイトメアダイアリー ~ Violet Detector
    Character Information
    Playable Characters: 1
    As the sole playable character, Sumeriko is trapped within a nightmare where Gensokyo residents consistently try to attack her with a variety of spellcards where she can only defend herself from them using her phone to take photos and post on social media.
    With similar gameplay to past Danmaku photography games like Shoot the Bullet you control your character to take photos of bosses and their danmaku with the addition of being able to shoot other than just taking photos to defend yourself. However Sumeriko also has the ability to use powers like teleportation to aid in her photography. Featuring nearly every Windows Era character up to Hidden Star In Four Seasons with multiple spellcards each (some from previous games.) this means some cards feature two bosses together combining their attacks. In order to unlock new bosses you have to fill the Nightmare Diary to progress further.
    Steam Release
    If you would like to support ZUN, you may buy VD on Steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/924650/__Violet_Detector/.
    *Attached scorefile has 100% completion status, in other words access to all attacks




  13. Marisa to Muttsu no Kinoko - New Super Marisa Land

    Release Information
    Type: Action/Platform
    Developer:  黄昏フロンティア
    Publisher: 黄昏フロンティア
    Release: Comiket 78, on August 14, 2010
    Version: 1.10 (includes Extra Stages)
    Language: Japanese (Is a patch coming...?)

    Character Information
    Playable Characters: 1
    Powers Borrowed: 4
    (Reimu, Reisen, Suwako, Tenshi)
    Plot Point:  Marisa has come home with 6 magical mushrooms she intends to make some kind of potion with, but when she pops them in the oven, it explodes, scattering her mushrooms all over the place!  She quickly departs to go get them back.
    How It Works:  Like "Super Mario World," you clear stages to advance on the map; also similarly, some stages have alternate exits.  You'll also acquire power-ups that allow you to borrow powers from other Gensokyo girls, similar in manner to Super Mario Land 1 & 2.
    Extra Notes:  If you acquire all the red stars in any given world, you're rewarded with access to that world's Extra Stage, which feature somewhat easy-end Kaizo Mario mechanics.


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  14. Gensokyo Tower Defense

    Release Information
    Type: Tower Defense
    Developer: N-Factory
    Publisher: N-Factory
    Release: 2008
    Language: Japanese
    Default Controls
    Mouse: Controls most of the game allowing you to select and place and navigate menus.
    0-9: Towers
    U: Upgrade Selected Tower
    S: Sell Selected Tower
    N: Start Next Wave
    Space: Pause Menu
    Shift: Hold to only select towers.
    Esc: Instantly Exit Game   Description
      Gameplay: Its a fairly basic tower defense game, you place towers in a wide open area and the enemies follow from one side to the other, your towers can block non flying enemies movement so you can craft sort of mazes with cheap towers if you want.
    You can pick between different characters who each have different towers and you can choose different stages to play on, theres also an extra stage that you can unlock.
    Mildly Important Things: In the Menu the top option returns to game, middle option returns to title, and bottom option restarts current game.


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  15. Tempest of the Heavens and Earth

    Release Information
    Type: 2D Action/Platformer
    Developer: LION HEART
    Publisher: LION HEART
    Release: Comiket 84, August 12, 2013
    Version: 1.10
    Language: English (can switch to JP/CN)
    AKA Tenjou no Tempest - Suppression by Celestial. Lullaby for Gaia

