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    Hello and greetings from your destitute self-appointed vice-president of the Doujin Manga Club! I've been thinking about making a little competition lately, something simple and fresh yet stylish. The basic idea is a treasure hunt for a Touhou manga, official or otherwise, that best captures the essence of daily life in Gensokyo. Now, what do I mean by that? To put it cleanly, a manga that tells the story of one character or multiple characters going about their lives in a way that could be seen as an average day. For examples: a manga wherein Sakuya is tending to the everyday duties of being a maid at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Or a manga about Nitori trying to make a new gadget or gizmo. Or even a manga about Reimu trying to stave off her hunger pangs. Just to think of a few. Once all the submissions are gathered people would vote on which one they think best fits the theme and the winner gets bragging rights and maybe 5 bucks or something. The rules would follow as so: 1) One submission per person. 2) Each submission can only be one chapter. The length of the chapter may vary. 3) If you made a submission you must vote or else you sacrifice your right to be in the runnings 4) Can't vote for your own submission So, who would be interested? If anything this first competition would be a trial run, see what works, see what doesn't. Laying down the groundwork for future competitions if everyone is into it.
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    It must be a coincidence that Zun's birthday was also mine yesterday and it's also a coincidence that I'm into Touhou. (PS.Happy birthday Zun!)
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    I uploaded 55 to 57 and updated 58 to 61's screenshots and descriptions:
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    Hello, nice to meet you guys. I'm glad I finally found a place about Touhou, I'm probably the only person whose ever heard of the franchise here Anyway, I've been playing some of the games since I registered here and I gotta say, it isn't easy at all. WAY HARDER than most games I've played before. But it's also pretty fun, love those colorful patterns. Also, helpful tips and advices are very appreciated, especially from the pros around here
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    From the album: Touhou GIFs

    © BBS_maruAYA

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    Oh, that's a good point. Hmmmm... I want to say that "daily life" can be canon and non-cannon just to keep the pool of potential entries large. If you can see a reason to limit entries to be only one or the other I'm all ears.
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    when ever i start a boss battle the game drops to 20-44 FPS and it becomes so easy that i could probably 1cc lunatic
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    heh... seems nice, i already got some in mind. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!? so where we submit it? in what format, a link or uploaded directly?
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    I'l give it shot. Do you have any resources that will help find these doujins or is the idea to go in blind?
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    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Zun, Happy birthday to you.
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    Oh it was Zun's birthday yesterday? That's cool, does the Touhou community do anything special on this event?
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    Made by the jealous, for the envious. Feel free to ask if you want to know a pictures artist.
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    You should also specify that entries be limited to doujin works rather than official works, but I would be in. The time frame just has to be at some point when I don't have homework, and thus have time to look for something.
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    huh.. it seems you tried to open the file directly instead of downloading it. i see you using Edge, Edge having problem that saves download files as ".txt" file. dunno about this one, but i recommend to move to another browser. maybe add Download Manager for extra touch. and about that signature, open your account drop down menu which located at the top right edge of the website > account settings > signature
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    Download is also working on my side. Could you provide more details? There seems to be an issue with a few download links for some users at the moment.
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    It's working... is it the link that broken or the file?
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    Link seems to be working for me. Wonder what it could be.
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    Nice to meet you! Most of us here aren't that good at the game either, not many people are. Be sure to keep active on the forums and discord server, it'll help improve your Touhou knowledge! Can't get enough of that
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    It would be nice, but honestly I don't think the time is right. As some have already pointed out, the franchise isn't very well known in the west and there are other characters from more popular series that have a higher demand to be included. Maybe it would be better, if all the Touhou games so far get realized as it would expose more people to the games and then Reimu could get included.
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    Might as well throw in my two cents. First, yeah, it would be kind of cool to how Reimu would look in Smash, but honestly, I would see Reimu being way back in terms of possibilities. While Touhou may be decently well known in Japan, and have a small, but growing fanbase outside of it, there are a lot of other franchises and characters that are more popular/well known/in demand. The only reason I can think of for Reimu to be more likely is that I've gotten the (obviously very distant) impression that Zun is a chill guy and probably wouldn't ask for as much money as others would. Of course, I also say this with no grasp of Nintendo's business model, so . . . Second, an influx of new fans just really means more of everything. More newbies, more noobs, more creators, more haters, more artists, more trolls. There would be a disproportionate amount that would think ill of the series because "your character got in when it should have been my character", but that would (hopefully) pass. Sadly, I can tell you that there are already people out there who hate Touhou "because it's popular".
