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  1. Hello and welcome to my page.

    I will not be as active as I used to be due to losing interest and other games which I play more (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Roblox, Minecraft). Due to this I will only use Moriya to download content, which I won't do very often. You may see me in the forums, but please note I will not post as much as I used to anymore.

    I thank you all for being awesome and cool people, unlike most fandoms. Thank you all for guiding my way through here and welcoming me as well.
    Great thanks to Garison DeCrick for being my only follower ever, you're very supportive, mate - keep it up.

    Will I ever come back here? Who knows. I may come back the next day, next week, next month, next year... or when Reimu comes into Smash Ultimate. If you'd want to get into contact with me, then that's cool; you can get me on these...
    Discord: Lightning#7539
    Roblox: Perishune
    These aren't all though, but I wont bother updating. I'm way more active on Discord.

    Continue to be cool Touhou fans, everybody!


  2. I didn't draw or own this image. I just posted this here because this is an epic Tenshi wallpaper. Image from here.
  3. No one's been using this area for some time- I thought it was filled with immortal people.
  4. Anyone here wanna play Smash Ultimate?

  5. I'm happy to join the Art contests... but for some ideas I'm quite unsure.
  6. Not related to Touhou, but here's some artwork I did a while back.
  7. Hmm... makes sense. I was kinda confused about that. Also, is this a coincidence?
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