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  1. Anyone seen the new Touhou game on Steam "3rd Eye". looks interesting and creepy. link to page and info https://store.steampowered.com/app/1131900/3rd_eye/
  2. They are incorporated in the story so you unlock the first doc story after clearing the first Reimu adventure (reaching the top of the tower, then the others are ulocked later down the line
  3. Found the improvements oh boy their is a lot of them take a look in the link below https://nisamerica.com/games/touhou-genso-wanderer-reloaded/new.html hers a quick sumary features all the content of the original release, including all its DLC. The two DLC story campaigns, "Futo Mononobe and the 7 Trials" and "Bullet Reporter" have been incorporated into the main story. The huge amount of content in this release has been streamlined so first-time players can enjoy playing through it all. And for those who have already conquered the original dungeons, not only are there new items to collect and enemies to fight, but new adventures to discover as well... Three new story campaigns have been added. "The King of Fairies," starring Marisa Kirisame "Miracle★Ambitions," starring Sanae Kochiya "End of Desire," starring Reimu Hakurei These new partners will now join you on your adventures! Three new functions have been added to the Nito Fusion item creation system: Dismantle, Appraise, and Meld. The Gensokyo Chronicle Gaiden has been powered up, and is now a full-blown encyclopedia, filled with entries on everything from items and characters, to traps and effects. A Gensokyo Regional Map has been added, allowing you to instantly travel back to any base you've visited before.
  4. if you want to know if you missed any new story, you could check the extras menu with Aku. i own the switch copy which only has the reloaded version, but i will check for you. i love the game and the switch vers losses nothing in power or looks and is playable on the go. ( hope the new one comes to the west soon)
  5. Thank you two for taking the time to solve this question. I do feel like I know much more now. It has been a pleasure and a joy reading both of your post which has a lot of effort and care put into it. Thank you two so much. Hope you two have a fantastic summer.
  6. The backgrounds of stage 2 onwords, wont load. I cant see rocks and cliffs making it hard to see.
  7. A few days ago I learned that the word "sepette" from Remilia's theme "Sepette for a dead princess" means a group of seven people however i only see 6 (Remilia, Flandre, Sakuya, Patchouli, Hong Meiling and koakuma) Maybe i am reading into it too much but is there a 7th member, or have i taken the name of the song to mean too much?
  8. Thank you so much. Your idea worked and i can get back to playing all the wonderful fan games i cant buy. You are a star, thank you. PS. do you know if Touhou 15.5 for Nintendo switch is coming to the west. i know it is on steam here in the UK and it dose have an official English language option. i would like it on the go with my other 6 touhou games on Switch
  9. Hello, nice to meet you. could I have some help. Even with no internet protection on (which was no good for my computer) every time I go to download most of the games on the site I get this page, and the I am kicked out. Have you see this screen? I want to play the games I cant buy in the UK, like touhou cashalvenia or the some of the puzzle game. Thanks for to any one who reads this. hope you have a great summer.
  10. cool, thought I am wondering. In an interview, the publisher said that this will appeal to fans worldwide. so dose that mean its coming here?
  11. Any changes in you opinion after E3 for Reimu in SSBU. I feel a lot of hope now with the great banjo (AKA: the not in 100 years chose like cloud chose), and picking a Goku-like characters for the other side (which should make them happy) and mor games on switch (including 15.5 an official game) I feel like on day she could get in one day. But this is not about my thoughts, I want to here your ideas, as other great fans of Touhou. Vote in the poll Note: names will not be made public but you can still show your thought bellow. Thanks to all of you out there.
  12. This form will be ending as a new up-to-date post E3 one is now open under "Reimu in smash-New hope?" plz joint for fun talks and ideas. always happy to here you opinon.
  13. Banjo got in with Dragon quests heroes ( which I see as a nice thing for Goku fans as they are made by the same designer) we coud still get her as the supresie inde that I think is in the DLC line up. Banjo shows that nothing is imposable when it comes to Smash bros. PS; happy for banjo, but as I see only one IP per company in DLC, master chief is out of the chances.
  14. I need help or advise Touhou 15.5 is on steam and clams that their is no English language option as noted in the orange box, however when I was looking thought the options their is a option to switch to English for the whole game. Seeing this false advising as harming the games chance of being sold, I want to contact steam and note them of this error, but I don't know how? Anyone got any good ides to help ?
  15. Yes that's her. I mean sonic has so mush bad luck geting a good game (I like all of this games though even lost worlds and unleash)(not 2006 thought) and now a bad movie look that has stomed the internet. Hina could talk all of that bad luck for her collection and free sonic from bad luck. PS.Good news, they are changing the design in the movie.
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