    Notice: The game triggers a false-positive on most antiviruses


    A bizarre phenomenon is occurring in Gensokyo when the land is ravaged by relentless earthquake. Tenshi Hinanawi flies down from heaven to investigate this incident and to relieve her boredom. Tenjou no Tempest, literally translated as The Tempest of Heaven and Earth, is a side scrolling action platformer adapting some elements of Touhou Hisouten. The game uses specific weather effects from ice, gusts of wind, thunder and rain. Every enemy has a specific weather effect associated with them, and killing an enemy by countering their attacks unleashes their weather condition. Also, most obstacles and stages must be overcome by using the proper weather effects.
    There are four styles which can be fully customized to possess whatever bullet/spellcard type you wish. Important: Dashing through an enemy's attack animation will trigger a scarlet aura around the enemy. Attack the enemy with the Sword of Hisou to trigger a weather change effect. This is necessary at some points in the game to proceed. Scarlet mist on the ground are sources of large revenue. Use Sword of Hisou on them. You cannot activate them if you have full charge. Bosses sometimes will appear with different spellcards depending on how well you're faring. Taking multiple hits will result in your screen glowing red on the edges. This means you are close to death. To reverse the effect, you must stop receiving hits to regenerate constitution. Bullets/Spellcards can be bought with points that you have accumulated in the pause menu.

    The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): 




  16. Sanae & Momie - With Ibarakasen

    Release Information
    Type: Action Platformer
    Developer: GATLING CAT
    Publisher: GATLING CAT
    Release: Comiket 81, December 31, 2011
    Language: Half-and-Half (English for really important stuff, but dialogue and skill names are in Japanese.)

    Character Information
    Playable Characters: 3
    (Momiji, Sanae, Kasen)
    Default Controls
    Customizable in-game Key Config.
    [Shift] = Attack / Confirm
    [Z] = Jump / Cancel
    [X] = Skill (uses currently-highlighted skill or item on Inventory Bar)
    [C] = Special (uses character's Special Attack)
    [A] = Switch Left (Inventory Bar)
    [T] = Switch Right (Inventory Bar)
    [Spacebar] = Pause

    Intermission Menu
    ● To Stage Select
    ● Stat Upgrade Store
    ● Training Area (asks difficulty)
    ● Help Text (isn't much help to English-speakers, as it's in Japanese)
    ● Back to Title Screen

    Sanae & Momie - With Ibarakasen or sometimes known as "Sanamomie" is the next generation of Katsugeki Kidan's series but the story is not related. The game was developed using the same engine and requires players to eradicate demons by using 3 heroines: Momiji Inubashiri, Sanae Kochiya and Kasen Ibaraki. Each girl comes with different abilities and actions. Their special moves can be executed by pressing the direction key combined with the attack button ("shift" key by default). Momiji is a great destroyer and good for close range, Sanae is long range attacker with barrage bullets, and Ibaraki is a demon power user with medium strength.

    For Starters: It appears to me that Gatling Cat has been receiving input from fans, and has responded in kind; that which is "Sanae & Momie" actually features three playable characters.
    Momiji, who starred in the first 3 games, plus Sanae and Kasen.  You heard me right, Kasen Ibara.  That, and it looks much nicer than even Katsugeki Kidan 3; the graphics have, compared to their other games, received a huge makeover (most noticeably the HUD, which now displays numbers as well as very colorful gauges).

    Other Stuff: This game, for the most part, generally plays almost identically to Katsugeki Kidan 3; after picking your girl and your difficulty level (Easy/Normal/Hard), you pick and play stages, where you kill regular enemies and a boss.  As with KK3, you also level up in this game (and this time, all your stats increase automatically every level, and you don't assign level-up bonuses; rather, you use the gold you collect to purchase permanent stat increases, which is all you'll be using it for).

    Gold/XP Sutff: Unlike KK3, in this game, you do lose the Gold you collected in a stage if you die enough times to get sent back to the Intermission screen (which is now 3, and you can earn extra lives now too!).  You do still get to keep your experience, however (even though it looks like it says on the pause screen that you won't).

    MP-Consuming Skills: Also, rather than clearing silly challenges for Nitori to earn skills and/or purchasing them from the shop, they cut that crap out too: you start with 4 skills (selectable on your Inventory Bar) and earn 2 more for beating two specific bosses.  Upgrades to skills you have are easily purchasable in the shop.  (Your Special also consumes MP, and as far as I can tell is not upgradeable.)

    SP-Consuming Skills: Skills requiring you to press directional button(s) and hit Attack consume some of your Skill gauge instead of consuming your MP.  Your SP regenerates automatically when you're not using it.

