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  1. A three way tie between 16, 17 and 18. There are about 3-5 tracks max I actually remember fondly from playing them, partly due to zuns change in style. If I had to rank the three from favorite to least favorite, it would be 17-16-18. A shame because immemorial marketeers is one of my favorite tracks from the series.
  2. He did in fact state that his siw0n posting days have come to an end. It is time for someone else to take up the mantle (gao)
  3. It looks like the Siw0n posting has come to an end.
  4. I am not the biggest lore buff on how heaven works in touhou. From what i remember, if you are judged white by the yama, you will be allowed to enter into heaven in the afterlife. tenshi, however, very clearly wasnt judged at all, and instead leaves and causes an incident on the surface. isnt the fact alone that she did this a bigger threat than the damage she purposefully caused? If the humans or yokai on earth were to learn, or if they do already know, wouldnt it cause a collapse of morals? after all, there isnt a massive reason to be a good person anymore, as apparently you can just get into heaven no matter how you behave, or when you get there you will only be faced with other people with low morals. Anyone else have a thought on this? is there any piece of the story i just forgot about that explains this?
  5. its triggering your antivirus, you have to mark it as safe.
  6. i remember starting it a while ago, it seemed pretty neat.
  7. The nier bit is interesting, but yoko taro in general is a strange developer too. He basically made his older games (drakengard) in an attempt to make them as "edgy and mature" as possible, with them having to put him on a bit of a leash for the nier series. I do think that the free spiritness of touhou is probably what contributed a lot to its success in fanworks, kinda like how undertale did here in the west.
  8. it feels like popularity in characters started to wane at around 16, as characters from 15 and 15.5 were and are still really popular now (shinmy, junko, jo'on). A lot of it is as you said with oversaturation, but the newer characters just dont seem to have a lot going for them either. like sure, okina and aunn are cool, wbawc cast is really neat too, but do you actually remember anything about nemuno? or even sannyo? thats what made me feel a bit frustrated with how he treated 17.5, by only using old characters and only 3 of the ones who appeared in 16 and above (okina, kutaka, yuuma). he really did just treat his older characters a lot better, with how often they appeared and how much they had to them. makes me feel like zun is getting a little burnt out. PLS PLS PLS ZUN MORE CHARACTERIZAATION PLEASE
  9. In every single mainline touhou game, zun has basically handled every single aspect, from game design to the thought i had today: the art. It has an incredibly... unique art style when compared to other media in similar veins. I've already seen that opinions on it were mixed, either liking it or downright hating it (I've seen a vocal crowd who said the great fairy wars artist should replace zun in the art direction.) I was wondering what your opinions on it are? Personally I love it, despite being strange comparatively a lot of it does feel nice to look at, even the strange deformed older designs. It adds a charm to the game and wouldnt feel the same without them. i also love seeing fanart in zun art style, its always super cool.
  10. honestly a really good cover of bad apple, and my prefered method of listening to the english version. the first song i was introduced to was a border of life cover by the circle sonic hybrid orchestra. it was used in an undertale animation. (technically the first one i heard was native faith in flipnote studio for the ds, back when i was 6 if anyone remembers that)
  11. i probably will also interpret them as girls. im too used to touhou
  12. I would also love to reply with a longer response, but too am tired from college work so instead I will share some pixiv stuff from my feed https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/92127191 https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/100144153 https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/101262951 https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/101808057 https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/100784095 https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/101712970 I tried to include mostly newer ones from touhou, though there were definitely a lot more not included here. Makes me think more about how much work they are putting into each drawing O-O A lot of times pixiv can be hard to navigate for western side, as typing in the searchbar in english will yield no results. Instead, you type a word, and it will give a tag that has the closest relations to that word, and it will give all art with that tag included. Despite that pixiv gives an overwhelming amount of high quality art, especially from touhou when compared to other sites. Good night sleepy boy
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