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Marry, Date, Kill 2hu Game

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Hiya. So the rules are simple: Pick three Touhou character names for the player below you to choose whether they’ll marry, date or kill said characters.

Please refrain from throwing in actual members of this community. One Forum I was part of used real members and it got really creepy... Even started some fights.

Anyway, I’ll present our first three choices. Have fun, I hope!

Tenshi Hinanawi.

Kaguya Houraisan.

Utsuho Reiuji.

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I'd want to date Tenshi Hinanawi, I'm not a fan of her character and don't enjoy her all that much, but I'd be cool to have a girlfriend who can take ya to Heaven on the weekends.

I'd kill Kaguya Houraisan, regretfully.  I like her a lot but at least she can't actually die so I wouldn't have to live with that guilt.

I'd marry Utsuho Reiuji because we could be simple-minded fools together.  Plus, you'll never be cold during winter!

For the next person, pick your poison between:


Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu

Rinnosuke Morichika

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what a choice...

i'd kill Kourin, not because i hate him or what, in fact one of my fav char. i just don't want to date or marry him. 
i'd date Junko so we can kill Chang'e together.
and i'd marry Enma because she's cute, and it might increase my chance of getting into heaven but in other hand if she's find out that i date Junko then... yeah... at least i can marry her.

Next list:
Kagiyama Hina
Kurodani Yamame
Sakata Nemuno

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Hmm... Sadly I’d have to kill Yamame. I love her, but spiders that can riddle me with disease is a no-go. Marry Hina ‘cause she can feed on all the misfortune she wants from me. I’d date Mrs Sakata. She’s nice for a mountain hag. No offense.

Aya Shameimaru.

Hatate Himekaidou.

Momiji Inubashiri.

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I'd marry Hatate, because i'm introverted and almost never go outside, so atleast i'm not the introverted fool in my group of friends.

I'd date Aya, because she' a pretty fun character and I enjoy her spin-off games.

And I'd kill Momiji because I guess I don't have a choice(?)

Next list:

Sakuya Izayoi

Patchouli Knowledge

Hong Meiling

(going for EOSD cast amirite)


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Out of that colorful cast, I think I'd...

Marry Meiling because I need a woman who understands my irresistible urge to sleep on the job.

Date Sakuya, I don't think we'd be a good couple but at least we could bond over our love for busy work, plus I would need her discipline to help me clean up my act haha.

I'd kill Patchouli, then she'll have as much time to read as she wants in heaven.

Organize the following:

Hata no Kokoro

Toyosatomimi no Miko

Mononobe no Futo

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Going for that cast I see, well then.

I'd Marry Miko, because chuunibyous are my favorite types of girls, and I really like carefree girls

I'd date Kokoro, so I can somehow help her get the Mask of Hope from Koishi, and she's a pretty interesting character. She's probably friends with Miko and that means I can learn more about Miko.

I'd kill Futo because she's kinda hostile to youkais for some reason, and I dislike that I'd have a girl that literally transferred her soul into a goddamn plate.

For this next cast I'm gonna go with the Shrine Maidens:

Reimu Hakurei

Sanae Kochiya

Tenshi Hinanawi

I mean I could go for Kasen but I see her as some kind of animal-keeper or something like that

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I’d marry Sanae ‘cause I think we’d gush about our favorite otaku stuff. Plus some of her miracles involve rice, and I love rice.

Date Reimu, but I imagine it would only last a day and nothing would get done that same day.

I’d kill Tenshi. Never cared for the high ‘n mighty types.

Fujiwara no Mokou.

Yuugi Hoshiguma.

Shou Toramaru.

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y'all might guess that i'll kill Mokou? NO!! i'll marry her, we kinda share the same personality and fate (except the elixir), fyi i might became like her if i take the elixir. and she ranked 3rd place in my favorite list.
Date Yuugi because ?
and i guess i'll kill Shou, honesty i don't really trust the Myourenjis.

Next list:
Watatsuki no Yorihime
Watatsuki no Toyohime
Yasaka Kanako

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This has to be the hardest choice for me to make so far... ‘Cause I could care less for all three. I guess I’ll marry Kanako.

Had to make a coin toss, but I’d date Yorihime, and kill Toyohime.

Tewi Inaba.

Reisen Udongein Inaba.


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Hmmm interesting...