    Holdable Items!: Aside from finding instant-recovery rice cakes, you can also find what looks to be dark dumplings (around 10-15% HP restoration) and what appears to be a frosted filled donut (for 10-15% MP restoration), which you can hold up to 9 of each, and as with your skills, you simply select them on your Inventory Bar and hit the Skill button to eat them.  (Not sure what that third item is yet, haven't gotten that far, but I assume it restores both HP and MP.)




  17. The Genius of Sappheiros Weekend 3.0

    Release Information
    Type: RPG
    Developer: Strawberry Bose
    Publisher: Strawberry Bose
    Release: May 27,2012
    Language: English-Patched
    Version: Weekend, Ver. 3.0

    AKA Touhou Soujinengi Shuumatsu - The Genius of Sappheiros Weekend
    Character Information
    Playable Characters: 12
    These characters are all unlocked during the story, but Byakuren & Mokou can be unlocked earlier, if certain conditions are fulfilled...
    (Reimu, Sanae, Aya, Marisa, Patchouli, Sakuya, Nitori, Alice, Satori, Youmu, Byakuren, Mokou)

    Expansion Characters
    The following 5 characters can only be used after you unlock them in the Expansion-only content. "???" is a Genius of Sappheiros original character.
    (Yuugi, Cirno, Reisen, Remilia, and ???)
    Plot Point: It's a normal day in Gensokyo when Reimu Hakurei notices a strange fog rolling in. All across Gensokyo, residents witness this fog weakening and killing a great many lesser youkai. At the behest of Yukari Yakumo, she joins forces with Marisa Kirisame, Sanae Kochiya, and Aya Shameimaru to investigate the fog's appearance... (from Touhou wiki)
    How it Works: You choose a party of 5 characters, with a 6th character, the Commander, helping out via support abilities. You head though various dungeons (also called Stages) and fight enemies in turn-based RPG-style combat. As you win battles you gain experience and level up, sometimes learning abilities. However, you also earn "Power" as you level up, and these points can be put, and taken out of, into 14 different categories (4 personal, 4 weapon-types, and the 6 stat types) to increase your stats or learn other abilities.   Extra EXTRA notes

    Unlocking Fujiwara no Mokou early: After visiting Akyuu for the first time, talk to her again. The Bamboo Forest maze will appear to the west; head there, and travel through the forest in accordance with the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right) to find Mokou.
    Unlocking Byakuren Hijiri early: Head to Myouren-Ji, the building in the southeast where Minamitsu Murasa is standing. Wait in this building for a full hour of real time and a cutscene will trigger in which Byakuren will join.

    You do not need to visit the SDM, Stage 1, (or visit Akyuu for Byakuren) to unlock those characters. However, it must be noted that the player must visit Akyuu once more after getting the recipes in order to unlock Mokou. Also, they will automatically join your party right before stage 9 (Mokou) and 11 (Byakuren) respectively if you do not recruit them before then. (~ Taken from the Touhou Wiki, and shortened slightly for space)




  18. Touhou Koukishin - Adventures of Scarlet Curiosity

    Release Inflormation
    Type: Role-Playing Game
    Developer: Ankake Spa
    Publisher: Ankake Spa
    Year of Release: Comiket 86, August 16, 2014
    Language: Japanese (translated to english)

    Character Information
    Playable Characters: 2
    (Remilia Scarlet,Sakuya Izayoi)
    Default Controls
    Z- Regular attack
    X- Second attack ability
    C- Third attack ability
    V- Menu
    S- Spellcard like ability
    Spacebar- Jump (Glides if you are Remilia.)
    Plot Point: The game starts out allowing you to choose between Sakuya, or Remilia, their storylines vary depending on what character you pick. The game's plot starts out as an attempt to cure Remilia's boredom by hunting Gensokyo's Superstitions of giant monsters, but soon scales into a full mystery adventure. From discovering hoaxes to rescuing lost maidens. Remilia and Sakuya are determined to solve the mysteries plaguing Gensokyo.
    How it works: The game starts slow so the player can get acquainted to the gameplay easily. There's a level select map and different locations are unlocked and re-locked depending on where you are in the story line. The mansion can be returned to, to save the game with patchouli. Rinnosuke's shop will become available later in the game. There's a leveling system to unlock new skills and raise the stats of the character you've chosen and the combo system increases the exp and money you gain from cutting down various enemies.   The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can):  https://store.steampowered.com/app/845880/Touhou_Scarlet_Curiosity/




