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  1. Hi. I love to try out the many wonderful games that the fans of Touhou have made. however I am stuck on what ones to play next anyone got any got recommend? i will post the names of all the games I played later thanks for the help.
  2. If you are own a switch I would try Touhou Sky arena as it is a fun fighting game. i would also recommend Touhou Genso drift on steam or switch. It was made by some former Marino kart devs and it is super fun to play.
  3. Dose anyone know who to get the SOKU 2 mod to work for this? i have it but when i install it, only replaces the profiles images. .Any help?
  4. With dlc vol 1 over, a new day of speculation begins, who do you think will be the next character. My vote is Masterchief and Reimu . ps I loved all of the new fights and they have been really fun to play.
  5. Everything. I also love how nice people are in this fandom and who they respect ZUN and other fans/creators.
  6. To anyone who owns Danmaku!! What card sleeves should I use on the big chricters cards.
  7. A Touhou vs Capcom game would be so hype. Especially it they use the effects and style of Mavel 3 or tatsunoko. The cast of both would also fit in with each other very well.
  8. The game on the switch is the next instalment of sky arena sky. It has more chricters and songs compared to the old one as well a 3 DLC chricters each with a stage and song. I own it on switch and it is really fun. its actually on the western e-shop for around 24 pounds so you can support these games coming tho the west. if you have any other questions about the game, I will be happy to help.
  9. I just bought the Danmaku core and lunatic bundle today so now it is on the way I am a part of a war-gaming club that plays lots for miniatures and card game like Pokemon, Warhammer 40k, AVP, Doctor who into the time vortex, exploding kittens, unstable unicorns, X-wing and other games to name a few. UK is the home of many for these big companies so it is easy to find lots of folks who will play these games with me. Also, it would be nice to have more than my review on this site as it might get others to check it out.
  10. Your welcome. Happy to spreed the lesser know stuff i come across. Did you look in to it yet. Have any new thoughts about it
  11. I plan on getting it and both expansions as soon as the second is released. i live in the UK and its only store is in america so i have to pay heavy import and delivery. Thankfully, the pound is stronger than the doller (until brixeit comes and ruins that) so its only 60 pounds for the core and first expiation and P&P (same price as card games and expation of other card games like exploding kittens or cards ageist humanity). once i get it i can post a review for those who are interested in getting the card game Danmaku!! There is also a demo vers on there website as well as one for tabletop simulator. P.S Yukari's card dose not look as bad as i thought as someone pointed out that she is bending her body forword. Not prefect but i makes the card look much nice and it is growing on me the more i look at it..
  12. I hope not to sound rude, but I disagree with both statements because 1. All communities have thier ups and downs (Star Wars) but we have to see the good in it. More fans will keep the spirit alive and it is something ZUN wants as he wish to spread and see us spread the joy of Touhou not keep it to ourselves. 2. Smash made the villager and plant in to good fights who are harder to do. Plus she has been in a ton of fighting games with offer a tone of moves and animations to use in smash. Plus smash loves charicters who play very differently. The moves will transition well into a platform fight. If you want proof look at Samus, mega man and robin as they show her type of fighter works.
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