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  1. Kurzov

    Mima's New Life

    Version 1.0.0


    Release Information Type: 2D Platformer Developer: Tristama Publisher: Tristama Release: Touhou Fan Game Jam 3 (January 13th, 2019) Language: English Controls: ARROW KEYS to move X to shoot Z to jump Description Mima wants to prove she still matters and that she isn't a dead character! Time for adventure!
  2. Sup?

    1. Cejic


      Anxiety & Loneliness. At least judging from the feeds I'm aware of.

    2. Drunken_Flower
  3. Unzip the converter folder to where-ever your EoSD is installed. (Basically, what Mirack said.)
  4. Kurzov

    how do i open mystical power plant

    @silly_suwako Put the MPP folder (the whole folder) into the folder where thdnh.exe is located.
  5. Kurzov

    Touhou Golden

    Cannot extract this file using the default Ubuntu RAR unarchiver. Is the archive corrupt?
  6. Kurzov

    We tell a story two words at a time

    himself, because
  7. Kurzov

    Kurzov's PC-98 Images and Stuff

    this isn't going to be a daily thing because I really don't have that kinda time?
  8. Still experiencing it. Just got the computer back from the shop earlier today, first time I've run it for at least a week (heatsink fan came unscrewed, among other things lol)
  9. The album name was "Kurzov's PC-98 images and stuff" - although it works properly now that I am using a different browser. I was using Internet Explorer 11 (on Windows 7). The uploader appears to work properly now that I'm using Microsoft Edge (on Windows 10). Sorry for the long delay. It happened when I tried to submit images both as groups and by themselves, neither worked then. (unrelated note: also on the topic of apparent-browser-specific bugs, the chatbox fails to load on IE11 and works on Edge.)
  10. So I'm trying to add images to an album that I made a few days ago, it will be the first set of images that I would have added. I could 'upload' them fine through the uploader, I could add the description and change the title and such, but when I click 'Submit images', the button does nothing, and so there's no way to upload the images.
  11. Update - June 22nd, 2018... Unfortunately, as I feared, the saves did not transfer to the Steam Cloud. Thusly I will have to start over from scratch. Oh well. (Just reinstalled Civ5 the other day, and I really have kinda forgotten about this until now lol)
  12. Kurzov

    Post Your Desktop

    Here's mine - it's not just the singular photo, but I have a slideshow set up with the few pictures I have currently.
  13. Kurzov

    The Scarlet Devil is extremely fast

    If you haven't already, try going into "custom_e.exe" (it should be in your Touhou 06 / (Eo)SD folder) and checking the option "Force 60 Frames". The DirectX 8 to 9 Converter (the download shown above) is useful if it crashes or does other unwanted things when you try and fullscreen the game.
  14. Welp. I have bad news to bring you. While trying to install another OS onto a USB drive, I mistakenly deleted the partition that holds my Windows 7 files, including my Moriya LP save. I am not sure if Steam backed it up to the Steam Cloud or not, and I may have to just start the LP over from scratch, unfortunately. I'll post again if I have further news to this.

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