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  1. Oh nvm, I mean switch to windows mode
  2. Maybe very basic, but here's my take:
  3. Found this when searching subbed Touhou vocal arrange, and man... I thought IOSYS only do Denpa, Funkot, and Gamelan... Oh wait, Sumireko's AoCF theme has some dubstep hint on it. Anyways, here's Third Eyer! A parody of bonfire by knife party, with added loli voice and Satori's theme
  4. So, how do I switch to fullscreen mode on IKUSAN! ?
  5. Update (Or Fun Fact, idk): The composer this time would be Ziki_7, who arranges Mokou's theme for ULiL and AoCF! Yay playable Kanako! I smell that Toutetsu would be here too, the game itself is named after His/Her Alliance, so thre's a tie I guess? ZUN said it that this game will going to focus around those 3 alliance of WBaWC, if I'm not mistaken (Keiga, Goyouku, and Kiketsu)
  6. Undertale's soundtrack good, but this is one of my personal favorite: Theme of eastern story around 1:46 is one of the reason why lel And I think I heard THFont's Ice rain & Bottle Blow too there
  7. The piano arpeggios on Shinmyoumaru's theme is G O O D
  8. Remilia and Flandre is very
  9. Mine is... Bad Apple! English cover-Game over nitro fun, got a link to cir9's theme-Perfect piano Lunatic princess midi-Undertale stuff-Osu-Tearrain-Sakuya boss battle-Mobile fangames-Downloading the game-Got stuck and never regret (I usually change fandom for like per 1 year, but I'm still faithful 2019-2020 and counting) "Wait It's all Touhou from the start?" "Always has been" From 2012 to 2019, I was exposed by Touhou without me knowing that Once you go in, you could never come back~
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