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  1. @TsunderePigtailz Happy to have ya~ Well, if you're in the mood for some treasure hunting, a good place to start would be right here, in this thread. Everyone above has posted their favorite mangas and links to read 'em, so I suggest giving some of those a look. If you like the artist you can continue your search by looking up that artist to see if what else they have made. From there you should be able to find other's works just by simply poking around. If you see an interesting cover to a fanwork then go ahead and see where that cover takes ya. Otherwise, if you feel like taking a leap of faith, there should be plenty to read here. https://dynasty-scans.com/search?q=touhou ^^^^^here^^^^^^
  2. The fan works that help expand the lore and world of Gensokoy is hands down my favorite aspect of this series. Funny that I happen to be drawn more to the world the fans have expounded upon endless. Everything from the mangas which show us daily life in detail, to the music, some of which tell the stories of specific characters in a way that is poetic and nuanced and rife with metaphors to decode. Even single pictures can show the same characters we know in greater detail and in a different light than we see them in normally. I find the fans have expanded the world of Touhou beyond what it could have ever been by itself. I feel.
  3. @TsunderePigtailz Welcome to the club! If you've been reading this thread then I'm sure you know what's happening here, in which case I'll skip formalities and just get right to it. Would you like to share a Touhou Doujin that you find highlights your tastes? If you have one to share or feel comfortable sharing that is. Otherwise, you can just introduce yourself here~
  4. If it make's you feel any better there's not much to know. Just look up Touhou fan manga and take that dive, that is to say, just start reading and see where that takes you. Keep track of the ones you like, look up the author, and read some more. The best way to get into it is to just start reading. I suggest starting with the Miko Miko Suika that peeps keep talking about. Here: https://dynasty-scans.com/series/miko_miko_suika The biggest obstacle is just learning all the minutiae of each character, but learning that comes with reading all the books you can. I see, so you too are a man of good taste. I'm happy to have you aboard the club bother!
  5. Cirno for three reasons 1: She's the strongest, it's been proven canonically. She says it all the time. 2: Nothing can beat her perfect move: Perfect Freeze! 3: She's the only chocolate Touhou character we have. Which means instant victory over every character. Fite me
  6. Oh wow, how clean and organized! @Alize You joined recently, why not let us into your own personal collection, share a favorite manga of yours if you are comfortable.
  7. God tier soundtrack incoming You're welcome
  8. @Haruto Kazuki Oh I like it! I feel for Yukari as I once too tried watching my weight on a broken scale. Took me a month and a half to realize the scale would change the sensitivity each time I turned it on haha. Also, I feel bad Rinnosuke, from his introduction to his exit in this manga he's just getting hurt. @Crusader Jerome Nice, nice! I love seeing slice of life Touhou manga and this was a great read! I loved the first volume especially, the whole classifying Remui's happiness as an incident is far too funny. That being said, I would classify a happy Remui as an incident as well. @ahamudo I invite you to share a manga too if you are comfortable. If you don't want to though you don't have to~ @Sakkun You have to though. Set a good example as club prez.
  9. Hello and greetings from your self-appointed vice-president of the Doujin Manga Club! Now, we're all here because of a common love for reading the volumes upon volumes of fan-made manga that exists. So, I figured a good way to start the conversation would be to present our own personal favorites that we may have come across in our own searches. If you are comfortable with sharing you are welcome to share one, or even two, that you think represents your taste well. Maybe even give a little explanation as to why you like it. If you're comfortable with doing so, that is. I'll start. Name: Kill Geppu Complete Artist: Imizu (Nitro Unknown) Genre: Action, Comedy Link: https://imgur.com/a/7g1Ns#hlfSiLu The reason I enjoy it: It's a matter of how nonsensical it is. Each panel is a visual stimuli overload. it's action for action's sake, but the senseless violence feels natural in the context of the world of Gensokyo. It may make me sound like a brute, but reading this manga gives me a form of catharsis. Put simply, I enjoy the detail and the style and I enjoy watching Yuugi smack everyone silly. And now I call upon you, members of the club, to share if you are willing. Also, we are all free to create topics as we see fit, so don't be afraid to be active~ I leave this thread open to all members to post anytime. @Haruto Kazuki @Sakkun @東倒西倒
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