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    That would be EPIC. seriously. if she shows up, the whole fandom will explode. And since some SSBU fan will probably convert to shintoism Touhou as well, the Fandom will be bigger than ever before (brace yourself when that happen). so yeah... we all like to see her in SSBU.
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    The music in this series is definitely a highlight. I'd say ZUNs one of the best there in the industry and I know it's one of the things the series is most well known for.
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    All the music is good and the story is good
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    Here's a wild idea. Thunder said "Say, only Touhou-related RPs or anything goes? Story-focused only or more "gameplay-ish" rounds (such as Mafia Games)? Integrated profiles to use certain OCs every time possible, or creating a new character case-per-case?" It made me think, no matter what, it's going to have some kind of story/exposition anyways, so how would we go about it. What do people think of when they think role play? They think things like Cops and Robbers, Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, etc generally. Then, Cejic said "don't create new profiles to do new characters," which lead up to the idea. What if WE don't make new characters, but the Touhou characters make characters. In many stories and plots revolving around Touhou, there's always some sort of gathering taking place, so why not have them gather to try a game that Marisa or someone would've found in the Forest of Magic? We could use a real game name, or we could make our own simplified rendition that takes out dice rolling and complex stats on our part. Just in case anyone is lost so far, think of it as we're role playing a Touhou character, who is role playing their own character for this. It doesn't have to be just them role playing, there could be moments of Gensokyo world conflicts going on that might perhaps interrupt a session, such as if Suika were to barge in with her sake, or Cirno and Daiyousei eavesdropping and coming in just as it's about to start. They could be a bit of comic relief, or a way of new people joining in throughout the "hopefully long-term" role play. And technically, who's to say that humans can't join in, which could be a mildly canon or original interpretation of an OC in that sense? This is just an example I'm giving, also inspired by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8D4Y-FaXQM which is pretty funny. Overall though, I think it would be good to have two or three independent role play threads going on to try to attract attention to sparking role play in this forum, which I'm sure the administrators would love to see a surge of constant activity if it does succeed.
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    Well, as someone who has not played Touhou for about five months now... yes, not being an active player somewhat hinders your progress. However, I don't find it to be too hard to get back in the swing of things, since the nuances of gameplay become second nature through gameplay. You never really unlearn to play, much like riding a bike. As for other tips, these are the things that I have learned, either through observation or experience, that greatly help in improving your gameplay: (Disclaimer: I'm a filthy casual who's yet to get 1CC-good aside from PCB easy modo, and whose insistence in "finishing" each game before progressing to the next means that I'm still in Imperishable Night in the time frame where I could probably be up to DDC or further, so I'm not exactly the best one to discuss "expert" tactics and help people 1CC no death no bomb Lunatic. Bear in mind that there are better players that would probably offer more precious insight, but here's my two cents on the matter) 1. Don't give up on hard bosses; learn them. This sounds like a no-brainer, but some parts of the games can be really annoying for some players. For the longest time I had a personal trauma with PCB's Stage 4 and Lily White, as well as Yuyuko's very distracting butterfly danmaku. This becomes a problem very quickly, because you may end up putting off the challenge of facing a run through the game because of the prospect of facing those foes that slaughter you every time. It takes a toll on the player's psychological state, and you fall off of your concentration mode, or even your fun casual mode. To this end, you must not only refuse to give in to these enemies, but also take your time to practice and analyze them. My suggestion is to be as cheap as possible: spam bombs and abuse continues, just so that you actually beat them once regardless of performance or 1CC; this unlocks the stage for Practice Mode, and that's where you'll get to the meat of your training. Go through the parts of the game that you're having problems with, without having to plow through earlier stages eeeeevery single time. Once you reach the boss proper, don't forget that "No one strategy will serve every encounter; one must adapt" (as per the wisdom of your Pawns in Dragon's Dogma). Don't just go and try to graze everything you see; stop and think about the enemy pattern. Is it better to avoid it with precision? It it better to stream/kite the bullets? Maybe evading to the sides of the screen, or moving further up allows you better moving space? You have the whole screen to fly through, don't hug the bottom of the screen for the entire fight. With every death, try to understand how you could have avoided it. Better reflexes? Positioning? Maybe I should evade the bullets in this direction instead of