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  1. A wonderful passion project! I'm so glad y'all saw this through!
  2. I'd absolutely be down to participate in something like that!
  3. The only description Under Night In-Birth EXE.late [st] needs.
  4. I'm curious. Pitch it to us haha?
  5. If anyone comes 'round and starts to criticize without reasonable cause then we'll run 'em outta town!
  6. Push comes to shove I've always found that when it comes to trying to make sure things fit into the cannon it ends up being more fun if you break the rules a little bit. Craft your own story in the familiar world. The Touhou games are always so wild when it comes to their stories game to game, so who's to say we can't go a little nuts haha? In a short sense, it may be more fun and freeing to not get too, too anxious about making sure the pieces fit the puzzle, we'll just craft our own picture, ya feel?
  7. When it comes to roleplaying in the Touhou cannon at all I'm all for it. The pilot currently up, while free to join, is vague and freeform enough to the point where it makes it a bit hard to jump in for some people (myself included). I think a more structured roleplay would do Eintei well. The kind where everyone makes their character, canon or otherwise, and a Game Master presents them with a scenario, the players react, the GM decides the consequence, all the while the players understand their common goal (solve an incident, cause a ruckus, break into the Scarlet Devil Mansion, steal a precious thing, what have you.) But the question is who is willing to play the role of the GM.
  8. Out of that colorful cast, I think I'd... Marry Meiling because I need a woman who understands my irresistible urge to sleep on the job. Date Sakuya, I don't think we'd be a good couple but at least we could bond over our love for busy work, plus I would need her discipline to help me clean up my act haha. I'd kill Patchouli, then she'll have as much time to read as she wants in heaven. Organize the following: Hata no Kokoro Toyosatomimi no Miko Mononobe no Futo
  9. The Nitori-inc microgames kicked my butt and reduced my already fragile masculinity to dust. I had to download software to slow down my computer just so I could keep up.
  10. I'd want to date Tenshi Hinanawi, I'm not a fan of her character and don't enjoy her all that much, but I'd be cool to have a girlfriend who can take ya to Heaven on the weekends. I'd kill Kaguya Houraisan, regretfully. I like her a lot but at least she can't actually die so I wouldn't have to live with that guilt. I'd marry Utsuho Reiuji because we could be simple-minded fools together. Plus, you'll never be cold during winter! For the next person, pick your poison between: Junko Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu Rinnosuke Morichika
  11. The drums at the start of Fire of Hokkai give me chills every time I hear their powerful call. The rest of the song is bopping as well and inspired the start of my favorite vocal remix. At least, I think it did haha. I'd say Extra bosses count as a kind of second final boss, ya know haha. I've never really listened to Pristine Beat, but I like your taste so I should check it out.
  12. You got a favorite final boss theme that stands upon among the rest @Drunken_Flower? Maybe a theme that starts with E and ends with motional-Skyscraper-Cosmic-Mind? If I had to guess.
    1. Drunken_Flower


      we need more competitor. imma post it in Discord.

    2. Rantos


      Why didn't I think of that haha!  Genius idea my man!

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