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  1. I also meant how to beat Iku in labyrinth of touhou 2, hence why I said LOT2.
  2. There is only hard mode and the default mode, also I already beated her, sorry.
  3. Also, you can copy and paste error pop-ups. Press control+C to do that.
  4. Oh, I think they need to re-install the game if they haven't already because the files might be corrupted. I don't know much because I never encountered this error.
  5. Copy and paste the error and post it here and I'll try what I can to help you.
  6. ^ Wow, you must be new. I installed this game fine without any problems, it's a false positive if your antivirus says it's a virus.
  7. Get behind my chair and hope that I'll survive. Q: What is the best way to beat iku in LOT2?
  8. ^ Sorry, I meant to post this for bullet report, not double focus, but for double focus if I start the game It instantly crashes, I have read the read me, put in the login and stuff, and when I press the button to play it it crashes.
  9. I think you should put a note saying that you need to run the game and the installer in japanese.
  10. Thanks for re-uploading, but the game won't let me press the play button, or really any buttons for that matter.
  11. ^ Game will not work on windows 10 no matter what.
  12. All/ or atleast most of the links are down, wait for the mods to find them and reupload them or try and contribute.
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