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Gensou Shoujo Taisen Ei - Fantasy Maiden Wars Eternal  

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Release Information
Type: Strategy RPG(SRPG)
Developer: さんぼん堂
Publisher: さんぼん堂
Release: Comiket 86, August 16, 2014
Language: Mostly English Prepatched
Default Controls
Z: Confirms actions/Initiates actions
X: Cancels actions
S: Brings up unit status screens/Holding it activates fast forward mode
A: Toggles unit focus mode
Q is previous unit
W is next unit
Enter: Skips cutscenes Enter places a marker on the map as well
Shift: brings up a minimap


Plot Point: This game puts its own spin on the events of Imperishable Night.

How It Works:  This is a fantastic little SRPG done in the style of the "Super Robot Taisen" series.  It works like you would expect a traditional SRPG to, except with expected Touhou elements; for example, if an enemy puts up a danmaku field, your girls will take penalties if they wander in without Focusing first, which negates said penalties.  (Your girls can move much further per turn when Unfocused, of course.)  For each exchange you get into, you can also freely enable or disable the nicely-animated scenes (which take a while to load, but are well-done; I usually enable them for exchanges with bosses).  You can also upgrade your girls stats using points you earn in each chapter, points are awarded for kills and spellcard breaks, and taken away for unit casualties. There are also wife points, which you generally get 10 of per chapter but you can get 15 if you fulfill special criteria, these wife points can be used to even FURTHER upgrade your girls stats beyond their normal limits. You can pick between Reimu or Marisa as the protag and between the difficulties easy normal hard and lunatic.
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