  19. Youyou Kengeki Musou 1.20

    Release Information
    Type: 3D Action Platformer
    Developer: あんかけスパ
    Publisher: あんかけスパ
    Release: Comiket 81, December 30, 2011
    Version: 1.20
    Language: English
    Default Controls 
     Z: Confirm / Slash
     X: Cancel / Jump 
     ?: Special Attack
     A: Switch Specials
     S:  Sky Sword View: 6 Roots of Perception
    Plot Point: One day at Hakugyokuro, Yuyuko is once again attempting to dodge her sword training, claiming that "Youmu's instructions are getting us nowhere." Youmu responded with "Well then, what must I do to make it worthwhile?" Then, Yuyuko gave Youmu the task of defeating Reimu, claiming that if Youmu is capable of such a task, Yuyuko might pay attention to her sword training. It seems as though Yuyuko is just finding another way to dodge her training, but Youmu seems to be taking it seriously. Can Youmu really go against the odds and defeat the Hakurei Shrine Maiden?

    How It Works: You play as Youmu, you run around stages, and slash the crap out of anything that gets in your way as you progress on your quest to find and defeat Reimu. You start off with 3 SP of which to use your 3 special attacks with; these can be increased by finding and destroying 3 yellow pots in each stage to obtain 3 parts of a new SP orb. Note that SP regenerates rather quickly. 

    Scattered about the levels you will find different colored pots: Green pots contain items that restore your health; either by 50 or 150. Blue pots only serve to boost your combo count. Yellow pots, as stated above, contain a Soul Piece; collect 3 to get an extra soul point for using your specials.

    Youmu also has a spellcard, which can be used when the gauge below your healthbar is full. Activate it, hit someone with it, and watch everything die. Note that if you use Sky Sword View: 6 Roots of Perception and don't hit anyone initially, the bar will not reset to 0; instead it will reset to 1 strike on any enemy = able to use.

    Youmu will also get extensions to her combo. I know not what affects this; all I know is that it seems to happen more quickly the more you use her spellcard. Use that damn thing every opportunity, and don't worry about not having it for the boss: the bar fills up instantly when entering the boss room!  


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  20. Touhou Doumeiju - Mystical Power Plant

    Release Information
    Type: Vertical Bullet Hell Shooter
    Developer: ido
    Publisher: ido
    Release: 2013
    Language: Japanese
    Default Controls
    Arrow Keys: Movement
    Z: Fire / Select
    X: Bomb
    Shift: Focus Movement
    Esc: Pause
    Ctrl: Fast Forward
    Mystical Power Plant is the second installment of the series started by The Last Comer. Featuring some interesting player teams, it is a standard bullet hell shooter in Touhou Danmakufu ph3 with some unique gimmicks - mainly, the special items you collect will grant effects such as the POC, etc.

    As for the plot premise, that's for you to discover yourself. Music is composed by Wanwan.

    Page on the Touhou Wiki: Link
    Official Website: Link (Japanese)




