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  1. HOLD ON A MINUTE! I thought this site was exclusive to only touhou content?
  2. Mine was the trial version of HSiFS on steam.
  3. Welcome to the forum site! It's pretty chill here but not that active.
  4. Genso wanderer will probably be your best bet, I wish I could play it but it always crashes on the opening.
  5. 14 downloads

    Release Information Type: 2D Fighter Developer: 大往生 Publisher: 大往生 Release: Comiket 78, on August 14, 2010 Language: Japanese Description Touhou Haou 2, literally translated as Eastern Overlord Volume 2, is a simple two dimensional fighting game featuring three characters only; Youmu Konpaku, Remilia Scarlet and Fujiwara no Mokou. Touhou Haou 2 plays like a fighting game, especially like Street Fighter and Fatal Fury. There are some systems which are adapted from the original games such as: "Parry" to deflect attacks and launch counterattacks; "Guard Cancel" a special counterattack that can be performed by the player after blocking an opponent's attack; "Super Jump" and "Double Jump" to jump higher than normal; "Dashing" and "Air Dashing"; "Aerial Rave Attack" and "Various Deathblows". Touhou Haou 2 is one of the few Touhou titles which are also compatible with several handhelds such as PSP, iPhone and NDS.
  6. I also meant how to beat Iku in labyrinth of touhou 2, hence why I said LOT2.
  7. There is only hard mode and the default mode, also I already beated her, sorry.
  8. Also, you can copy and paste error pop-ups. Press control+C to do that.
  9. Oh, I think they need to re-install the game if they haven't already because the files might be corrupted. I don't know much because I never encountered this error.
  10. Copy and paste the error and post it here and I'll try what I can to help you.
  11. ^ Wow, you must be new. I installed this game fine without any problems, it's a false positive if your antivirus says it's a virus.
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