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    Hello, I'm a new-ish Tohuou fan who joined this forum via discord on the 21st of February, 2020. I may not have much experience of playing any Touhou-themed games (besides the Touhoumon(Touhou Puppet Play rom-hacks of Pokemon)). I first learned about the series on Youtube (as per most North American fans(I'm from Canada)). I will like to play mostly fangames and the occasional spin-off eventually. I hope to be a great member of the community and make lots of friends (even though I'm not that artistic, I will be pretty funny for memes or jokes)
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    Release Information Type: Vertical Bullet Hell Shooter Developer: danmaq Publisher: danmaq Release: Comiket 71, December 31, 2006 Language: English-Patched Default Controls Arrow Keys: Movement Z: Fire / Select X: Bomb ?: Fire Hakurei Orb Shift: Focus Movement Esc: Pause Ctrl: Skip Dialogue Home: Take Screenshot R: Return to Title F12: Shutdown Game Description Plot Point: Everyone's favorite Ordinary Magician, Marisa Kirisame, decides to head to the Hakurei Shrine to pester Reimu. But when she arrives, everything is quiet and the shrine is locked down. Sensing an incident in the air, Marisa takes to the sky. 4 different scenarios await her as she fights to uncover those responsible for the incident and heads to an epic battle that will decide the fate of Gensokyo. The story is a well done and thought provoking masterpiece that challenges what we think and feel about the mythical land. How It Works: Concealed the Conclusion is a 2D vertical shooting game. It plays much like Imperishable Night. Marisa is the only playable character but has four different shot types to choose from. Some fans would be pleased to know that Love Sign, Penetration Type is featured with everyone's favorite rainbow colored beam of destruction, Master Spark. Each shot type also determines which scenario is chosen. Just like the Official Touhou Games, there are six stages to fight through. An extremely important note concerns the player's hitbox. In this game, it is a lot smaller than the Official games. But, the hitboxes of almost everything else(bullets, knives, falling cats, lasers, Klondike bars) are bigger to balance it out. Hakurei Orbs: This is one of the most important items in the game. Just like the time orbs in Imperishable Night, they are awarded for different tasks. Capturing Spell Cards, grazing bullets and destroying bullets all award these orbs. Last Spells also make an appearance, if enough orbs have been collected. But, the most important purpose of the Hakurei Orbs is that they decide how much time a player gets to fight the final boss. ((Thanks to Dratini Farmer for writing this!)) Hakurei Items Hakurei items collected to increase spell card bonuses, gain extra points at the end of each stage, unlock Last Spells, and extend the time limit for the Stage 6 boss fight. They are gained by capturing Spell Cards, destroying bullets with the Hakurei orbs, and grazing. Unfocused grazing yields 1 Hakurei item, but when the Hakurei gauge is full, any grazing will give three. Bombing reduces the player's Hakurei by 3%, while dying will reduce it by 9%, or 18% if the Hakurei gauge was full. The Hakurei Gauge appears around Marisa's sprite and will fill as you take ungrazed actions such as shooting or grazing. When the gauge is full, you can fire Hakurei orbs to turn bullets into Hakurei items. The first press releases the orb, while the second detonates it. Missing will result in an almost complete drain of the gauge. Launching the orb costs 1% of your gauge. Bombing puts a 20% penalty on the gauge. Dying, death-bombing, or failing a Last Spell will cause it to reset and disable it for 6 seconds after the invincibility period, rendering you unable to collect Hakurei items. Dev Site: https://danmaq.com//!/thC/ https://github.com/danmaq/touhou-ctc-danmakufu/releases/tag/v2.01
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    NGL I really love Chrono Trigger's OST. So many good timeless pieces with a random battle theme that you just wanna dance to because its so catchy. And the OST just had so much life to it.
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    Dōngfāng Mùhuàjì Chūnxuěpiān ~ Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part II (東方幕華祭春雪篇~ Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part II, lit. "Eastern Curtain Fire Festival Spring Snow Record") is a Chinese Touhou Project fangame made by Touhou Makukasai Team. It is a direct sequel to Fantastic Danmaku Festival and features a story based on Perfect Cherry Blossom, albeit with some changes. Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part II issues 4 playable characters: Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Sanae Kochiya and Youmu Konpaku.
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    Artist: Foxtail-Grass Studio Year: 2011-08-13 (Comiket 80) Track Count: 4 Track List: アサガオ 日陰と帽子と風鈴と 氷だらけのアイスコーヒー 雨のにおいに誘われて
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    From what I've played, Komachi is my favorite. Her spiritmaku and her ability to explode them with her 236C is really appealing to me.
