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  1. THcrap is pretty much the most reliable Touhou translations, all other ones are most likely innaccurate and were hosted on dead websites, so you'd have to dig around on the web to find them. Also, gensokyo.org is dead. rip.
  2. Sounds like a recipe for utter chaos.
  3. Master-sparked their fairy maid's
  4. I see it's not available for download on the official games tab, did It get deleted or something?
  5. Change your locale to Japanese, atleast that's what I do if I play a Japanese game and it has weird symbols. (Control Panel > Clock and Region > Change date, time, or number formats)
  6. This isn't the switch version, so there's no dlc (I think)
  7. Is the trojan still there? Don't want to make this laptop any slower than it already is.
  8. finally a download for the game that works
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