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  1. Oooo, I like that Necrofantaisa remix ya posted. That would have been a 9/10 from me. Thank you for hosting this event, it was a lot of fun to listen to everyone's picks and walk away with some new music.
  2. Hartman's Youkai Girl with a little more strangeness: Love this song so much. There is an air of creepiness that comes with the backing track with of offset but the somewhat light and cute vocals that works well and despite being dissonant compliment each other. I also love all the use of voice effects to mimic the sound of a voice through a payphone and how her voice mimics the sound of a deadline, all thematically appropriate given the context of the song. Highly suggest looking up the PV for the full story of the song. It's very creepy. 10/10 Puppet in the Dark: Oooo, another FEL
  3. That's my b, I apologize for not being around. I don't mean to hold things up but I guess it's a bit late for that sentiment. Sorry again. Set two: Set three: I rank very high on average and I think it's a problem.
  4. Oh my, I didn't know we were adding reviews. I'm late as is so I don't want to delay the process any further so I'll keep 'em short for now if that's okay. Oriental Memory of Forgathering Dream: Oriental Memory and Hatsunetsumiko's can do no wrong. 7/10 Tokyo Active NEETs Crazy Backup Dancers: These guys are really good at their jobs, they are always clean with their arrangements. 7/10 not enough of the dancer. Miskyworks — Photoshop CS⑨: Speaking of clean, whooboy! I like it. It's simple, but never repetitive, recognizable, but transforms the theme in
  5. I'm 100% in. Let's get that music playing!
  6. A wonderful passion project! I'm so glad y'all saw this through!
  7. @buskerdogI could be wrong, but... What I've found is that the official comics and manga give insight to some aspects of Touhou lore, but the in media res problem kind of persists all throughout the official series. A lot of what you learn in Touhou lore comes from what people talk about happening in the past. Character interactions that hint at the vague history of Gensokyo become your best friend and there are a few blanks you just gotta fill in yourself. I respect that you don't wanna read the wiki pages, but it's a hub when it comes to the information sought after because of qu
  8. I'd absolutely be down to participate in something like that!
  9. I didn't even know Touhou light novels existed haha. I'll be keeping my eye out for others in the future.
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