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  1. try practicing your dodging, as normal avoiding is no use against her. i had to give a proper response, sorry.
  2. then, try spamming those big homming projectile with reimu when you see an opening on her first spells, try to run away and dodge as much as possible, don't try for heavy damage, and on her weird lightning spell, try to dodge left and right like a madman and shoot fast weak projectiles at her at the slightest opening, still safety first on this spell as it is really strong.
  3. Play on easy modo. Q: what are the things that gives a touhou's theme personnality, and how ?
  4. if i need to chose one song, it should be the sea where one's home planet reflects. the CD version preferably
  5. for me it's my first LoLK pointdevice, wich was bombless. 3564 deaths. thanks purely bullet hell.
  6. even thaught we are not on the correct week, i have questions ; what is the correct way to send replays ?
  7. i'm not "new" here, but i guess it still isn't too late for an introduction. i'm meguca, a pretty new touhou player that played and 1cc'd every games on normal, with a tendency of only doing bombless. i came here to find answers about the meaning of life, and also to find a touhou comunity, as my knowledge about touhou is limited to the print works that i have read, and the games i have played. i hope i can do stuff for and with the community, and thank you for letting me in.
  8. my favorite is easely LoLK, because if you are completely stupid, (like me) you can make this game impossible by deciding not to bomb. funny game
  9. first, she has an ability to manipulate "time", the specifics of what "time" is is not given, it is said, i think that she can slow down things, accelerate them, and make things from other times (timelines ?) come into hers. the first problem : in forbidden scrollery, sakuya says to reimu that what she calls "stopping time", is just moving at incredible speeds. first option, reimu is kinda accusing sakuya of kidnapping, and because she can stop time, sakuya is suspect, so sakuya could lie to look less suspect : this dosen't really make sense, since just afterwards, sakuya tells reimu to be suspicious of byakuren since she can move extremely fast : she wouldn't say that she can't kidnap kosuzu because she can only move at high speed and afterwards call someone suspect because she can move fast. another option, the one i tend to think is the most belivable one, is that it is a mark of weakness in the ability of sakuya : she dosen't say that she can't stop time, she says that she can't stop time to kidnap kosuzu in that situation, making her "stopping time" ability look suddenly different from what we could think at first glance. here is a theory of mine : sakuya can't stop time, but she can stop one's time, meaning that, in a village situation, she would have to stop everyone in the village in order to "stop time", we don't know how limited her ability is but i think she can't do that, instead, if she was faster, faster than light as WaHH implies, it would be as if she stopped time : sakuya would have so said "in this situation, i can not stop time, but what you would call stopping time, if i did, would be moving fast instead of stopping people". my take on how her ability generaly works : it would be somehow alike remillia's ability to manipulate fate : the ability to manipulate one's time's worth. to put it simply : imagine a man going up stairs : in five seconds, he will be going up four steps. sakuya could manipulate the worth of said five seconds : in five seconds, the man will be going one step. but as she changes one's entire time's worth, non only will they be going up less stairs, they will be breathing less, blinking less, ect... one will perform less actions for the same amount of time : their fate has been altered. she could make her own time worth more : in five seconds, instead of four steps, she will be doing seventy steps, going at insane speeds. i think that logically, her ability would be limited to how much fate she can alter, meaning she can stop dust for a longer period of time than she can stop the watatsugi sisters, making sometimes stopping one's actions easier for "stopping time" and other times increaing her time's worth easier to "stop time". also, if she stop someone, their actions are totaly inexistant, meaning : they don't exist anymore. it would explain why she won't just stop time and immediatly kill you, since you don't exist, the same thing applies to SWR for her knifes : stting still in the air, not able to be touched. fell free to tell everything you think is wrong about what i said, that's the reason why i wrote it in the first place.
  10. one question has bugged me since the begining of my touhou career : how does sakuya work ? The mainstream odience have a tendency to think she just has the world, as she was clearly inspiered by it, but there is evidence that the way sakuya work is more... complicated. i would like to show the theories that i made with my touhou experience and try to find someone with the evidence to debunk said theories, in order to have a perfect explanation on how sakuya works.
  11. for me it's analysing danmaku dodging danmaku
  12. in TD, the more you get lifes, the more life pieces you need.
  13. 1 Suika Ibuki 2 Seija kijin 3 Junko 4 Satono Nishida 5 Mai tereida 6 Keiki Haniyasushin 7 Okina Matara 8 Mamizou Futatsuiwa 9 Kasen Ibaraki yes oddly precise
  14. sakuya. really my profile picture is sakuya, but i can't stand her anymore, i spent so much time, effort, umiliation, just to speculate on the specifics of how her ability works, and i didn't really like her to begin with. touhou 6 is my least favorite touhou game with 1, so it makes even more sense, and i could throw a remillia in there ? it's hard to dislike a touhou character, so the fact that i didn't really care about her existence may be a big deal and saki kurokoma, because being genocidal, violent, especialy against the weak is not nice, and i don't like when people are not nice, and mai pc 98 also for not really being nice, yuki is nice, so it's kinda sad.
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