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Found 6 results

  1. I think we should have a good talk about this topic. I have had a lot of thinking about this topic for a long time. Recent twits by nmlgc and aggressive2hu inspired me to do more research to finally build a full picture. I understood that we should act now until it is too late. The more info I found for this post, the worse the situation became. And it is not just about Touhou, problems are much more serious, but mostly I will talk about Touhou because I really love Touhou and I hope to change situation for better at least for Touhou. The goal of this post is not to bring hate towards anybody in the fandom or ZUN, but to help people understand the roots of the problems to resolve them. CAUTION!! CAUTION!! CAUTION!! If you still want to believe that there are no serious problems in Touhou fandom, and still want to believe in Touhou and doujin magic, well this post may bring you down. You have been warned. CAUTION!! CAUTION!! CAUTION!! Before we start, I hope to see criticism which will explain where I am right and where I am wrong, because this topic is rarely discussed. Thank you. Have you noticed that something is not right? Have you noticed that there are much less new Touhou fangames, doujinshi and doujin music than for example 8 years ago? Have you noticed that a lot of new fan content is nearly unnoticed? Have you noticed that fandom is not united and split? Have you noticed that last Touhou games are rushed and story is less well-written? Doujin events examples: I suppose that everyone noticed at least some of those problems but I am surprised that nearly nobody tried to analyse why these have happened. Well, there are two main causes of the problems: the fandom and the franchise itself. Fandom: But there are other problems that may make people haters of not just fandom, but of Touhou itself. Franchise: But what I can say for sure if this topic is unnoticed and left undiscussed we won't be able to change the situation for better. I thought that Touhou was an islet of safety in current sea of crisis of mass culture, but alas it is already under the water. But wait, let's be clever and take a step further (unlike those haters): what about non-Touhou doujin scene, what is happening there? (Spoiler: the situation is similar there): But everything is not lost! We can change the situation for better if we will stop being scattered and will work together. The worst thing now is just giving up. Thank you for reading this. I would be really glad to receive criticism, corrections and proposals. I know this topic is controversial, but I think that it must be discussed. I just want Touhou fandom to become better. If you have any good ideas how to change the whole situation for better feel free to share them. Also feel free to share this post. There are also some other related thoughts about this topic: Afterwords: If after reading this post you want to hate ZUN or anybody else then I think you didn't understand this post. This post shows that hate didn't change the situation for better and only made it worse. We don't need to hate, We need to act. For the fans who are Still with us.
  2. I have been looking for Chiyuudo"ちゆうどう" games lately and have only found some. Among them I am looking for Genso Risshiden "幻想立志伝", does anyone know of it?
  3. (Ahem)... As the title says, hello, hello! I've come to realize that I don't fully enjoy the prospect of having my one and only post on this pretty welcoming place be me asking for help, so I've decided to make an introduction. It just feels right, and I've got enough to say, so... here I am. Not to sound like a broken record, but... hello!!!!! So, I should probably begin with what first introduced me to Touhou. To be honest, I... don't, uh. I don't actually know?? I assume a lot of people here can empathize with this, but throughout my entire duration on the internet, I've just seen a ton of stuff from the community circulating about, not really knowing anything about the series. Sometimes, I saw content from Touhou without even knowing it belonged to Touhou. Despite how many things that I saw about Touhou, whether it was music, art, even gameplay, I was never able to really decipher what it was. I searched Touhou on google one year, found out it was a game series, and just... didn't really internalize that information. I didn't get what the series was, and instead of trying to figure it out, I kinda just let it sit in the back of my mind and stopped caring. Well, hey! Don't worry, past me, because years later, you figured it out! ...but we're not there yet. We'll get there, though, trust me. I know this is a lot of words. So, last year, I got into a habit of consuming, like, basically every single "Bad Apple but it's (x)" video you can think of. The song was really catchy, and the videos looked cool, what can I say? Around this time I finally decided to put my foot down and start doing some actual research on the