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  1. I know I've already posted on this before back in 2018, but my desktop has changed considerably from then 2018 2020 It's so much more cluttered now with random files that I really don't use, there's different stuff in my taskbar now, the (kinda obvious) background pic change... It's all changed in the course of two years.
  2. Well, you know my answer. This combines the bullet hell aspects and jest general Touhou, and it's combined with a platformer. I grew up on Mario Bros. so you can understand the hype coming from me. Tasofro, you did it again.
  3. I am having the exact same problem. The base game appears to work fine for me, but I can only play SoD for about 10 minutes, tops, before it does the screen freeze. And sometimes, it just freezes as soon as I load in. If anyone has a fix, PLEASE, let me know.
  4. If I recall correctly, and it differs per game and even during the game, the minimum is 3. I think when Life Pieces were introduced, the threshold was 5, but now I think it can go up to 8 or 10. Just remember that the average is 5 pieces to a Life, like Twilight Princess's Heart Container threshold
  5. Remember when I said I loved the game? Well, it's been a while since I've played it, but I feel I should make a Youtube video series playing it. If I do that, you can check it out on my channel, GasterMaster70. Oh boy am I gonna love confusing the buttons even more.
  6. Maybe because you used a phone to download it. Computer download works just fine.
  7. Ok, here's my hardest 5 games in no particular order, with my reasons why. Subterranean Animism: I can no longer make it to stage 5 on Normal; Satori keeps killing me. I used to be so good at it! Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom: Clownpiece. 'Nuff said. Mountain of Faith: The punishing revive system makes the later stages so tedious and difficult. Embodiment of Scarlet Devil: The lack of a visible hitbox and the mechanics being a far cry from some other games make it hard, sometimes even IMPOSSIBLE, to survive some attacks. Highly Responsive to Prayers: It's the first game in the series! I should know the controls and attacks by now! Honorable Mention: Undefined Fantastic Object: The UFO system plays with my instincts and sometimes makes me run right into bullets I could have easily avoided. So glad I stopped playing it.
  8. NEVER MIND I FIXED NOTHING!!! IT BROKE ON ME AGAIN!!! It seems to break a lot whenever I record using the built-in Game Bar. Which is unfortunate because that means I can't record it until my computer gets fixed. But it still worked every other time.
  9. Thanks, Drunken_Flower, for telling me the specs needed. I screwed something up more so than usual and my PC speeds dropped from 2.71 GHz to 2.41 GHz. I managed to raise it to 3.11 GHz with an app called Quick CPU(which I recently deleted. I imagine that was what caused my speeds to drop), and that fixed it. No more sprint-crashing. I just need to remember to turn on Quick CPU whenever I play the game. But I accidentally turned off my other 3 CPU cores and can't reactivate them, so now my computer's a piece of kuso Meh, I need a new one anyway.
  10. So, for some stupid reason. TPDP Shard of Dreams is breaking on me. I can easily start and play the game, but for some reason, the game will freeze the image while still accepting inputs from the controller. That means I can still play, but the screen is frozen. Also, I've tried many things: Running in compatibility mode, separating the base game and the YNK folders, removing the .bak files, you name it. If anyone has a fix, I would greatly appreciate it if you could post it here. BTW My copy is fully updated and translated, and it worked just fine until a month ago.
  11. I had the same problem, but oddly enough, only after I started running. This problem only appeared a week ago, too.
  12. Honestly, I'm worried. I read about A13 and if it does pass, It might kill the Touhou community, but seeing as it's a "meme ban," it's gonna kill social media like Reddit, considering there are several meme subreddits(r/Animemes is one I find myself seeing weekly.) I really hope it doesn't pass; I need my memes. Question: If Article 13 does indeed pass, how do you plan to cope with it?
  13. I think it's just a Nintendo thing. My main controller is a Microsoft Xbox controller, and iirc it allows for diagonal inputs, even on the D-pad. If at all possible, change the input style to XInput(then again, the Switch doesn't have that option, but WHO KNOWS? Clearly not me.)
  14. I wonder who's associated with my birthday *Checks August calendar* *Sees Hata no Kokoro* Of course it's the person who feels no emotion. OF COURSE IT IS! Oh, and also the crazy moon doctor. because THAT makes sense!
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