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Tasogare Sakaba - Uwabami Breakers  

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About This File

Brew Information
Designation: Shooting Game
Brewed: 2007
Palette: Mostly Domestic, Some Foreign (i.e., not enough Japanese to really make a difference)
Made By: The Drinking Party

Brew Statistics
Drunkards: 1
Weaponry: Are those chopsticks...?
(Yes, yes they are.)
POC: lolwut?
(Am I drunk? There're no pickups...)


What a Friend of a Friend Told Me Happened:
Boss: Hey there Isami.
Isami: Oh!  Hey there.  *Minimizes Solitaire window*
Boss: I've seen you at the bar a couple times.
Isami: ...Have you?
Boss: Yeah.  Nothin' wrong with a good drink after work though.  And actually, I wanted to tell you about this really great bar I heard about.  Here's the address.  *Slips her a paper*
Isami: Uh-huh...thanks and stuff, but what's so great about the place?...THIS...IS...SPARTAAAAA!!
Boss:  Uh...not quite.  I heard that if you drink 'till dawn there, you'll see a weird world of danmaku, whatever that is.
Isami: Danmaku?  I've heard of that...I think...is that some kind of sushi?  Or was it a soup?
Boss: I'm sure Chuck Norris knows; I keep hearing only the really serious drinkers go there.
Isami:  Okay, then, it's settled!  I'll head out there tonight!  LEEEEROOOOOOY JEEEENKIIIIIIIIINS!!!

...It's...kind of like that.  ...I think.
In All Seriousness
As should have been made quite clear by the main entry, this game is absolutely, positively not to be taken seriously; the idea for this 100% free game came up during a drinking party between Zun and several of his friends (seriously!!); it has only one difficulty setting and one character.  (Thus, it won't ask you to select either; you hit "Game Start" and play begins immediately.  The difficulty is somewhere around an ordinary Touhou game's [Normal] setting.)  Your enemies are food and liquor items, and the game also has an appropriately bizarre scoring and shot powerup system, described below.  These things being said, feel free to play while drunk or tired.

Anyhow, here's how things work in this zany game.  Reference the gameplay screenie above if necessary.
* Shooting, Power, and the Beer Gauge: Hold [C] for rapid fire; hold [Z] to charge a barrage of chopsticks (you still hold [Shift] to Focus).  You have a Beer Gauge on the right side of the screen; this starts off empty (you haven't drunk anything yet!!), and slowly fills as you destroy liquor items (beer mugs, sake jars, anything that makes a shattering noise when you destroy it; food items do nothing for your Beer Gauge).  You gain more shot power for each liter of beer you consume, up to 3 liters.  There are no power-up pickup items.
* Bombing: If you bomb (hit [X]), you spray beer foam all over anything unfortunate enough to be directly above you.  This costs you 1 liter of beer, and penalizes your maximum by 1/10th of a liter for the rest of the stage.
* The Time Indicator:  The entire left side of the screen is your Time Indicator; the current time, which is a white bar, slowly proceeds from your Entering Time (red bar at the bottom), toward Last Order time (pink bar further up the screen) and Closing Time (red bar at the very top).  There are several reasons this is important.  First of all, dying consumes some extra time (as it's hard for this drunk girl to pick her butt up off the floor).  Second of all, some enemy waves don't appear until the previous wave has either all been destroyed or traveled off the screen, so you must act as quickly as you can, because if you don't get to the boss before Last Call, you get kicked out of the bar, immediately ending the game.  As long as you get to the boss before Last Call, you can fight them all the way up until Closing Time (you have to beat them before the bar closes!), but if you die during a boss fight anytime after Last Call, you get kicked out of the bar at that point.
* Scoring:  The scoring system is similar to PoFV's combo system; as you continuously shoot down enemies with no break between, the Menu Category goes up, which makes everything worth more money.  Er...yeah...your score is actually the bill Isami is racking up...good luck paying that off. 
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