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    So I've went and Fixed these following download links Seihou 1 Seihou 2 Seihou 3 Riverside - よひむすび
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    Link to the original article here but I'm also going to explain it. In summary, in a recent Touhou livestream commentated by ZUN and BeatMario (part of the doujin circle Cool&Create), the two started talking about the PC-98 Touhou games and BeatMario suggested they could be brought to Mini Console (think something like NES Mini or Genesis Mini). To this ZUN responded that maybe Naoki Horii, who is president of the company M2 and also is a huge Touhou fan, might be willing to do it. M2 are a company responsible for handling the emulation for many re-releases of old games for newer hardware, including titles for Sega Ages and the Nintendo Virtual Console - and they also worked on the PC-Engine Mini with Konami, which released recently in Japan. Now, from my understanding this was mostly just banter between ZUN and BeatMario, but then something else happened - after someone transcribed the conversation and put it on Twitter, Naoki Horii responded to the transcript, saying "I'll say it right now, I'll do it". Of course, it actually happening is much more complicated than this - this hardly "Confirms" anything - but it does show there is interest. The idea of a PC-98 Mini is certainly interesting. Like nearly all things Touhou, it probably wouldn't leave Japan, and even if you imported it I can't imagine it would be possible to run translation patches on it, however given that running an emulator uses a lot of processing power and can cause the game to be choppy if your computer isn't that powerful (my laptop certainly can't run the PC-98 games that well), having a dedicated system for it sounds appealing. Anyways, what do you think about this?
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    Yeah, I agree that's hardly a confirmation. Even if everyone involved was cool with doing it (and it would take more) there would still be a lot of questions and things to resolve. And as you point out, it would be unlikely to leave Japan. It would still be good for ZUN and Touhou to have more official games out there for people to though.
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    You know what, here's an old thing you young'ns probably haven't seen before: The song is odd, but has some charm to it. I really like the animation though, mostly for the throwbacks to all the games Sakuya was playable in (mainline at least). If you want some emotion, though, there's also this:
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    Well, I mean, I did
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    source: https://twilightnewspaper.wordpress.com/2020/05/09/17th-reitaisai-to-be-held-via-live-broadcast-on-may-17/ So yeah Reitaisai is apparently going to be held via a live broadcast this year. Now, I have no idea where they'll be hosting said broadcast, or what said broadcast actually entails, but it could be an interesting opportunity for those of us not in Japan?... (who knows, we'll see where this goes)
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    According to the official page, It say that it's going to start at 12:00, Japan (UTC+9)
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    They provided some links for the broadcast on this tweet https://twitter.com/HakureijinjyaS/status/1261627645000704008 niconico: https://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv325894554 and Youtube
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    I have no idea what any of this is but it pleases my ears.
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    This week, Τeam αlternative Σnding released the OST to Glory of Deep Sky on Bandcamp. The album features an impressive collective of artists, including Wanwan, Spectral Nexus, and Aka Kyuketsuki.
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    Release Information Type: Old-School RPG Developer: Nise Eikoku Shinshidan Publisher: Nise Eikoku Shinshidan Release: Main: Comiket 84, on August 12, 2013 Plus Disc: Comiket 91, on December 31, 2016 Language: English-Patched Version: 1.203 AKA Touhou no Meikyuu 2 Description Suddenly, a mysterious giant tree appears in the middle of Gensokyo disrupting the balance with the outside world. Even worse, Ame-no-Murakumo, the legendary sword has been taken from Rinnosuke, and is most likely hiding in the magical tree. Touhou no Meikyuu - Gensokyo to Tennuki no Daiju, or also known as Touhou no Meikyuu 2, is a dungeon crawler role-playing game and the sequel to the first Touhou no Meikyuu. Similar to its predecessor, Touhou no Meikyuu 2 challenges players with exploring and mapping an hug edungeon. The game uses a team of 4 characters and 8 reserve characters, and combat is be entirely turn-based. New features are available upon game completion are: Boss Rush Mode, available after recruiting 46 characters; And Enhanced Boss Rush Mode, unlocked after finishing Boss Rush Mode; Extra Areas - can be accessed from the 12th floor- with more enemies, treasure, and bosses. The new features of the Plus Disc are: additional floors, characters, equipment, and challenges far beyond what the original game offered. How It Works: Just like the first game, you go around exploring, battling random encounters, facing off against bosses, and collecting items. New are FOEs that can be agreed in a certain area on their respective floors, as well as many new player characters. You can level down characters now, and you will receive items that grant permanent stat boosts if you defeat bosses at or below a certain average level.
