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    Thanks! The game works now! I have another issue with a fangame, but I'll post it in another thread.
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    well you know what they say if it aint flashy it aint magic so mini-hakkero would you rather 1cc TD on hard mode without trancing or 1cc UFO on normal mode without touching any UFOs
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    I'm assuming your controls aren't changed to match the orientation? In that case play stage 1 - 6 upside down because inverse controls are at least easier to understand than having controls where X inputs move you on the Y axis, and vice versa. Also extra stages are difficult enough even with normal controls. Would you rather: Have Marisa's broomstick Or have Marisa's Mini-Hakkero
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    Ok, I tested the game. and It happens to me too. Just delete the file called "config.dat"
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    Here is one of mine. A cute Youmu. I made the mistake of drawing it very small. So I can not add details for now.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Release Information Type: Vertical Shooting Game Developer: 立命館大学サブカルチャー 連合 Publisher: 立命館大学サブカルチャー連合 Release: Comiket 87 on December 29, 2014 Language: Japanese Description Touhou Crisis Scarlet is the very first doujin shooting game developed by 立命館大学サブカルチャー連合, which was released at Comiket 87 on December 29, 2014. Touhou Crisis Scarlet plays like a Touhou shooting game in most respects, however, there are some differences. The final boss got a good number of spell cards, but it does not affect player's score. Since timer is running backwards, and the score is calculated directly from the number of seconds remaining, the best strategy to achieve high score is defeat them as soon as possible. Bomb basically unlimited and the bar will be filled slowly if the player continues to destroy enemies. Player will start off with 3 lives with each consisting of five slots. These slots can be filled by collecting HP items from destroyed enemies. There are two characters to choose from; Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame, each of which have two styles of attack and a charge attack.
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    climb the top of the youkai mountain because maybe I could see kanako would you rather use frog bombs or use snake bombs
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    I think Keine would help the most by just removing sonic's bad past history. Sure, that doesn't mean correcting it, it just means making it never happen in the first place, but it's better than... letting that thing happen. (However, I have no idea about the longevity of Keine's effects, they may just be temporary.) She probably could correct it if it were a night of the full moon, when she gains the ability to create history instead of just removing it, but again I have no idea if her effect would last or not.
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    After a certain movie trailer appeared and scared the Internet more than any Youkai could dream of, who in Touhou could help Sonic with his film of bad luck. I think the Goddesses of misfortune (can't spell or rember name at the moment) could help by talking the bad luck away from him and put it in a doll for her collection. As both a Touhou and Sonic fan, I would really like to see your thoughts on this matter.
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    I’d like to be Youmu’s ghost. Could be nice floating around the Netherworld, along with its gardener. Would you rather uphold peace for Humans and Youkai alike. Or commit absolute anarchy throughout paradise?
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    strong tolerance towards lunacy because reisen would you rather patch all of your touhou games by your self or not have to patch your games but only have 1 english touhou game
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    Ahh, as much as I like alcohol, I think I’d just be wasting Suika’s gourd.(Just one beer knocks me out, ahaha...) So I’ll take Kaguya’s five Impossible treasures. That is, long as I don’t have to fulfill her requests. Would you rather save all of Gensokyo with no payout. Or watch Gensokyo burn, but you become incredibly wealthy?
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    Meet Yamame any day. Spiders? fine. Creepy sentient dolls who try to poison you? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE Would you rather: Have Kaguya's five impossible treasures, which possess incredible magical power or Have Suika's gourd of never ending sake


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