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  1. Yes that's her. I mean sonic has so mush bad luck geting a good game (I like all of this games though even lost worlds and unleash)(not 2006 thought) and now a bad movie look that has stomed the internet. Hina could talk all of that bad luck for her collection and free sonic from bad luck. PS.Good news, they are changing the design in the movie.
  2. After a certain movie trailer appeared and scared the Internet more than any Youkai could dream of, who in Touhou could help Sonic with his film of bad luck. I think the Goddesses of misfortune (can't spell or rember name at the moment) could help by talking the bad luck away from him and put it in a doll for her collection. As both a Touhou and Sonic fan, I would really like to see your thoughts on this matter.
  3. Ah Good to know that others know about the English vers of Forbidden Scrollary. I just found this out a week ago on Amazon Uk, while sorting out my I Pad/Touhou manga problem with Drunken_Flower . They costed 8 pound each, So I bought all 6 out at the minute and will soon pre order the 7 one. I love how ZUN writes thes with parson. I hope Yen Press will do the same with his older work. Ps. Dose anyone own one of the Touhou figma? I want to pick up the Reimu,Marisa and Suikia ones.
  4. I Havant yet, so I would like to try that. I just finished Touhou Blue sin and am half way thought Rabbit of the moon and Rabbit of the Earth (I know those are not the correct names but I can't bring them up at the minute) howeve while scrolling through Amazon I found this link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/bookseries/B075S8QVBS/ref=dp_st_0316511897 these are official manga done by ZUN, translated in English and sold on Amazon. This is great as it means 1. I have a hard copy in my hand 2. I support ZUN 3.I support getting his manga been sold in the UK its a win-win what do you think? P.S: the manga is forbidden scroll, which is available on this fan site. While I am buying the books, dose that mean we cannot let that be a free download any more?
  5. Bad news. I got the file but my IPad which is the second model ever made has run out of memory, I can't buy any more memory , and the content on it is too important to delete (those are comic/game ideas for my future) I tried to delet as much as I can, but to no luck. It even has problems just keeping my carmera open for photos. i am so very sorry, I know you did a lot to help me and I feel bad for wasting you time. Hope you can forgive me i will just train to read on the computer, after all it took a while to read manga right, so I will learn in time. again I am so very, very sorry. Thank you for all you did
  6. If you did put it on MEGA, other than an account, What would I have to do?
  7. I think I rather go thought be Doored as I could end up in a nice place like Spain or Japan. If it was the gap,their is a chance I could be stuck there in the unknown, doomed to lose sanity. Teach Reiuji to be smarter or Teach living Yuyuko to control her Death manipulation
  8. I checked mega and I think it might work. But it's pass midnight now so I will do that tomorrow. Good night
  9. What is Mega? Safari on my I pad said it can't be downloaded i can get it on my computer, but it is not portable and it is strange reading a manga on computer as well as it puts the pages in comic book instead of manga so I am am reading two ways.
  10. Wow, that was fast Drunken Flower. Thanks Also, I would like to get these on an IPad as I can take them on travels instead of read them on my Gaming computer. However I can't download these using the normal link. any suggestions?
  11. Can I have help plz. I would like to read these books, but I don't know where to begin. Thanks for reading this.
  12. Wait what do you mean Marisa is {''' I don't know where hidden content button is so this will do''} Where dose it say that! PLEZ TELL ME, I NEED TO KNOW
  13. Cool, though I wonder if it is the animals of hell will Satori Komeiji's pets appear to help or attack you Also, I my facts are correct, this is the first time we will see new Hell as it has only ever been mentioned, which is awesome Thanks for the news Time for a good news dance with a appropriate theme
  14. I just rembered something. on the leaked DLC code names one of the code names was "Folk lore". I took a look on wiki and both Touhou and shrine maiden are counted under folk lore. the only other gaming icons that are under it are Aimmy from Okami and Ashely from Wario (who is a Asist trophy). their could be others, but they are from the west and while not imposable, only 3 Fighters from the roster are from the west (and all owned by Nintendo) This leak could be fake as not all came to be, but there is no evidence that it is comply wrong as it did get King K Rool, Simon, Dark Samus and Isabel,(Joker could be rhyme as he likes to move to the beat in style) they could be in the wrong order at the wrong time. Though best take this with a pinch of salt
  15. A (Very late) Happy birthday to ZUN. May he be happy creating his games and know we all wish him the best.
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