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    Girls Ready to Check Out Your Desktop (28) Alice, Byakuren, Cirno, Flandre, Kanako, Keine, Kogasa, Koishi, Letty, Marisa, Meiling, Mokou, Mystia, Nitori, Patchouli, Reimu, Reisen, Remilia, Sakuya, Sanae, Satori, Suika, Suwako, Tewi, Youmu, Yuka, Yukari, Yuyuko Explanation of Config TouhouWiki page for TDP Want to Watch for New Pets? Page they're released on Recently updated to version 3. The five new girls are: * Satori Komeiji * Mystia Lorelei * Kogasa Tatara * Hong Meiling * Letty Whiterock These are different from the regular shimejis; these float around on your desktop, and you can interact with them in a few ways (fast mouseover left/right will dizzy them, mouseover up/down forces them to move, and they'll look at you if you slowly hover over them). When you right click them, you'll be asked if you want to set options (first choice) or close that pet (second choice). In the configuration options are choices that are unique to each girl; you can set how fast they move, how fast they dizzy-spin, and if they have a special double-click option (like Youmu taking out/sheathing her swords or Nitori using her opti-camo), you can disable it, or in some cases set a special option for it (like how well Nitori's opti-camo works).
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    Release Information Type: Mouse-Controlled Puzzle Developer: Desunoya (ですのや) Publisher: Desunoya (ですのや) Release: 2007 Version: 1.11b Language: English-Patched Description Plot Point: It was a day like any other, Alice was in her home, reading, when Marisa came over. Marisa wants Alice's help doing something, so they head off. However, they hadn't gotten very far before a yandere (in-game description) Patchouli had cursed Alice because she wanted to ruin their date! Now Marisa's hat can't be taken off of Alice's head (Alice was wearing Marisa's hat because it was sunny outside)! How it Works: Marisa & Alice is a puzzle game based off of "Mario & Wario". You use Shanghai to break blocks, hold Alice still, & to turn Alice around to help solve puzzles that will lead a blind Alice to Marisa, while simultaneously picking up gold stars (generally 3 per stage) that are used to unlock the boss stages. Extra Note: "Lesson Mode" isn't actually a lesson or tutorial or anything like that. It's actually (as I believe) a harder challenge mode.
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    Release Information Original Title: 東方リズムカーニバル!紅 (Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Kurenai) Genre: Rhythm Game Developer: Focas Lens Publisher: Focas Lens Released: 2012 (Reitaisai 9) Language: English (Patched) Description Plot Point: Aya Shameimaru was finding stories to make into articles for her paper. However, finding fresh and good stories was no easy work. Then she became inclined to go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion she happened to pass by. Aya had a hunch that something interesting was going to happen, so she decided to visit. Controls: Z = A button, Confirm, Advance X = B button, Cancel, Go back Spacebar = Pause button Arrow Keys = Used to move around the menu and is also used in some minigames. P = Screenshot (saved in the Screenshot folder as a BMP) How It Works: Essentially, it's a rhythm game. You pick a scenario (minigame) to play, press buttons in time with the beat, and win. And by win, I mean you get points for your timing, and at the end you get a medal (bronze, silver, gold) based on your performance. Each minigame uses its own keys out of the typical Touhou controls (such as Z, X, and the arrow keys) depending what is necessary to do during that minigame.
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    Release Information Type: 2D Puzzle Action Adventure Developer: Blue Mica Publisher: Blue Mica Release: Comiket 78, August 13, 2010 Version: 3.1.2 Language: English Ver. 1.0 AKA Ojou-sama no DokiDoki Dai Sakusen - Norowareta Aka no Yakata Character Information Playable Characters: 3 (Remilia, Flandre, Yuyuko) Description Plot Point: Residents of Gensokyo have been invited to Remilia's tea party at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. There they enjoy themselves and have a wonderful time. Midway through the party, Remilia decides to depart to her room and rests for the duration of the day. Eventually, she is woken up by noises during her sleep. Curious as to what caused such ruckus, Remilia hastily invesigates the source. She finally meets up with her colleagues and finds out that eveyone has been shrunk and the whole mansion has been twisted in architecture. Thus Remilia decides to investigate this eerie incident and put an end to it. How it Works: You work your way through rooms which possess various puzzles and enemies you must traverse. Basically the main secret to winning is opening chests (yellow dots on the room map; also not the case for Flandre's story) so that you can collect keys and other important items needed to open other rooms. This game ensures that you practice the utmost vigilance as you must possess patience and fine dexterity to surpass the numerous obstacles. Extra Notes: After completing Remilia's route. You will unlock the option of playing the "Extra" mode or "Clock Tower". "Extra" is basically Flandre's route which tells her side of the story during the night of the incident. Be cautious that difficulty is immensely increased but Flandre's superior power over her sister can compensate for that. "Clock Tower" is a Time Attack mode which involves you climbing the clock tower (10+ floors) and and setting a record of how fast you can clear it. Any of the three characters can used for this option; however, Flandre must be unlocked by beating the clock tower first. This is also where Yuyuko tells her side of the story.
