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  1. Guess I’ll carry us along, then. Would you rather pay Hell itself a visit? Or pay Makai a visit? (You would have the power to defend yourselves in both scenarios.)
  2. Yoshie

    Hey Hey

    Greetings! And welcome to the top of the mountain. I guess in a way, I should say welcome back to the fandom. Believe me, I was nervous about joining the group, as well. But this place is pretty friendly so all in all, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with anybody. Anyway, take care and have fun!
  3. Not being able to tell the difference between a fairy and a muffin sounds like Yuyuko’s kind of problem. But I’ll go with it, anyway. Would you rather have fairy servants? Or start a war with the fairies?
  4. This sounds pretty cool. Let’s see... Mokou is red. Shion is blue. Jo’on is greedy. Reimu is too.
  5. I’d need a lot of practice, but I think I have a better shot at beating UFO without any extra lives or bombs. Best case scenario is I’m not killing myself, trying to nab those power-ups. Would you rather do ten push-ups for every in-game death. Or play all of DDC with your screen upside down?
  6. Yoshie


    Welcome to the Shrine. Hope ya have a good time! Please pardon my belated message.
  7. Ranking the fighters sounds pretty tough, but I’d rather do that than work on a map background. At least I can give my honest thoughts on the tier ranking systems.(Even though I don’t play by tiers.) Would you rather dedicate your life to becoming a Witch. Or devote yourself to becoming a Hermit?
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