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  1. I can proudly say that Meiling is still here in the vast top 25th. Although, the cast from 16th onwards to 18th is appeared to be missing. I don't really know how I feel about her taking most of the categories. Maybe I'm slaty that EoSD is overshadowing the other titles but perhaps, I'm proud she is at the first place for the first time. In any case, it turned out to be a surprise since I foresaw that her theme will stay at top 5. Lo and behold, would you look at that. Do you need a hand on that matter? Cause evidently, I happen to be one of those people. Call and they will arrive. I really wish that our older cast and newer cast got a place in the ranking. As much as damm EoSD being one of my first games. I believe it's time to move on. I will wait for that day; doubt I'll be alive by then. Anyways, happy voting everyone.
  2. Indeed, it can get tiresome at times. I still don't have a facebook account since I'm tired of the lads at school trying to message me about anything they came across. Oh, for discord, I have only seen a friend use it at a tuition. For starters, most of them ae like that. Although, I wasn't expecting the word "Villager" here. It's has been a long since anyone at my school called me that. And yes, it's infuriating. A matter of preference really, but I understand where you're coming from. Those people, I generally tend to pay no mind. At least, you can share the same interest in this thread.
  3. Indeed, it does sound like Virus but I have my own guess that it's based on Sonata No. 8 Pathetique, the third movement. Timestamp being 15:11. It could be. There aren't many vampires in Gensokyo. Oh, and I tried thinking what would happen when they bit people but here: Perfect Memento in Strick Sense Page 75-76
  4. Well, there’s no answer for this question but I can give you somewhat close to it. It’s like Yin & Yang. (I miss saying this)
  5. Aye, tis my personal playground and have fun here lad.
  6. Buskerdog, the oldie of the Moriya Shrine Forum, the programmer, the game jam participator. He is an awesome lad that I worked together in a past game jam. (1) The lad has a keen ear on music and the knowledge for quality. You best bet that his games are going to blow your mind! The lad doesn't post much but when he does it will be quite interesting. [Contents] 1. Basic Info 2. The Arrival 3. Profile Info 3.1 Status Updates And Ranks 3.2 Signatures 4. Channel And Itch.io Accounts 5. Author's Note Original Pixiv Link Not Found (Found By Reverse Image Searching) Basic Info You can find him in intriguing forums posts and is also seen following them. He is also a very big fan of eurobeat. (2) It is clear that he is a big Reimu fan judging from his profile picture and this quote from Would you rather? game. He also likes Programming and found Touhou by remixes just like most of the fans. (3) Quote: The Arrival Joined the forums at March 23, 2019 and participated in the forum game known as "We Tell A Story Two Words At A Time" (4). Profile Info One of the record holders for posting a lot of posts. Standing at 586, having won 88 days. 09/30/2002 is his birthday accordingly. Status Updates And Ranks A total of 11 badges and a dozen followers. To top it off, 527 faith points. Rank is Experienced (11/14) Signature It's hard to see a signature of his but there're instances where he would find artists and musicians to for a game jam. Channel And Itch.io Accounts Has a Youtube channel to showcase his mods Ex (Rival Of Aether.) buskerdog - YouTube. Also has Itch.io to give you a his creations of fan games. buskerdog - itch.io I assure you that it's quite nice. So, give him a visit. Author's Note Honestly, the Author enjoyed his time as an artist in a game jam with this lad and for educating me about things like CountVonNumenor. (5) It's good to see members like him in this forum as he happens to be the first to post on author's thread. References (1) Dream of Ar-card-ia ~ Dreaming of the Perfect Deck - A Game Jam submission - Derivative Works - Moriya Shrine | Your resource for all things Touhou (2) RT8: [NOT] the Last Remix Tournament - Page 3 - Human Village - Moriya Shrine | Your resource for all things Touhou On page (3) Quote "It is no secret that I am a fan of the eurobeat." (3) Umm... Hi? - Introductions! - Moriya Shrine | Your resource for all things Touhou Pretty self explanatory (4) buskerdog's Content (moriyashrine.org) 16, 17, 18, 19 are almost filled with that. (5) CountVonNumeor -Moriya Shrine Wiki Parody - Misty Lake - Moriya Shrine | Your resource for all things Touhou This page was last edited on 4 July 2022 11:17, Current UTC
  7. Crino is summery And the Hotsprings are breezy Misty clouds covered the treasures A chrisom star runs attire As the whole set loosen the pressure.
  8. U.N. Owen was her? will and always, stay on top 5 regarding music rank.
  9. Other than the fact that most of her donations her sake, my allowance is higher than her. A high school student one that is. Oh, and the new outfit in WbaWc looks some mammal had a nice time sleeping with. Oh dear, haven't seen you before you're a that witch marisa right? Oh nevermind cause you "spend most of your time alone" on the banished realm of forgotten character. I thought the Yama would be big and intimidating but what we got was rather underwhelming. Also what is with that scarecrow like stance? And I ran out of fuel, feel free to roast Hina.
  10. have a funny feeling to collect this year work from everyone else. This is going to range from memes to stuffs you don't normally see. I'm going to review them if I have time. We got a familiar face here. Presenting @sodaodaoda for the amazing anniversary speedpaint. What amazing compositions. I have to agree with Buaskerdog on Patchy and Koakuma ones being our favorites. I see that you've included details like respective bosses spell cards and patterns. In any case, I've also noticed the timestamp perfectly two, three minutes with the exception of 6. 7. 8. For your first speedpaint, you didn't pull any punches. The description is also very placed. Overall truly a brilliant project from you. And we have the lad with the overview of Touhou 6, the man who started this business. Watching this made me feel refreshed and that lad really moved the community. As usual, it's quality I assure you. Yes, we have a Shanghai Teahouse Remix lads. I was wondering when this will show up. (Must Ignore my inner Meiling) As energetic as one would expected. Not bad at all. Still, I think it need more piano in some parts. Well, very good indeed.
  11. This will be a place holder post for now and here is for the national tf2 month first:
  12. Yeah, you're right about this one chief. TheM3ds with his Flanderization thread (God, I miss him a lot), Count with his underappreciated character thread and yeah the character hate thread. I don't really know how to make a good title; consider this as a refresher. Ay, I ain't aware of the "Aya being Zun's wife" meme but this is the one right? All right, it's for announcement of 15.5. Very nice picture and how I miss this by not checking Twitter. Back on the topic of Aya For a crow, I've to say she has got a strong voice and cows naturally have it too. Anyways, I would really love to read her newspaper since it contributes the expositions among characters well in a natural way. If only she took several pic of Alice and put 'em on the front (as well as other forgotten charaters from the banished realm). Also, one question. Where does the "ayaayayayaya" meme comes from?
  13. Yeah, she is awesome. Most of time her opponents are simply protags so, she might seem weak there but that is infact, quite admiring. Although, danmaku not her finest craft yet she is still cool nonetheless.
  14. Aya also represents everything wrong with the media, but yeah she shows up in pretty weird games. Also, didn't she have a book made about her? Wait, do people hate her for taking someone else stage 4s? (Momoji wants to know since she need to have that 100% of her own thing)
  15. We'll have seen X character is too hated for no actual reason, how can one anyone not love X, etc. That might be pretty subjective otherwise, there are some that go a bit much with their view. This might sound very much like "what character is your least favorite and which is your fav" In which case Aya, sure she shed some truth in her own questionable headlines but I don't see why she quite hated. Shall this post be serve as a way to possibly vent some frustrations that you may or may not have. Also, feel free to give your opinions and reasoning on this matter. (I might need to add some more text later.)
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