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  1. This is late but happy birthday ZUN
  2. Also Blazblue is epic. must die is one of the best songs for best fighter susanoo
  3. Gundam has some great game music to go with the existing tracks from the anime. Mario is also cool with music.
  4. Hello how is your day going? there should be a launcher in the folder downloaded from this site that is named the same as the launcher you are using except it has an e at the end. That sould lunch the game in English. if you can't find it. Leave a message on my profile page and I will do more to help. hope this helps you:)
  5. Ok here are the list of games in the Touhou fan game catalog that I have played or I am playing thought. (Note this list is not complete and will be updated with more games and time played) All of the games released for switch in the west -sky arena climax -sky drift -Azure Reflections -Genso Wanderer Reloaded (over 100 hours and still not finished) Gensokyo Defenders Burst Battles (first ever Touhou game) Games on steam -Luner nights - Scarlet Curiosity - the disappearance of Gensokyo -nitorlinc -big big battle -Tempest of the Heavens and Earth On this site - defend the library - Touhou vs -Touhou diablo -code r2 -danamarisa 3d -rhythm carnival - remifura supirittsu -Shin Touhou Musou - Warrior of Friendship - Age of Ethanols Touhou mugen
  6. I kind of like all game genres to be fair. So long as it looks fun it dose not really matter with ones are suggested, I want to try them.
  7. Thanks for the response:) i have played Luna nights on steam when it was in early access and it was one of the best 2D styled games I ever played so good in fact that I plan to buy it agine when it comes to the switch.
  8. Hi. I love to try out the many wonderful games that the fans of Touhou have made. however I am stuck on what ones to play next anyone got any got recommend? i will post the names of all the games I played later thanks for the help.
  9. If you are own a switch I would try Touhou Sky arena as it is a fun fighting game. i would also recommend Touhou Genso drift on steam or switch. It was made by some former Marino kart devs and it is super fun to play.
  10. Dose anyone know who to get the SOKU 2 mod to work for this? i have it but when i install it, only replaces the profiles images. .Any help?
  11. With dlc vol 1 over, a new day of speculation begins, who do you think will be the next character. My vote is Masterchief and Reimu . ps I loved all of the new fights and they have been really fun to play.
  12. Everything. I also love how nice people are in this fandom and who they respect ZUN and other fans/creators.
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