  21. Ikusaaaaaaaan!

    Release Information
    Type: Rhythm Bullet Hell Shooter
    Developer: 幽々燦々
    Publisher: 幽々燦々
    Release: Comiket 91, December 29th, 2016
    Language: Japanese, with minor English
    Note: These can be changed in the options screen.
    Arrow Keys: Movement/Menu Navigation
    Z: Fire (Hold for Rapid)
    X: Spellcard/Return (Menu)
    A: Fever
    S: Confirm (Menu)
    Esc: Pause
    Plot Point: 
    After a huge earthquake shakes up Gensokyo, Iku Nagae ventures out to find the source of the blast, using her incredible fever skills. 
    This is a cross between a bullet hell and rhythm game. This game is unique because of Iku’s fever ability, which allows her to graze through large waves of bullets safely without getting hit.
    It’s ideal to press the key to the rhythm of the theme playing for points, extra lives, and efficient gameplay.
    Iku has three shot types: Straight, which shoots directly in front of her, Wide, that shoots at a larger angle, and Rolling, which shoots in a circular motion around her. 
    She also has three spell types: Bomb, which shoots a short range projectile that explodes on contact, Thunder, which zaps the closest enemy to Iku in a straight line, and Kaikou, which sends out homing projectiles onto her enemies.
    When not in use Fever Time will regenerate by itself, but players can speed up charging by destroying the enemy and collecting dropped items. If player never loses a life since the beginning of the game and have maximum lives, the player will enter Revolution Mode which is basically similar to Donpachi's additional multiplier score sytem. If the player manages to unlock all secret bonus requirements on a stage, an alternative path can be traversed.
    Iku can choose any combination of shot and bomb types. In addition, Iku has 5 possible movement speeds, selectable before beginning the game.
    The player can earn achievements, depending on each level you complete  and the difficulty. In addition, there are secret achievements for performing  specific actions in each stage. After completing each stage, a boss stage will appear. Survive their attacks to make it to the next stage!
    Menu Navigation:
    Game Start: Starts the game. Difficulties are Easy/Normal/Lunatic.
    Extra: Extra mode. Only available after 1ccing the game.
    Practice: Practice mode.
    Configuration: Adjusts the game to one’s preference.
    Replay: Shows past runs of the game.
    Chronicle: Shows high scores, play data, and achievements.
    End: Quits the game.


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  22. Azure Reflections / 舞華蒼魔鏡

    Release Information
    Type: 2.5/3D Shooting 
    Developer: Souvenier Circ.
    Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) 
    Release: 20 sep 2019
    Language: English
    Azure Reflections is an insane, side-scrolling bullet hell fangame based on one of the hottest shooting game series to come out of Japan, the Touhou Project! 

    *Danmaku Rush
    Enemies come at you from all directions with a relentless hail of bullets! Fight back with a well-timed Danmaku Rush to tear your way through bullets and enemies alike!

    *Safe even for beginners
    Not that great at bullet hell games? That's okay! We've got you covered with a Practice Mode that lets you practice boss fights and a Tutorial Mode that holds your hand and walks you through the basics of how to play bullet hell shooters.

    It's got tons of collectibles, too!
    Mix and match accessories for your favorite look!
    Collect action figures of the Gensokyo girls, with a dedicated viewer mode.

    Unique Gameplay Mechanics:
    Barrier System and Break Chance Mode: Within the game you'll find enemies that you can't simply shoot down, after shooting them enough a circle will appear with "Break Chance" inside it, this is your cue to use your barrier and ram into them. The barrier can also be used as a form of attack besides those enemies, it instantly gets rid of smaller enemies and harms bigger enemies and bosses.
    In a boss situations when their health bar is completely empty your barrier bar will be fully charged (Even if you just used it), this saves you having to wait to deal the final blow though if you miss your chance the first time it will have to charge (So don't miss).

    Please support the devs by buying the game on Steam if you can:




