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Sengoku Gensokyo  

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Release Information
Type: War Strategy Game
Developer: Coolier
Publisher: Coolier
Released: 2007
Language: English
Version: 1.30b

Recruitable Characters: 80

Story Mode: 41
Hakurei Shrine
Reimu, Marisa
Youkai Army
Wriggle, Mystia, Rumia
Forest of Magic Team
Alice, Shanghai, Hourai
Human Village Corps
Keine, Akyu, Aya
Higan Guard
Sikieiki, Komachi
Hakugyokurou Hades
Yuyuko, Youmu, Lunasa, Merline, Lyrica, Lily
Strongest Fairy Army
Cirno, Letty, Daiyousei, Sunny, Luna, Star
Eientei Forest
Kaguya, Eirin, Reisen, Tewi, Mokou
Doll Liberation Front
Medicine, Yuka
Crimson SDM
Remilia, Sakuya, Patchouli, Meiling, Koakuma, Flandre
Yakumo Clan
Chen, Ran, Yukari
Main Game Bonuses: 4
Suika, Mima, Maribel, Renko
In National Mode Factions: 15
Makai Goddess Army
Shinki, Yumeko, Young Alice, Yuki, Mai, Louise, Sara
Mountain of Gods
Kanako, Suwako, Sanae, Momiji, Nitori, Hina, Minoriko, Shizuha
National Mode Bonuses: 20
Iku, Tenshi, Kisume, Yamame, Parsee, Yuugi, Satori, Rin, Utsuho, Koishi, Nazrin, Kogasa, Ichirin, Minamitsu, Shou, Byakuren, Nue, Toyohime, Yorihime, Hatate
Gameplay References
Instructions pack (included in download)
Includes manuals with detailed instructions for each of the menus, how to battle, and what happens between your turns.
Clear Data (included in download)
This goes in your Sengoku Gensokyo -> Save folder. Also, it doesn't overwrite saved game data, it just flags the game as cleared, unlocking the extra stuff:
* National Mode
* Difficulty Select for Story Mode
* Extras Section


Plot Point: Yukari has distributed a letter throughout all of Gensokyo, setting rules for a team-based wargame for those who are bored of nothing but typical spell card rules, promising to grant any one wish for the team who wins.  Those who are weak individually but strong in a group decide this provides an excellent opportunity; others simply want to prove their points; still others want the promised wish.  But, for only the second time in Touhou history (the first being "Labyrinth of Touhou"), the entire Touhou cast is involved...because now, Gensokyo is at WAR.
How It Works:  This is a point-and-click strategy game (left-click to confirm, right-click to cancel); in the main Story Mode, generally speaking, you play the role of the Hakurei Shrine faction, and declare war, battle against, and capture the other factions' territories until you win by having the entire map under your control.  For all the details you could possibly need, go grab the Instruction Pack from the Extras section on the left.  This game may look something like "Risk" at first glance, but trust me: 1) it plays nothing like it, and 2) it takes a lot longer (Story Mode does, anyway).
Want Extras?
Clear the game.  Simply clearing the main Story Mode game unlocks all of the following:
* National Mode.  A setup that emulates a multiplayer experience; all regions start off occupied, and factions are no longer concerned only with you; they'll attack each other now as well.  National Mode comes with the bonus characters on the left (and thus some bonus factions, as well), and lots of ways to tweak things; you can set how many and which factions will be present and change their starting memberlists, and you also get to play as any faction you'd like.  National Mode can use characters you've created yourself in the game's Extras section.  To get to it, click "Start" on the main menu, and it will now ask you which mode you'd like to play (Story Mode or National Mode).
* Difficulty Select for Story Mode.  Was the default setting of Normal too easy for you?  Now when you start a new Story Mode game, it will ask if you'd still like to play Normal, or if you'd prefer Hard or Lunatic.
* Extras Section.  Check out the CG art, videos, and character art; you've also earned the right to tweak the statistics of the characters you can hire in both Story and National Modes, and can also create new characters for use in National Mode.  (When you start a new game, regardless of mode, it will ask you whether you'd like to use the official default data, or the edited data you tweaked.)
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Okay... Was just trying to repel Cirno's freaking army and got SO CLOSE to a 50%/50%, which WOULD have been a tie. Didn't realize they could still move, and they pushed themselves up to 51%. That's what I get for taking the Human Village with 3 armies after my blood.

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OH MY GOD I'M FINALLY DONE!!!!! WHY IS THAT LAST BOSS SO HARD?!?!?!? That's 40 hours of playing this game that I'm never getting back.

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Ok, so the "final" boss wasn't that hard, just a couple tries and got it. But THE final boss...oh GOD. It took me almost 15 hours just to defeat her.

Guys, if you want to try this game, go ahead, but for the love of all that is dear, download the clear data file, don't be a dumb idiot like me and think "meh, I'll finish it by myself because I'll feel more satisfied with myself". DON'T, it's hard beyond getting satisfaction out of finishing it properly. Aside from that, it's a pretty cool game, pretty fair up until the very end, and it's really easy to understand the rules. Just...just download the clear data file to enjoy the rest of the game.

To give an idea of how much time it took me, I had 318 Ouki when I finished it.

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Can anyone help me? Whenever i try to open it, it comes up with a window that says.

??????????????????????(Syntax error) and this blue window


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On 3/29/2021 at 12:13 PM, superyanisback said:

Can anyone help me? Whenever i try to open it, it comes up with a window that says.

??????????????????????(Syntax error) and this blue window


You need to run it through a locale emulator

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