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  1. Remilia and Flandre is very
  2. Mine is... Bad Apple! English cover-Game over nitro fun, got a link to cir9's theme-Perfect piano Lunatic princess midi-Undertale stuff-Osu-Tearrain-Sakuya boss battle-Mobile fangames-Downloading the game-Got stuck and never regret (I usually change fandom for like per 1 year, but I'm still faithful 2019-2020 and counting) "Wait It's all Touhou from the start?" "Always has been" From 2012 to 2019, I was exposed by Touhou without me knowing that Once you go in, you could never come back~
  3. Go to Gensokyo, I could hitch at Kosuzu's or something, books are my passion Would you rather: Get enslaved by Yacchie or Be Keiki's Haniwa army
  4. Man... It's like when they removed annotations, first, I can't read that LoLK EX commentary, now what? Can't contribute to translation for fanworks? Whyyyy
  5. What's miracle meet? Kinda new-ish here, so...
  6. So I have to make that directory in the C : folder?
  7. So, I tried installing TPDP SoD (YNK) by using @Drunken_Flower's tutorial, but whe I tried to open the setup.exe (Note:Of course I used Locale emulator, I'm not a ⑨) it says: What should I do? Note: I didn't install the base TPDP, I copypasta'd it from my old base TPDP
  8. Everything! I totally LOVED its music, always unique and always wow-ed me, from the musical palindrome of Koishi's theme, so such melacholic Heartfelt fancy, there are always something you would discover every single time, it's an neverendng rabbit hole. The lore itself was pretty interesting, even when the generic plot of the games revolves around incidents, there are always interesting things to go on, and somehow, some incident could be connected to each other *Cough *Cough Moriya Shrine *Cough *Cough Occult balls also, the lore is very diverse for an STG games, the hint of legends that have been fused in, you could clearly see ZUN really knows it's Youkai. The game itself was very creative, I must say, the patterns could BE resembling things, objects, or even some evens, Raiko's Danmaku could follow the rythm of the music, Sekibanki chases you with her head, Clownpiece used moon (1CC Ruiner), Sukuna makes you big, Seija flips the screen, Sakuya Stops time, and many many many many other things. The fangames, fan-created stuffs is all diverse, ranging from the normal STG, to RPG Pokemo-ish games, Touhou has a very dedicated fanbase that has been there for like, ages, the fanmade songs are a thing too! There are plenty genre to choose, from classical music, Death metal, Funkot, heck even Gamelan (Traditional indonesian orchestra) The character itself is pretty much has interesting plot to dig in, like a normal fairy, to the pure-loving lunarian, it's so diverse, I began to know every single youkai listed on Youkai.com and its legend, you could also learn some hints of history behind them, Like the Fujiwara clan, or the poet Saigyou, even the tale of princess Kaguya and he legend of the great Suwa war, so many to learn from a single series! There are so many things great about this fandom, I can't put it into words. Well that's a block of text over there
  9. So, I downloaded classic era a year ago, and everytime I wanted to open the english translation of PCB, this message will pop up: From my first thought, I didn't really care, but when I wanted to download some new patches, such and such, this annoys me, thanks for the reply!
  10. UFO LoLK SA MoF Why? I barely has lives in stage 2, and always continue at the beginning of stage 3, once I'm lucky, and didn't continue until stage 5 Is it obvious? I used pointdevice so It's a minus, but i'm stuck at stage 5 (Sliding stars sucks) I never go past lv 3, those ball spam is hard, I was lucky to go to l 4 once, and I never reached it again Haha, waterfall of 9 heavens is where hopes and dreams broke 1CC list (Cuz why not): IN Easy all teams (Except YuyuYou) PoFV Easy (Reimu Marisa, Yuuka, Sakuya, Reisen) LLS Normal (MarisaA, the fps unstable) Yes, I'm a noob
  11. Basically we tell each other about fun facts in the Touhou world Rinnosuke smokes Okina used a wheelchair Reimu said that firework is easy to dodge Sumireko has depression Koishi regrets closing her 3-rd eye after meeting Marisa & Reimu ZUN plans to add "Idolmaster" as Keiki's title Futo hates buddha statue, she will burn one if she found one and made a temple burn once Yuyuko IS a big eater Kasen has split personality Reisen is the black sheep of Eientei Layla is not a member of the Prismriver's band Anyone wanna add?
  12. I'd rather has my darkest day in loop, than has to be a slave for a black hole Would you rather: Have a sake party with the oni or Got panty-shotted by the Tengu
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