the other? For example, Patchy's lasers always tore me apart until I learned that they're shot in a way that's better to let go of Focus and give a wide berth through the screen in order to not be on top of where the next sequence of lasers will spawn, because each set of lasers spin in opposite directions; running hastily from the first one means you'll run face-first into the second, guaranteed. It takes time and dedication, but learning the ins and outs of the enemy patterns is the best way to beat them. If you often get stuck somewhere, brute-force through it with bombs and continue, and then go to Practice Mode and make full use of it. You won't waste time with previous stages, you won't feel bad for throwing away a bad run, and it gets you to the core of the problem every time. 2. Know how to use some gameplay tactics. There's more to Touhou than just holding Focus and grazing. In fact, you shouldn't be actively trying to graze at all, if you're not going for high-score runs and the such. To begin with, knowing when to focus in and when to move quickly is key to escaping certain tight Spell Cards and Stage sections. Some lesser enemies will start pumping out bullets for as long as they're in the screen, so focus on killing them first, as soon as they come in. Many enemy attacks are shot directly towards your character with no further tracking at all, so you should learn to "stream" the bullets; "Streaming", or "Kiting", is the action of exploiting this soft lock that enemy shots have, and slowly moving your character in a way that most bullets try to follow where you were a split second ago; running all over the map screws your area control, so slowly inch sidewards and constantly let the flow of bullets miss you by a bit. It roughly follows the principle of "streaming" of "kiting" zombies in Left 4 Dead or CoD Zombies; exploit the fact that they go directly towards your position and force the bullets to make a straight line, as you would with zombies, instead of raining all over the place as you try to skedaddle as far away as you can. Also, be efficient with bomb usage. There is nothing worse than dying with a full set of bombs, since you regain bombs with each life, but ones you didn't use are not carried over (with very specific exceptions of some characters in some games). If you feel your imminent death, don't be ashamed to throw a bomb. You won't capture the Spell Card, sure, but it doesn't matter if you can't even survive the card to begin with. Focus on clearing the game first, and then in capturing whatever cards you may desire (IIRC, the only game where captured cards truly matter is PCB, as you need 60 different captured cards to unlock the Phantasm Stage. I'm not too sure, though, so please correct me if I'm wrong). 3. Take a break! Very important as well! Don't fry your brain. If you're getting worn out, go stretch your legs, drink some water, look outside the window and chill. As you play, both physical and mental fatigue will slowly build up, especially in a challenging game like Touhou. If you're grazing bullets like a madman and you suddenly feel the loss of focus (it used to happen to me rarely, where I would lose notion of the pattern for a split second after long sessions; while I would very much so would like to believe that I was nearing karmic enlightment and that the cosmic understanding of the danmaku was being carved into my mind and a circle would open in the screen to drag me into Gensokyo, it was probably just my mind trying too hard to keep up with an intense card), pause the game and refresh yourself. Clear your mind and return only when you no longer feel that slightly tiring burden from the effort of evading so many bullets. Also, remember to always play games in well-lit rooms and keep a fair distance from the screen! If possible, adjust its brightness configuration as well. Your vision will be thankfull and you'll be proportionally less likely to suffer from any of the given effects in the near or far future: near-sightedness, blindness, lack of visual sensitivity, loss of focus, visual fatigue, vulnerability to bright lights, body odor, vertebral pains, madness, cholera, stiff muscles, hearing impairments, discomfort, death, abnormal bone structure, paranoia, and/or vertigo. (I don't actually guarantee the part about cholera, though.)
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    HI, Thank you all for checking this post to help me. Here is what comes for me when I try it.
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    I would love to see Reimu DLC in smash. I think she would make a great character. The only thing I fear is that Sakurai would probably want a character everyone is familiar with and Reimu is mostly known in Japan. Not many westerners are familiar with Touhou unless they've browsed the internet regularity. Though in the past Sakurai, has put characters in the game that didn't have an origin game released in the west yet so that's not much of a barrier really. The only thing that's gonna bother me about this is fact that Touhou will go from being known in west as a niche game to a popular game that everyone will know about. This means: - Newbies digging up old memes - Let's players making rage compilations - Lots of really dumb uninspired video game parodies - Never forget that there will absolutely be a wave of undeserved hate from random people who will create an anti fandom just because they're tired of people talking about Touhou. I might be over-exaggerating just a bit but I can guarantee at least one of those things. Bayonetta got a lot of undeserved hate I remember that.
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