  23. PatchCon: Defend the Library!

    Release Information
    Type: Realtime Strategy
    Developer: Tasogare Frontier
    Publisher: Tasogare Frontier
    Release: 2007
    Language: English-Patched
    Other Vitals
    Playable Characters: 32
    (Colored by type; see "RPS Information," below.)
    EOSD Team
    Meiling, Sakuya, Patchouli, Flandre
    Hakurei Team
    Cirno, Alice, Marisa, Reimu, Suika
    PCB Team
    Chen, Ran, Youmu, Yuyuko, Yukari
    IN Team
    Tewi, Reisen, Eirin, Kaguya, Mokou
    PoFV Team
    Medicine, Yuka, Aya, Komachi, Shikeiki
    MoF Team
    Minoriko, Hina, Nitori, Sanae, Kanako
    Special Extras (2)
    (Available only in Free Select Mode)
    Keine, Suwako   RPS Information
    The three unit affinities work like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and knowing which unit type is better than another can help you make decisions as to which units to buy when you're playing on a difficulty that gives you info as to which enemies are next, so you can attack or defend better:
    * Melee is strong against Danmaku
    * Danmaku is strong against Flying
    * Flying is strong against Melee   Spellcards
    You'll have 5 spellcards that you can use a single time each if you really get in a pinch that grant temporary bonuses; use them depending on exactly what kind of pinch you're in. From left to right:
    * Fire: Damages all enemies in an amount equal to half their max HP (also damages offscreen enemies).
    * Water: Respawn rate of dead units is increased tenfold.
    * Wind: Increases all animation speeds for your units (movement and attack speeds).
    * Metal: The bookshelf becomes temporarily invulnerable: enemies cannot steal books.
    * Earth: Your units gain temporary invulnerability; nothing can harm them.   Special Note
    When computer-controlled, Marisas don't bother with attacks: instead, they go straight for the bookshelf (this applies to all difficulties, so be careful when you're up against a large wave of Marisas!)   Special Modes
    Once you meat the games as all teams and earn Free Select, you also unlock the special Extra modes:
    *100k Mode. Start with 100,000 coins.
    *Swarm Mode. Waves contain even more enemies.
    *Thief Mode. None of the enemies bother attacking: like Marisas, they will now all rush for the bookshelf.
    *Dual Mode. Waves will now consist of a mix of 2 different characters.
    *Surround Mode.Each wave will now come from absolutely everywhere instead of having one particular offscreen area where they spawn from.
    *Boss Rush Mode. "Regular" waves will now consist of 3 normal-level boss characters, and "boss" waves will now consist of one giant boss.
    *Tower Defense Mode. Your units spawn on top of platforms with no way down; enemies will rush for the bookshelves.
    *Endless Mode. Even after the clock reaches midnight, the waves will just keep coming.   Description
    * Please note that this game ONLY runs in an unchangeable 1024x768 resolution; if your monitor's resolution is smaller, there is absolutely no way to change the game's resolution to fit; even attempting to fullscreen it or force 640x480 through compatibility options does not work. Plot Point: Patchouli is sick and tired of Marisa stealing books from the library (tell me something I don't know), so she decides to strengthen its defenses by creating magical dolls to guard the books.  Unfortunately, Marisa stole the book Patchy wrote on how to make the dolls, so everyone else knows how to make them too.  Patchy's only hope is to create as many dolls as she can to defend her last stronghold that is the library.
    How It Works: You start with some gold to purchase your initial supply of units, which spawn at start point(s); each unit is unique, is one of three types (melee, danmaku, or flying), and has special abilities.  You have as much time as you like to determine starting units and positions before starting.  To begin, hit the large [Start] button in the lower-right to start the clock and the battling.  As each wave of enemy units attacks, you can either let your units' proximity reactions go, or you can tell individuals or highlight groups of units and command them to go on the offensive.  Defeating enemy units awards you more gold to make more units so you can handle larger and more powerful enemy groups, whereas if you neglect your duties, the enemies will make it to the bookshelves you're defending - if they steal all the books, it's game over.  When the clock in the upper-right hits midnight, you get a wave of boss-type Marisas as the final wave.  If you manage to fend that off without losing all your books, you win!
    Character Info: At first, you only start with Patchy's own EoSD team, but beating the game as each new team unlocks the next on the list; if you beat the game as all six normal teams, you unlock the 2 special characters and the ability to create a custom team with any characters you want using Free Select Mode.
    Difficulty Info: The game comes with 4 difficulty settings (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lunatic).  The difficulty you choose determines the following things:
    * Total time.  Easier settings are shorter and less involved; higher difficulties last much longer (the clock moves much slower), forcing more strategy on your part as to who to upgrade or purchase more units for.
    * Time and warnings between waves.  Easier settings provide more time between waves, and provide more info as to what they consist of (Easy tells you everything, including exact character, type, and where they're coming from; upping your difficulty tells you less and less until you get to Lunatic, which tells you absolutely nothing).
    * Wave strength.  Easy is very forgiving; upping your difficulty means stronger waves appear sooner and more frequently.
    * Accessibility of the bookshelf to enemies. Easy puts tons of obstacles in the way, Lunatic hardly gives the enemies anything to walk around at all  




