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  1. Kurzov

    We tell a story two words at a time

    himself, because
  2. Kurzov

    Kurzov's PC-98 Images and Stuff

    this isn't going to be a daily thing because I really don't have that kinda time?
  3. Still experiencing it. Just got the computer back from the shop earlier today, first time I've run it for at least a week (heatsink fan came unscrewed, among other things lol)
  4. The album name was "Kurzov's PC-98 images and stuff" - although it works properly now that I am using a different browser. I was using Internet Explorer 11 (on Windows 7). The uploader appears to work properly now that I'm using Microsoft Edge (on Windows 10). Sorry for the long delay. It happened when I tried to submit images both as groups and by themselves, neither worked then. (unrelated note: also on the topic of apparent-browser-specific bugs, the chatbox fails to load on IE11 and works on Edge.)
  5. So I'm trying to add images to an album that I made a few days ago, it will be the first set of images that I would have added. I could 'upload' them fine through the uploader, I could add the description and change the title and such, but when I click 'Submit images', the button does nothing, and so there's no way to upload the images.
  6. Update - June 22nd, 2018... Unfortunately, as I feared, the saves did not transfer to the Steam Cloud. Thusly I will have to start over from scratch. Oh well. (Just reinstalled Civ5 the other day, and I really have kinda forgotten about this until now lol)
  7. Kurzov

    Post Your Desktop

    Here's mine - it's not just the singular photo, but I have a slideshow set up with the few pictures I have currently.
  8. Kurzov

    We tell a story two words at a time

    because of
  9. Kurzov

    The Scarlet Devil is extremely fast

    If you haven't already, try going into "custom_e.exe" (it should be in your Touhou 06 / (Eo)SD folder) and checking the option "Force 60 Frames". The DirectX 8 to 9 Converter (the download shown above) is useful if it crashes or does other unwanted things when you try and fullscreen the game.
  10. Welp. I have bad news to bring you. While trying to install another OS onto a USB drive, I mistakenly deleted the partition that holds my Windows 7 files, including my Moriya LP save. I am not sure if Steam backed it up to the Steam Cloud or not, and I may have to just start the LP over from scratch, unfortunately. I'll post again if I have further news to this.
  11. I sure took long enough. The early game is kinda monotonous, in my opinion. Civilization 5 ScreenShot LP: Moriya Shrine, Part I, Section II: Meeting/Exploring (Turns 17 to 31, 3320 BC - 2760 BC) As we explore further, we find more barbarians. Typical early game stuff. Our warrior moves off to the west. Moriya Shrine grows and now has four citizens. Our shrine has also finished construction, and we will gain 1 faith point per turn now. Turn 24: Discovery of archery. For the most part, archers are probably one of your best early-game city defenders. We meet a city-state. You can get resources (from being their ally), among other things. If you are the first to meet a city-state, you get a bonus of 30 gold, rather than the 15 shown here. Due to this, who-ever discovered them is likely nearby. That's rather close... fire away, Moriya! This is why we have two warriors (one in the city and one exploring), and I plan to get an archer now that we have Archery. The next turn, we can create a pantheon, which is a prerequisite to founding a religion. I don't remember what I picked while I'm typing this, but I think I picked Ancestor Worship, which gives more culture for shrines. I might not have, though, I'm not completely sure. We also get another social policy. I solidify "the faith game", selecting Piety. Again, we meet another city state, with the same meanings as before. After we attack this barbarian again and summarily dispose of him, we continue to explore... ...oh, hey Reimu. I don't have much to say here, due to the fact that we don't know where her capital (Hakurei Shrine) is. Once we find it (or we set up an embassy), the options will expand further. For now we'll just say goodbye and head on our way. Turn 30: Discovery of Mining. We should probably get a worker unit going. Now, by the end of turn 31, we've met two city states, another civilization, and we're doing better than before, I guess.
  12. Yeah, I'm still around, just haven't had the time to make the second part of the first part of the SCLP. Then again I have found the time to develop my EU4 mod "Genso Universalis", so maybe I'm just lazy. Shame on me.
  13. Well... here goes nothing. I'm probably going to slip up somewhere in here, and it's my first attempt, too. Anyway, let's begin! Civilization 5 ScreenShot LP: Moriya Shrine, Part I, Section I: Let's Play the Faith Game (Turns 1 to 17, 4000 BC - 3320 BC) Welcome to this LP. We are going to be playing as the Moriya Shrine, with standard game time and on Warlord Difficulty (3). We are up against 11 other civs, all set to random, so we'll know who they are when we meet them... As the Moriyas, we get bonus faith every time we discover a technology. We also get the Yamato Swordsman, which replaces the Swordsman, and provides a combat bonus proportional to our current amount of faith. Finally, we get the Taisha (replaces the Temple), which provides yet more additional faith, this time for every two citizens in a city that follows my religion. I'll delve deeper into the specific mechanics of Religion when we get there. And thusly, we begin. We build our first city where we start. Civilization 5 (Civ5 hereforth) usually does a good job putting the player's first settler in a good place. We begin to build our first unit, a Warrior, in our new city, appropiately named Moriya Shrine. It'll take ten turns to build it, but we can afford that amount of time at the moment. With that finished, we begin to send our currently only unit, another Warrior, out for exploration. By the end of our fifth turn, we've mapped out part of the coastline of where-ever this is. Bananas could be a pretty good resource to snag, we'll have to act on that once we can collect it. Ooh, goody hut! These tiles, referred to as "Ancient Ruins", can give you some bonuses. However, once they're gone, they're gone, so if the hut's a good bit away from your cities, make sure you grab it before someone else can. In the past, these goody huts could give you some pretty bad gifts, but it appears that the developers removed that sometime between 1991 and 2010. As we explore the Ancient Ruins, we discover some artifacts of previous culture. Culture is a way that you can win the game, given enough time. Like Religion, I'll go into the details of it when we get closer to that. But first, we have to get through Policies. Policies are bonuses that you select after you accumulate enough culture. I pick Tradition at first, mainly because I wasn't sure how I wanted to play this game, and because our empire was still only made up of one city. I would later choose to play "the faith game", but I'll talk about that later. Oh, here's our new Warrior. We choose to build a Shrine next, as by then I had chosen to play the previously mentioned "faith game". ...Well, look who we've found. "Bar bar bar bar bar..." As you can see, we aren't strong enough to definitively win against this group, and so we go around it. The Tradition policies, while not what we wanted, do give some useful bonuses, like this one, which increases defense in cities with a unit fortified in them. I'll take that, thank you very much. Oh look, more barbarians, this time from the north. We send our warrior out to dispatch these. Simulaneously, we discover Animal Husbandry, which allows us to obtain an additional source of food via Pastures. We still don't have any Workers, however, so I'll have to get on that. (I had to break the post here due to file size limits on the forums, and I'll put the next post out when I find some more time to do so.)
  14. Closed, after about a week and a half of open voting. I'm kinda taking after this poster on MotK, for what it's worth. Update: I have the pictures ready. I just need to stop being so lazy. First part should be coming soon. Hopefully. (Wisdom teeth removal is a pain, but it's worth it to keep my teeth straight.)

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