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    I didn't like the switch from acoustic to electric at the end, but otherwise this is a nice piece. These arrangements are simple, but decisive. The arranger also does jazz.
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    Probably this, even though it doesn't really sound like something that would be associated with me if I was a boss
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    Release Information Type: 2D Action/Platform Developer: Frontier Aja Publisher: Frontier Aja Release: Comiket 81, on December 31, 2011 Language: English Description Koumajou Densetsu I & II Premium Pack is a collector's edition which consists of two games; Akeiro no Koukyoukyoku (Comiket 77) and Yougen no Chingonka (Comiket 79). Koumajou Densetsu is an action platformer developed by Frontier Aja, featuring Touhou characters and the gameplay is based on classic Castlevania games. In the Premium Pack all games have been patched to their final version along with multilanguage options. The collector's edition also includes digital artworks, unreleased rough sketches and mini OSTs.
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    Castlevania is a metroidvania that is semi-cool, I guess. Divine Bloodlines. It's cool enough. Vampire Killer is also a good option. I am never ever going to try to link the music again unless I can do stuff on a PC for once...
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    Touhou x Hololive (collaboration album), release date: May 17 Edit: beatmario reuploaded this video and he has aclared that this isn't a official collaboration album for Touhou project. It's more like beatmario x Hololive Meanwhile, a couple of weeks ago
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    New surf rock I found from pretty much the last page of Google results of "Touhou surf rock".
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    !!spoiler!! In cheating detective satori, the latest manga written by ZUN,
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    Thank you Ken ( I hope you are fine with me calling you Ken ).
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    It's the eyeball icon at the top of the text box; fifth from the left, between the strikethrough and link icons.
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    You know I love orchestral, and both the arrangements and performances are superb! I see they just released a Touhou 3 medley today, so the chances of their continuing are high.
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    Stumbled across the channel of Prismriver Orchestra this week. These are a few of my favorites from them so far.
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    Puede ser que no tienes tu locale a "japan" y el virus no es un virus es un Falso positivo.
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    THAT REMINDS ME. it could be likely that touhou might get more support. an artical was going around that was from last year by Ruw (ZUN's legal matters guy) claming that "If they where to port Touhou to the switch, Nintendo would help and support them" He also said that Nintendo are aware of Touhou and its Popularity. A few days later 15.5 was announced for the switch. Another strange thing is that a few years ago, Yen Press published ZUN's Forbidion Scrolley in English and it was sold even in my local comic shop (In the UK ,especially a place like Belfast, big titans of japan like Gundam and Sailor Moon have a hard time being notices, so this was odd) While it was a while ago, it sounds (to me at least) kinda of like the same idea as a PC-98 Mini. ZUN seams to be up to something. Any ideas? sorry if i went off topic
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    recent stuff - these were all posted to Youtube less than a week ago as of posting this. I hope to see more Touhou from these guys in the future!
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    Here's a more retro entry for y'all. I don't hear much about this game's soundtrack, except that it probably would have been more popular if it had come out earlier.
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    Girls Ready to Check Out Your Desktop (28) Alice, Byakuren, Cirno, Flandre, Kanako, Keine, Kogasa, Koishi, Letty, Marisa, Meiling, Mokou, Mystia, Nitori, Patchouli, Reimu, Reisen, Remilia, Sakuya, Sanae, Satori, Suika, Suwako, Tewi, Youmu, Yuka, Yukari, Yuyuko Explanation of Config TouhouWiki page for TDP Want to Watch for New Pets? Page they're released on Recently updated to version 3. The five new girls are: * Satori Komeiji * Mystia Lorelei * Kogasa Tatara * Hong Meiling * Letty Whiterock These are different from the regular shimejis; these float around on your desktop, and you can interact with them in a few ways (fast mouseover left/right will dizzy them, mouseover up/down forces them to move, and they'll look at you if you slowly hover over them). When you right click them, you'll be asked if you want to set options (first choice) or close that pet (second choice). In the configuration options are choices that are unique to each girl; you can set how fast they move, how fast they dizzy-spin, and if they have a special double-click option (like Youmu taking out/sheathing her swords or Nitori using her opti-camo), you can disable it, or in some cases set a special option for it (like how well Nitori's opti-camo works).
