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  1. Also a question for you? I know its off topic, but I am wondering how do you get tags on you post like your "BEER FOR THE BEER GOOD" 40K-like quote. I would like to write one.
  2. HI, Thank you all for checking this post to help me. Here is what comes for me when I try it.
  3. I don't think the west is that bad. it was the western media (mostly old Disney) that inspired Japanese animated and geek media (I learned that from a documtery I watched last year about Gatchman). After all, Japan has damage western media too (Check transformers Prime and Kissplayers). I do agree that flooding newcomers might be a bit much, but unlike Undertale and DDLC, Touhou is over 20 years old and is know a bit in the west as ZUN has used Play Dōjinshi to slow get fans in, so it won't be as bad as the other
  4. Agreed jssf1992. As much as I want her, I want Master Chief from Halo, and even then, I am happy that my No1 chose, King K Rool got in so I don't mind whos DLC for the game.. Out of curiosity, do you think she could appear in Smash. not in ultimate, but maybe in one of the later games in a few years time? I would like to know.
  5. Look at this ting I found on eBay while I was looking for Evangelion Shinji Ikari and Gundam figures. it a much more advance version of the one I planned. Polynian Unison Touhou Project Reimu Character Figure Statue Collection Anime
  6. That could happen, but as I said before, Touhou was made by ZUN, but was fueled and grown by Fans, who made most of the fantastic spin offs like Touhou Azure Reflection and Touhou Genso Wanderer. I have only passed into year one of playing my first Touhou and have bought and supported many games such as Luna Nights before it came out of Early Access. Fans are the life blood of Touhou and much like us Warhammer 40K fans learned the hard way, we need more to survive.
  7. I don't disagree. That bad reaction could happen and she is a bit unknown. However conceding: -Joker, a character who is very young and never apperied on the Switch got in instead of another Persona character -Shulk appear in one game that did not sell as big in the west -Marth (best FE king) was from the first Fire Emblem game that was not relisted in the west, but was huge in Japan -Touhou is big in Japan and is growing in the west. -Touhou has over 5 games on the Switch in the west and even more in Japan which are coming to the west. -Touhou is a 20 year old legacy franchise, so Reimu has earned a spot more that other indies I think she would be fine. Plus, Sakurai likes surprise character like Prana Plant and Duck Hunt, so she would fit in with it. As for the reactions, they will go away after a while, but remember the fandom helped made this franchise what it is and to have more indies and fans try making games, TV shows and books would be great. Touhou was made by ZUN, but grew by fans. Good promotion for the Games Don't worry, I understand everything and you are right, that could happen. Anyway, she dose not have to enter Ultimate, she could apper in the next smash game or the one after that.
  8. Thanks to ZUN and every fan of this franchise for its success. I hope it will keep blooming like a flower for years to come.❤️

  9. Think of the smash remixes of some of the best songs, much like what magic they did with Gangplank Galleon. and imagine seeing gest stars from the games in the background like Marisa, Aya, Remilia, Sakuya, Alice, Suika, Yukari and more. they could even be spirits. thought if posable I would like Marisa as an echo fighter, but that would be unfair to make two of the five DLC Touhou, one is go enough.
  10. I feel like Remiu would fit great in SSBU as she is a Japanese indie the represents bullet hell shooters, add another female character as well as another range focused type fighter as we only have 4 of them . She would use fast range instead of heavy like Samus and have over 20 fighting and bullet hell shooters to choose from. you don't even have to censor anything as nothing on her is offensive (even the shrine maiden augment wouldn't work as we has a Greek god in the roster). the stage could be the Scarlet Devil Manor and think of the smash remixes of the already epic songs. Of course I want Master Chief, But if she gets in, that would be epic. Tell me what you think of her and what would you react like if she was announced.
  11. The game has hit 50k downloads with and overwhelmingly positive review. thanks to all how help support the game and letting it leave early access. I love it.
  12. I think they fixed that now with a Day one patch.
  13. Luna nights comes out of Early Access at the end of February tree stages I have played it is a masterpiece. it is not expensive and is 100 present something all Touhou fans should check out. I would like to know you opinion on the game and how you felt with it. it probably the game that makes you feel most like Sakuya. Great job Team Ladybug
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