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Found 5 results

  1. Official Site announcement time Grab your copy of the game here: https://moriyashrine.org/files/file/649-touhou-17-kikeijuu-wily-beast-and-weakest-creature/ and the OST over here: https://moriyashrine.org/files/file/650-touhou-17-wily-beast-and-weakest-creature-ost/
  2. It’s me again with yet another decision-esque game. The rules are simple: Just come up with a two choice scenario for the user below to answer. Then it’s the next user’s turn to make another conundrum, and so on, so forth. Without further ado, would you rather... Play with Flan. Or, take Yuyuko’s plates of food away from her? (Good luck!)
  3. So basically this thread is exactly what the title says. Reimu wears red Marisa's in black She wore blue for a bit But then she changed back Btw you can use whatever form of poem you like
  4. Rryvern

    Because Ey'm Cirno!

    https://ibispaint.com/art/314183671/ Drawn by me
  5. So now that the forums are back, I thought this would be a great time to suggest the return of that classic game of paranoia and betrayal, the Werewolf Game! The rules are simple; you have a team of humans, and a team of werewolves disguised as humans. Each round is one day and one night. Every day, all players vote for someone to be offed, each night the werewolves get to choose another victim. The goal is to eliminate the other team. Obviously the werewolves have a pretty big advantage here, but some, or depending on the size, all, of the players will have an additional special ability known only to them, which can give your team the edge if used carefully. If this gets enough interest, I'll do a longer writeup, by which I mean stealing the old one from the forums. Also, feel free to suggest a different theme than werewolves. Humans vs Youkai sounds much more interesting in my opinion. Start date will be sometime after the holidays. Current Roster Jmonkey71 Lord Kyouko Flandre Romano Kaiba Moriya Sukowa Thunder Chavez300
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