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  1. i downloaded this but cant find the play buttion. help?
  2. i know this game. i was the one who started the form that told the devs that fans would like an English version. (not a lie, being 100% real)
  3. if you dont want to mess with files and code, you can buy it from steam. it will automatically install the game. i did that and it works for me, no problem (P.S: i am not a sell out, i dont what this comment to come off as me saying you are bad if you download it instead of buy it, just noting that it is easier to install and has less set up problems.)
  4. !!spoiler!! In cheating detective satori, the latest manga written by ZUN,
  5. There is something else strange but i cant say it as it is a spoiler for the new Touhou web comic Zun is writing (cheating detective satori) and i dont know how to cover spoiler filters
  6. THAT REMINDS ME. it could be likely that touhou might get more support. an artical was going around that was from last year by Ruw (ZUN's legal matters guy) claming that "If they where to port Touhou to the switch, Nintendo would help and support them" He also said that Nintendo are aware of Touhou and its Popularity. A few days later 15.5 was announced for the switch. Another strange thing is that a few years ago, Yen Press published ZUN's Forbidion Scrolley in English and it was sold even in my local comic shop (In the UK ,especially a place like Belfast, big titans of japan like Gundam and Sailor Moon have a hard time being notices, so this was odd) While it was a while ago, it sounds (to me at least) kinda of like the same idea as a PC-98 Mini. ZUN seams to be up to something. Any ideas? sorry if i went off topic
  7. That sounds real cool and would give those games some love
  8. This is late but happy birthday ZUN
  9. Also Blazblue is epic. must die is one of the best songs for best fighter susanoo
  10. Gundam has some great game music to go with the existing tracks from the anime. Mario is also cool with music.
  11. Hello how is your day going? there should be a launcher in the folder downloaded from this site that is named the same as the launcher you are using except it has an e at the end. That sould lunch the game in English. if you can't find it. Leave a message on my profile page and I will do more to help. hope this helps you:)
  12. Ok here are the list of games in the Touhou fan game catalog that I have played or I am playing thought. (Note this list is not complete and will be updated with more games and time played) All of the games released for switch in the west -sky arena climax -sky drift -Azure Reflections -Genso Wanderer Reloaded (over 100 hours and still not finished) Gensokyo Defenders Burst Battles (first ever Touhou game) Games on steam -Luner nights - Scarlet Curiosity - the disappearance of Gensokyo -nitorlinc -big big battle -Tempest of the Heavens and Earth On this site - defend the library - Touhou vs -Touhou diablo -code r2 -danamarisa 3d -rhythm carnival - remifura supirittsu -Shin Touhou Musou - Warrior of Friendship - Age of Ethanols Touhou mugen
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