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Found 9 results

  1. Version  


    Release Information Type: RPG, SRPG & RTS Developer: Kouryokutei Publisher: Kouryokutei Release: Reitaisai 11, on May 11, 2014 Language: Japanese (English patched) Description In Gensokyo there is a mysterious treasure and our heroines are trying to obtain it. There are 50 characters to choose from, online co-op mode, more accesories and weapons, fusing and blending items. Patches: English patched and with the Extra contnent patch
  2. Version  


    Release Information Type: Action, RPG Developer: Kouryokutei Publisher: Kouryokutei Release: 2012 Language: English Version: 1.02 Character Information (Alice, Aya, Cirno, Eiki, Eirin, Flandre, Iku, Kaguya, Kanako, Koishi, Komachi, Letty, Lily White, Marisa, Meiling, Minoriko, Mokou, Momiji, Mystia, Nitori, Utsuho, Rin, Patchouli, Reimu, Remilia, Rumia, Sakuya, Sanae, Satori, Shizuha, Suwako, Tewi, Tenshi, Reisen, Youmu, Yuuka, Yuyuko) Controls Mouse: Movement Mouse Wheel: Dodge Roll Left Click: Attack Right Click: Weapon Special Spacebar: Menu P: Pauses Game ?: Locks cursor in place Description Concept: A large cave sporting many different environments has popped up, and the girls are very eager to explore it! As time goes on, fake girls show up, and the cave is proving to have corrupting qualities. Think of Touhou Hack and Slash in terms of general gameplay. How It Works: As noted from the title, this game is reminiscent of Blizzard's Diablo. You explore the one dungeon (the cave) and kill monsters in a hack and slash style. At first you control Reimu and Marisa, but you can swap partners with any of the girls in town and the other areas you will unlock. You can switch places with your partner as well, allowing you to build your own two-person team. Patches: The game should hopefully be patched in English and with the Oni patch.
  3. Version  


    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: 黄昏フロンティア Publisher: DLsite Release: 2 nov 2018 Language: English Description Twilight Frontier's latest release is here! A Touhou Project inspired work: "MarisaLand Legacy" Eat mushrooms to increase your height in this easy to control 2D side scrolling action game! Story When Marisa was engaged in dubious mushroom magic like always,she accidentally ate a mushroom that "suppresses her magic and makes her 2 heads tall," so she goes on an adventure to find and regain her former body. Eat whatever mushroom you can find and become bigger! But it's not only her height which has changed, the number of players too! Marisa's adventure starts once more...!! Marisa will appear in sizes from 2 to 8 heads tall. Enjoy couch-coop multiplayer with all your friends! (Not Online. Real human interaction!) 64 stages in total! 32 Normal + 32 Hard (unlocked upon clearing normal) Please support the devs by buying the game on Steam if you can: https://store.steampowered.com/app/961510/MarisaLand_Legacy/
  4. 123 downloads

    Release Information Type: Shooting (others) Developer: Chibikko Musumemusume Publisher: Chibikko Musumemusume Release: Reitaisai 7, on August 14, 2010 Language: Japanese Description Touhou Shisengeki is a simple vertical shooting game where Nitori must shoot waves of aliens and monsters behind her defense lines. Both Nitori and the defense line have life meters, if one of them runs out, the game will end. At the initial levels there's only one wave per round, but at higher levels several waves of monsters will appear. Each time Nitori wins the mission, she'll be rewarded with new weapons. The game runs with the three standard buttons: Z (shoot), X (cycle weapons) and C (bombs). Player can choose the difficulty setting for each round and they can play co-op mode.
  5. 260 downloads

    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: 悠遊亭 Publisher: 悠遊亭 Release: Comiket 87, on December 29, 2015 Language: Japanese Description Remifura Supirittsu 2 is a typical platform game in which the player takes the role of Remilia or Flandre Scarlet who travels through various location with the purpose of rescuing Scarlet Devil mansion's inhabitants. In each level, the player-character fights through various enemies and obstacles before facing a boss at the level's end. Remifura Supirittsu 2 has an increased emphasis on rescuing Touhou characters over the previous title. When a character saved, they will give the player additional bonuses, and both Remilia and Flandre can be equipped with various power-up items earned after rescuing these Touhou characters. Similar to the previous installment, Remifura Supirittsu 2 features local coop.
  6. Version  


    Release Information Type: RPG Developer: にじいろひつじ Publisher: にじいろひつじ Release: Touhou Kouroumu 5, October 11, 2009 Language: English Patched Description Touhou Hack and Slash is a top down action role playing with dungeon crawling gameplay . The player can choose one of two initial characters; Reimu and Marisa, journey through 15 floors in total and battling monsters in real time combat by clicking on them. The game features randomly generated dungeons which requires player to repeat their progress if they lose, leave the dungeon and use certain items. The game has typical RPG elements where player can acquire experience points, abilities, and items that can be sold on the surface. Two hidden characters; Sakuya and Alice, can be unlocked upon the game completion in single player mode. Up to 8 people may play together via the netplay function, but a VPN is required.
  7. Version  


    Release Information Type: RPG Developer: 苺坊主 Publisher: 苺坊主 Release: Comiket 88, on August 14, 2015 Language: Japanese Description Touhou Card Monsters 2 - TAG DUELIST is a turn-based strategy role playing game and it is the second entry in the series. Touhou Card Monsters 2 consist of three basic screens: an overworld, in which the player navigates the main character, a side-view battle screen, and a menu interface, in which the player configures their cards, items, or gameplay settings. Similar to the first game, in Touhou Card Monsters 2 the player casts the unique card monsters to battle another Card Masters. The player's card monsters involved in the battle receive a certain number of experience points and after accumulating enough experience points, a monster will level up. Two or more player can cooperate or compete against each other at one time via online matches.
  8. Version  


    Release Information Type: 2D Platforming/Action Developer: ですのや☆ Publisher: ですのや☆ Release: Reitaisai 10, on May 26, 2013 Language: Japanese Description Amapani! the name is short for Alice, MArisa, PAtchouli and NItori, is a 2D action platformer developed by Desunoya where up to four players are able to play simultaneously on screen. While it is possible to play alone, the game also supports online features and is more recommended. The basic gameplay premise is very similar to Super Mario series, however, Amapani! involves cooperation between four characters with different abilities in solving light puzzles, defeat enemies, open platforms, reach the exit and boss battle at the end of each stage. The game also includes extra stages with greater challenges and harder difficulties.
  9. 352 downloads

    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: 悠遊亭 Publisher: 悠遊亭 Release: Reitaisai 9, on May 27, 2012 Language: Japanese Description Remifura Supirittsu is a side scrolling platformer action game when "Megaman and Contra meets Touhou." The players can choose either Remilia or Flandre with different attacks. A special attack can be executed by pressing down and left or right arrows with the shoot button. The game also supports two player mode in one screen. There are three types of power ups; five weapon items, shield barrier and bomb. The players will be given unlimited credits, but they'll start over from the beginning of the last level.
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