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    Release Information Type: Puzzle Developer: Tasogare Frontier Publisher: Tasogare Frontier Release: Comiket 82, August 11, 2012 Language: Japanese Description As Satori your job is provide instructions to your sister, solve puzzles, collect hidden items and and eventually reach the exit. Koishi can move stones, arrow signs and other obstacles that block her step.
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    Brew Information Designation: Shooting Game Brewed: 2007 Palette: Mostly Domestic, Some Foreign (i.e., not enough Japanese to really make a difference) Made By: The Drinking Party Brew Statistics Drunkards: 1 (Isami) Weaponry: Are those chopsticks...? (Yes, yes they are.) POC: lolwut? (Am I drunk? There're no pickups...) Description What a Friend of a Friend Told Me Happened: Boss: Hey there Isami. Isami: Oh! Hey there. *Minimizes Solitaire window* Boss: I've seen you at the bar a couple times. Isami: ...Have you? Boss: Yeah. Nothin' wrong with a good drink after work though. And actually, I wanted to tell you about this really great bar I heard about. Here's the address. *Slips her a paper* Isami: Uh-huh...thanks and stuff, but what's so great about the place?...THIS...IS...SPARTAAAAA!! Boss: Uh...not quite. I heard that if you drink 'till dawn there, you'll see a weird world of danmaku, whatever that is. Isami: Danmaku? I've heard of that...I think...is that some kind of sushi? Or was it a soup? Boss: I'm sure Chuck Norris knows; I keep hearing only the really serious drinkers go there. Isami: Okay, then, it's settled! I'll head out there tonight! LEEEEROOOOOOY JEEEENKIIIIIIIIINS!!! ...It's...kind of like that. ...I think. In All Seriousness As should have been made quite clear by the main entry, this game is absolutely, positively not to be taken seriously; the idea for this 100% free game came up during a drinking party between Zun and several of his friends (seriously!!); it has only one difficulty setting and one character. (Thus, it won't ask you to select either; you hit "Game Start" and play begins immediately. The difficulty is somewhere around an ordinary Touhou game's [Normal] setting.) Your enemies are food and liquor items, and the game also has an appropriately bizarre scoring and shot powerup system, described below. These things being said, feel free to play while drunk or tired. Anyhow, here's how things work in this zany game. Reference the gameplay screenie above if necessary. * Shooting, Power, and the Beer Gauge: Hold [C] for rapid fire; hold [Z] to charge a barrage of chopsticks (you still hold [Shift] to Focus). You have a Beer Gauge on the right side of the screen; this starts off empty (you haven't drunk anything yet!!), and slowly fills as you destroy liquor items (beer mugs, sake jars, anything that makes a shattering noise when you destroy it; food items do nothing for your Beer Gauge). You gain more shot power for each liter of beer you consume, up to 3 liters. There are no power-up pickup items. * Bombing: If you bomb (hit [X]), you spray beer foam all over anything unfortunate enough to be directly above you. This costs you 1 liter of beer, and penalizes your maximum by 1/10th of a liter for the rest of the stage. * The Time Indicator: The entire left side of the screen is your Time Indicator; the current time, which is a white bar, slowly proceeds from your Entering Time (red bar at the bottom), toward Last Order time (pink bar further up the screen) and Closing Time (red bar at the very top). There are several reasons this is important. First of all, dying consumes some extra time (as it's hard for this drunk girl to pick her butt up off the floor). Second of all, some enemy waves don't appear until the previous wave has either all been destroyed or traveled off the screen, so you must act as quickly as you can, because if you don't get to the boss before Last Call, you get kicked out of the bar, immediately ending the game. As long as you get to the boss before Last Call, you can fight them all the way up until Closing Time (you have to beat them before the bar closes!), but if you die during a boss fight anytime after Last Call, you get kicked out of the bar at that point. * Scoring: The scoring system is similar to PoFV's combo system; as you continuously shoot down enemies with no break between, the Menu Category goes up, which makes everything worth more money. Er...yeah...your score is actually the bill Isami is racking up...good luck paying that off.
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    Release Information Publisher: Zun & Aki★Eda Type: Manga Original Run: 2007 - 2009 Synopsis: It seems everyone's interested in going to the moon all of a sudden; Reimu receives a message telling her to train for the trip, and Remilia decides she wants to take over the lunar capital. Amidst all this, there is one who is escaping attention, manipulating events under the radar; someone who has a more subtle goal in mind: the Silent Sinner in Blue. The focus of this work is primarily on the Watatsuki sisters, Yorihime and Toyohime, as well as a moon rabbit we now call "Little Reisen." Series Notes: This story is one of three in the loosely interconnected storyline of "Touhou Bougetsushou," alongside the short novel "Cage in Lunatic Runagate".
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