I'd marry Reisen Udongein because to me she's like your typical anime girl character (and I LOVE Anime) and her ability of using illusions is pretty useful

I'd date a Reisen (if you're talking about the species) because y not

I don't really want to do it but I'd kill Tewi because I wouldn't want people to think I'm a pedo.

Next list:

Kasen Ibara

Youmu Konpaku

Flandre Scarlet

A pretty random list but that should do it :3

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I would date Kasen. Though, dating might not be a Hermit’s forte. We’d probably have lunch then that’s that.

Marry Youmu because she’s just adorable. Plus she’s a skilled swordsman. Might be a bit tough prying her away from Yuyuko, though.

Unfortunately, I’d have to off Flan. I don’t hate her, just she’s a major hazard to my health and everyone around me.

Alice Margatroid.



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I would Marry Alice, Because she's a shy sweet girl who can manipulate dolls. That's pretty kewl if you ask me :3

I would date Yumeko, because she could throw Swords at my enemies ?

I would Kill Shinki, I don't hate or anything, I'm just not attracted to gods.

Yukari Yakumo.

Mystia Lorelei.

Aya Shameimaru.

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I'd marry Mystia, because she has a sweet singing voice and she can scare people we don't like away with her power to cause night blindness. Despite being a youkai she isn't really a cruel or dangerous person, just a bit of a prankster, and even then it's very low key, just frightening people who venture out on roads at night (actually I'd probably find doing that with her pretty entertaining, haha). I reckon she'd be quite nice once you get to know her, and tbh she's kinda cute. Plus, she likes to go out at night. I like night time too :D.

I'd date Yukari. It would be interesting to talk someone who is more or less a pseudo-goddess, and also she seems to have an unlimited supply of sake that it is apparently "90% alcohol" so we'd get drunk af XD.

I'd kill Aya. I wouldn't be able to stand being with someone who has a reputation for spreading lies and misinformation, and also she's sort of a stalker. Better she isn't there to mislead people and record information about them without their permission.


Sakuya Izayoi

Hong Meiling

Nitori Kawashiro

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I’d marry Meiling. Having a wife, who knows martial arts sounds really stellar. Would be nice to train with her sometime. Plus she needs more love, and what’s wrong with that?

Date Nitori. Despite how she might make me feel regarding my intelligence.(What with her being a genius, and I’m not...) Nitori could be fun to hang out with. I’d play with some of her gadgets she built. We both like cucumbers, so that’s a plus?

Sorry to the Sakuya fans. Knife-wielding chronomancers are definitely not my cup of tea to stick around with, per se. Not that I hate her. Far from it. But a hard choice had to be made.

Seiga Kaku.

Yuuka Kazami.

Satori Komeiji.

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For starters I would marry Yuuka because I like girls that are playful and her abilities are pretty neat.

I would date Satori because she's a pretty mysterious character and her ability of reading minds is pretty neat as well.

I would kill Seiga because she can cause trouble to everybody using her ability of walking through walls

Next list:

Sanae Kochiya

Marisa Kirisame

Utsuho Reiuji


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So, once again, I’d marry the green—haired nerd. I bet she would draw a lot of attention at Anime Cons. That would be cool, and would help promote the Moriya Shrine.

I’d date Okuu. But not really as a “date” per se. More like kicking it with a friend. She’s someone’s pet with the mind of a child, which is kinda weird.

I’d only kill Marisa because I hate the idea of my stuff disappearing. Even though she’d claim up and down she’s merely “borrowing” my stuff...

Koishi Komeiji.

Nue Houjuu.

Mamizou Futatsuiwa.

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Meh turne!

1. I would Marry Koishi cuz she's so cute, and my favourite character, and she's too cute to be dead

2. I'd kill Nue, because she hates human and wanna make a chaos in humanity

3. Date Memezoo 'cause she's keen to the humankind and could be safe to them, plus I'd be delighted to see her tricks with leaves! 


Kosuzu Motoori

Joon Yorigami

Hata no Kokoro

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  • 6 months later...

first time posting here and in some dead thread but whatever hi

the choice between marrying kosuzu and kokoro is tough but I guess kosuzu is more wife material and not a lifeless body with no emotion

so I would date kokoro she's cute

and kill joon and take her money easy

Yoshika Miyako

Mystia Lorelei


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Ooooh.... some interesting characters here.

I'd date Yoshika; we could go out and eat for the whole night
I would kill Mystia and take over her kebab stand or whatever it is lol

Remilia Scarlet
Shinmyoumaru Sukuna
Byakuren Hijiri

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