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  1. Only restriction here is that you can't use an existing Touhou track. Have at it.
  2. oh! that sounds neat! I don't listen to doujin music very often (if at all), but I would have liked to submit comments on the form about this new website thing as well. Good luck on the project!
  3. Additionally: Found the new page - tutorial has been updated.
  4. @Rosel Are you still having the issue? I'm not sure why it's throwing "A:>op" - usually that's a result of not having enough memory, or from an option being set incorrectly, although by the screenshots you sent, that isn't the case...
  5. @Definitely not a weeb We are aware of the issue. There isn't much we can do about it, not our website. A little while ago, the website changed from what it used to look like to something different. If they've changed domains, I can't find them. The download here still works.
  6. IIRC the default is that Z is confirm, X is cancel. Have you changed the keybinds from the defaults? Also, what operating system are you using? (Windows 7? 10?)
  7. Alright, I'd like you to set your system locale to Japanese. This doesn't change the system language, but sometimes fixes issues with EoSD on Windows 10. To do this, perform the following steps: 1. Click START, then CONTROL PANEL. 2. Click CLOCK, LANGUAGE AND REGION. 3. Click REGION. 4. Click the ADMINISTRATIVE tab. 5. Then, click the CHANGE SYSTEM LOCALE button, and in the resulting dropdown menu, select Japanese (Japan). 6. Restart your computer.
  8. Three questions: What OS are you using? Is your system locale set to Japanese? Are you using a static patch ("th06e.exe") or an auto-updating one ("th06 (en-us)" or similar)? Windows 10 can sometimes not play nice with EoSD.
  9. Free Download Manager, and other things like it... don't play nice with our file host. They can cause the zips to corrupt and files to fail. Try downloading IaMP again. Sometimes the downloads can corrupt all on their own. Additionally, try changing your locale. That can sometimes fix issues like those.
  10. Hey, just so I can help you better, what operating system are you trying to run IaMP on? I'm going to test it and see if it will run on my computer (running Windows 7). Test results: Can't test the music (headphones don't work on my computer for whatever reason), the extraction was successful on my end, and loading is fine. This kind of issue where stuff just doesn't download or fails to run is sometimes related to download managers (such as "Free Download Manager" or "FDM"), are you using any?
  11. I believe how that menu works is that you press the confirm key, then the key you want. I'll be able to check later tonight (in around 2-3 hours) and make sure that I'm telling you the right things. If I may ask beforehand, which operating system are you using? Some of the older games aren't as friendly to newer systems (i.e. Windows 10) as others.
  12. Hey @Paolo, I can help. Which game are you having the problem with? Is it a specific game or all of them?
  13. Note to self: Will replace single ZIP download with two (one for the original soundtrack and one for the covers) tomorrow.
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