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  1. you'd need to talk to the folks at THPATCH for helping you set up a new patch w/ autoupdating, they have a discord and an IRC (but the IRC is basically ded) https://www.thpatch.net/wiki/Touhou_Patch_Center:Download link should be on the left however since I am locked out of there due to reasons I won't be able to help you beyond that
  2. Due to how THCRAP (the patching software responsible for implementing the English-language patches to the official games) actually patches the game executables, a process called DLL Injection, various antivirus software often misdetect the patched executables as "generic malware" or a "potentially unwanted program"/"PUP" due to other viruses maliciously performing the same process in order to infect your system. I would expect Luna Nights to have a similar issue where the patching method makes AVs think LN is a virus. In short: Your antivirus' detections are probably false positives.
  3. "Check VBA32 and you'll see what I'm talking about. Also, check Kingsoft for the second type of malware." VBA32? KingSoft? I've never heard of either one of those. Does something like Avast or Norton pick anything up?
  4. Oh, there's only 2 reactions now, the default and the confused
  5. That error means the game is already running. Try restarting your computer before starting the game.
  6. Make sure you are giving the emulator enough memory - if you don't have enough memory assigned to the emulator you will get the A>op screen, full stop. I ran into that issue when I tried to get NP2 to run on my Wii, which didn't have enough memory to support it. The only file I've had to run and set up to get the games working is np21nt.exe - np21.exe is for Windows 9x machines (which are very old), np2sx.exe is for 386SX (a specific CPU), and np2.exe is an older version of the program from my understanding. Keep in mind that I'm still on Windows 7, so np2 may as well be the file you need to use for Windows 10, though I can't be sure of this. Usually the "STOP" message appears when you try to hit the PC-98's equivalent of the "pause/break" key during times that it's not expecting you to. After you select the game's HDI, don't press anything until the title screen shows up. My tutorial is a bit old and the emulator is still getting rather frequent updates, so the tutorial might be somewhat outdated.
  7. alright, i've added them myself... albeit just on my own site (stepped down from site editing duties earlier this year due to RL obligations so I cannot do it here either). Hopefully the current site editor team gets on it ASAP.
  8. you don't need to run the whole game installer - install directX from here, then attempt to relaunch the .exe you tried at first (not the whole game installer) the first window that you got was THCRAP, and it's supposed to do that on the first or second launch (THCRAP is what patches the games to have translated text) If you are still having issues after installing DirectX and attempting to launch the game, let me know - from your screenshots it appears that you are using Windows 10, which is known to not play nice with EoSD
  9. New version of the Touhou (Re)Launcher has been uploaded to the Shrine which should have a fix for the expired replay access domain issue.
  10. Uploaded a new version of the tool to the Shrine, this issue *should* be fixed with said new version, if it's not please raise a new issue and I will look into that straight away.
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