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  1. Suwako Moriya

    Touhou 13.5: Hopeless Masquerade [Game]

    My screen is black, help? ( only the background)
  2. Suwako Moriya

    Tenjou no Tempest - Suppression by Celestial

    D is for Spellcard
  3. You won't Believe How many times i died to her Life-Draining spellcard, It literally takes away all your hp and you have to wait for that little bar to refill!
  4. Suwako Moriya

    Fan Games that need a long time to finish?

    Try The disappearing Of Gensokyo, It's like a hack & Slash game.
  5. Suwako Moriya

    Touhou Sky Arena

    I get this weird white screen whenever i run each game, Can someone help me?
  6. For SWR Just Use a 7z ToZip converter.

  7. Suwako Moriya

    Touhou Pocket Wars 2nd

    Really most of the game was in english, Only the dialog wasn't, It's pretty good.
  8. Every time I play a touhou fighting game, there is no sound effects! Please Help!

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