franchise. I stumbled upon multiple YouTube videos (you can probably infer which ones), and from there, I... hit another roadblock. ...Jeez. Let me explain. At the time, my main interest was getting to know the stories and characters of the franchise. That being the case, I decided it'd be best for me to start from Touhou 6, as I'm sure is the case with many others on this site. Unfortunately for my young, naive self (literally me from a year ago), I was unable to figure out how to english-patch the games, let alone download them in the first place. So!!! What did I do? I gave up and forgot about the series again... for a few months! In around May of this year, I FINALLY got a working english-patched copy of EoSD, and got to work on playing. It didn't go so well, but, hey. That's the new player experience, right? Since then, I have, on normal mode, """""beaten""""" (2-3CC'd) Touhou 6, 7, and 8, as well as gotten to stage 6 of both 10 and 11. They've all been relatively fun experiences, except for... Touhou 10. I don't wanna talk about it (joke). I've also started reading Forbidden Scrollery as my first Touhou printwork, and it's been pretty fun so far. As for fanworks, I've not really consumed any fan-games, except for like, one or two? But, I've consumed PLENTY of community-made music, animations, art, memes, and the like. Being honest, I feel somewhat "behind the times" with this franchise, as not only am I a decent bit younger than a lot of Touhou fans, it just generally feels like I got into it a bit late, but whatever!! I'm still enjoying it!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Phew)... I need a water break. Give me a sec... ... ...Okay, there we go... So, yeah! There's my unnecessarily long-winded introduction to how I found out about Touhou, as well as how I got into it. But we're not done yet! Let's talk about a few general things about me, since it'd probably be way less complicated to explain. Once again pulling out the "probably like most people here" (sorry to generalize), but I like Japanese culture a lot. It's very fascinating to me, and is probably a big part of why I was able to so easily start enjoying Touhou once I started. Especially learning about the mythos and whatnot that the characters are based on. I've actually somewhat started learning the Japanese language! In terms of the types of games I enjoy, I'm a really big fan of, well, bullet-hells, but I also naturally gravitate towards RPGs. They're just really fun to me. I usually prefer things with lighter tones, but I do like darker media, too. I'm a very amateur programmer and even more amateur musician, but I'm hoping to get better at both of those things. A few more things about Touhou. My personal favorites of the games is Touhou 8. It was VERY fun to me when I first started grinding it out, and I personally love the OST the most out of everything I've played so far!! Practically every single song is peak classic era. My least favorite game is..................................... Mountain of Faith. Honestly, I'm mostly just biased because of the continue system, but Mountain of Faith put me through hell and back when I first played it. As I said before, I still haven't even cleared it with continues. Stage 4, man... My favorite character is... well. I'm sure you can probably guess. As for the runner-ups? Pretty standard choices, like Marisa, Remilia, Koishi, Cirno. You know the ones. Anyhow, that's really all I have to say. Thank you to anyone who actually took the time to read this word vomit, I know it's a lot, lol. I don't know if I'll be too active, but I'm hoping to make a few more posts at some point, hopefully ones that aren't stupid questions about patches like my first post. Maybe by the time I post again, I'll have finally accomplished a 1cc? Who knows, but until then... Goodbye!!
  4. So I'm assuming that we all know by now how vague and generally undefined PC-98 is, there's barely any lore, backstory, explanations, etc...especially in regards to power levels, since I'm assuming PC-98 has the same deal as Marineford arc One Piece where the scales/hierarchy of power wasn't established yet. So which team do you think would win in this fight: Shinki, Sariel, Konngara, Hakurei God, Rikako, Yumemi, Yumeko, PC-98 Yuuka, Elly, Elis, Mima, Meira, Luiz, Mimi-Chan, Five Magic Stones, Genji, Gengetsu, and Mugetsu vs Hecatia, Junko, Eiki, Clownpiece, Okina, Yukari, Kasen, Suika, Eirin, Kaguya, Mokou, Toyohime, Yorihime, Sagume, Doremy, Utsuho, Yuyuko, Youmu, Remilia, Flandre, Sakuya, Modern Yuuka Bonus: One of the teams vs Dragon God And with what difficulty? Hard? Medium? or Low? And please try to explain your answer... "The Ultimate Battle between Legends"
  5. From the album: Touhou Quick Drawings/Signatures

    Here's a cute drawing of Cirno with her 9 ball, for Cirno day.
  6. Reicirna_731


    From the album: Touhou Quick Drawings/Signatures

    A painting of Utsuho, please enjoy.
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