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  1. I will have someone look into this. Sorry about that. There are two downloads in that...does the other one work?
  2. Interesting..it works for me too..
  3. Thank you all for the submissions! I will be deciding the winner this weekend which will be notified via DM. Even though only a couple entered, i enjoyed seeing the creations!
  4. Oh nice! Now we're cookin'! Thanks for the submission! That looks great.
  5. Crap..i misspoke. You are correct Neko. i must have had huge brain damage or something. No idea how i messed that up. I will correct it!
  6. Ok, guys! Tomorrow, the 24th at midnight is last day to submit entries! Thank you! So far, even though only TWO submitted...i really like them!
  7. Interesting. Only thing i can suggest is to clear browser cache and try it again, in Chrome.
  8. Those DO send through Discord should DM me and I will relay them here.
  9. I have extended this for another week as I had some shit go on with life. So contest will end on 11/24/2020 Thank you all!
  10. You will submit all art in this topic. Yes, you submit it and then tag it or write what error you are submitting it for.
  11. Sorry for the delay in this but i will be extending this for another week. Life gets in the way sometimes.
  12. Definitely can...if we had one to change it to. Not sure who made or obtained the ones we had last time...
  13. Fixed steam integration where it will throw error when updating your profile. Update profile steam page by going to Profile -> Steam Profile -> Options -> Update
  14. Do you live in Russia? If so, that's why. I have blocked all traffic from that region. Private message me your ISP IP and I will unblock you.
  15. MORIYA SHRINE ART CONTEST #3 Greetings all! So I have held previous art contests here at the Shrine for our site stuff such as banner, icon and the like, Well, I am at it again! So exactly what am I looking for? Quite simple. I will need 3 works of art that will replace our 403, 404, and 500 html error pages. Currently, they are using a generic template and since I such ass at graphic design. I figure I would let the community create them! So what are those errors? This will give you a idea of what the art for these should be. The winner be d
  16. Oh, THAT'S what you mean. Yes, the quote will do the same thing.
  17. Sorry for the delay. It is now complete. I am still updating a few things but all should be okay.
  18. I will be performing a framework update to the site later on today. Possibly around 1pm EST. During this time, the site will be inaccessible. Hopefully only for a hour or two. I will keep everyone posted, as i normally do. Thank you!
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