  24. Master Burner Climax

    Release Information
    Game Type: 3D Rail Shooter
    Developer: Shooting Area, Aquaelie, Hexaflange
    Publisher: Shooting Area, Aquaelie, Hexaflange
    Release: Comiket 79, December 31, 2010
    Language: Japanese with English Menu
    Default Controls
    W: Up
    A: Left
    S: Down
    D: Right
    Arrow Up: Accelerate
    Arrow Down: Brake
    Arrow Left: Machine Gun
    Arrow Right: Missile Launcher
    Accel+Brake+Missile: CX Mode
    Plot Point: I have no idea. The game is in Japanese and I couldn't find any translations or english patches. As far as I can tell, Nitori has tricked out Marisa's broom. Giving it an engine and weapons. Marisa uses this to go out and beat people up. How it works: If you've ever played the game "After Burner" or its sequel "After Burner Climax" then you know what you're getting into here. If you're like me and haven't played either of the "After Burner games" but have at least played EoSD 3D or seen something like it, you'll still be fine. I HIGHLY recommend you use a controller to play this if you can. The default keyboard controls have you use the W, A, S, and D keys to move around and the arrow keys to shoot, accelerate and brake (See default controls for more). Weapons: Marisa's weapons are a machine gun and a missile launcher. The machine gun ammo is infinite, but there is an ammo system for the missile launcher. However, it does constantly replenish. The missile launcher also comes with a lock on feature and does more damage than the machine gun. Use this against the bosses. 
    Life Gauge and Acceleration Bar: Instead of using lives, Marisa comes with a life gauge that, when depleted, causes a game over. Like her missile ammunition, this also constantly replenishes, but at a slower rate. The acceleration bar is underneath the life gauge. It starts at zero because instead of being depleted it shows you how fast you're going and stabilizes a bit before max. While you will be tempted to zoom through the stage as fast as possible(and heck yes it's fun), it's not a good idea to do it constantly as there will be bullets coming at you from all directions. There is also a CX Bar, but I don't know what it does as it won't activate for me.




  25. Youkai Tan Q Roku

    Release Information
    Type: RPG
    Developer: Tokushu Soukou Tai
    Publisher: Tokushu Soukou Tai
    Release: Comiket 79, December 30, 2010
    Language: Japanese
    Version: 1.02
    Character Information
    (Akyuu, Alice, Byakuren, Cirno, Eiki, Eirin, Iku, Hina, Keine, Kaguya, Kanako, Koakuma, Koishi, Marisa, Mokou, Momiji, Murasa, Mystia, Nitori, Nue, Utsuho, Rin, Patchouli, Reimu, Remilia, Rumia, Sakuya, Sanae, Satori, Shanghai Doll, Suwako, Suika, Tewi, Tenshi, Reisen, Yamame, Yukari)
    Arrow Keys: Movement
    ?: Menu
    Z: Cancel
    Ctrl: Speed-up game
    Q: Rotate angle counter-clockwise
    W: Rotate angle clockwise
    F9: Return to Title Screen
    X: Select
    Space: Screenshot
    Plot: Gather books that other youkai have because Eiki is curious about the notes left in said books.
    How It Works: You start the game as Akyuu and have your choice of some characters to bring with you. (More-or-less for protection because Akyuu is too weak) After that you travel to various places (On the place select, the bottom one is the shop mind you) and beat up the youkai who live there. Every 5 stages you are allowed to leave after you beat up that youkai. After 3, sometimes 4 or 5, boss fights in an area you receive either a Japanese version of "Your princess is in another castle" or you get a book. Mainly it is the former that happens. After gathering the books you win, blah blah blah usual ending here. If you played Tendou Blade then it is the exact same with prettier graphics.




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