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  1. HeliumStapler


    Pictures of fumos in general pls add only fumos
  2. Green nitori

  3. kosji.jpg

    1. Drunken_Flower


      fumo fumo fumofu

      fumo mofumo fufumo fumo

  4. Alright for some reason it works now, I don't know how maybe some program in the folder did not respond lol
  5. Today I was going to play Touhou 17 just now, when I realized none of my laptop keys registered in the game. I was playing in fullscreen mode, and it was impossible to exit the game unless task manager is opened, or waiting for the demo play and pressing the Esc key simultaneously. I tried this for my Touhou 16 and it did the same thing. When I am not on the Touhou tab, all my keys work just fine. I played Touhou in the morning today and it worked without any problems, though. Please help me fix this, I don't know if its internal or external malfunction, I'll update ASAP if/when I figure it o
  6. New pics in the 'some pics i found' album today99999.jpg

  7. HeliumStapler

    some pics i found

    good high quality art by amazing people (not by me) I name them as q and 9 to better categorize the different images in my device Most can be used as wallpapers
  8. snvk.JPG

    1. Drunken_Flower


      nice you find the way to post not empty status

  9. test

    1. Drunken_Flower


      ya know, the thing is broken

      it's empty.

      ya need to edit again after post one to save it

  10. I like SNUG SPACE their music is pretty good e.g. the albums 'STRAIGHT FOR TWO' and 'FORTUNE'
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