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    Release Information Type: RPG Developer: Strawberry Bose Publisher: Strawberry Bose Release: May 27,2012 Language: English-Patched Version: Weekend, Ver. 3.0 AKA Touhou Soujinengi Shuumatsu - The Genius of Sappheiros Weekend Character Information Playable Characters: 12 These characters are all unlocked during the story, but Byakuren & Mokou can be unlocked earlier, if certain conditions are fulfilled... (Reimu, Sanae, Aya, Marisa, Patchouli, Sakuya, Nitori, Alice, Satori, Youmu, Byakuren, Mokou) Expansion Characters The following 5 characters can only be used after you unlock them in the Expansion-only content. "???" is a Genius of Sappheiros original character. (Yuugi, Cirno, Reisen, Remilia, and ???) Description Plot Point: It's a normal day in Gensokyo when Reimu Hakurei notices a strange fog rolling in. All across Gensokyo, residents witness this fog weakening and killing a great many lesser youkai. At the behest of Yukari Yakumo, she joins forces with Marisa Kirisame, Sanae Kochiya, and Aya Shameimaru to investigate the fog's appearance... (from Touhou wiki) How it Works: You choose a party of 5 characters, with a 6th character, the Commander, helping out via support abilities. You head though various dungeons (also called Stages) and fight enemies in turn-based RPG-style combat. As you win battles you gain experience and level up, sometimes learning abilities. However, you also earn "Power" as you level up, and these points can be put, and taken out of, into 14 different categories (4 personal, 4 weapon-types, and the 6 stat types) to increase your stats or learn other abilities. Extra EXTRA notes Unlocking Fujiwara no Mokou early: After visiting Akyuu for the first time, talk to her again. The Bamboo Forest maze will appear to the west; head there, and travel through the forest in accordance with the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right) to find Mokou. Unlocking Byakuren Hijiri early: Head to Myouren-Ji, the building in the southeast where Minamitsu Murasa is standing. Wait in this building for a full hour of real time and a cutscene will trigger in which Byakuren will join. You do not need to visit the SDM, Stage 1, (or visit Akyuu for Byakuren) to unlock those characters. However, it must be noted that the player must visit Akyuu once more after getting the recipes in order to unlock Mokou. Also, they will automatically join your party right before stage 9 (Mokou) and 11 (Byakuren) respectively if you do not recruit them before then. (~ Taken from the Touhou Wiki, and shortened slightly for space)
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    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: Team Shanghai Alice Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice Release: Comiket 67, on December 30, 2004 Language: English-Patched (ThCrap Self-Updating Standalone) Silhouette On Cover: Kaguya Houraisan (Final Boss B) Character Information Playable Characters: 8 (4 selections as teams of two - Reimu & Yukari, Marisa & Alice, Youmu & Yuyuko, and Sakuya & Remilia; later on, characters become selectable individually once unlocked.) Shot Types: 1 Each (So 2 when playing as a team.) POC: Focus-Activated before Max Power; Always On after Max Power is attained. Description The real moon has been replaced with a fake the night before the Harvest Moon Festival! The girls know the gravity of this situation - the moon carries more importance than simply being the subject of the festival. However, they've only got a single night to resolve the issue, so they've created teams in an attempt to expedite the investigation as much as possible. Our girls hurry, knowing time is of the essence, but can they resolve this incident in time? Unique Gameplay Mechanics Time * This game's story is time-intensive; the game begins at 11 PM, and if it becomes 5 AM at any point, the game is immediately over, even if you had additional lives left over after having successfully cleared a stage. Thus, you don't want to run out of time to investigate the incident. * Continues cost half an hour each. * Time generally advances 1 hour at the conclusion of each stage. However, if you meet the Time Point quota for the stage by collecting Time Orbs, which you normally earn by killing enemies, then time only advances half an hour at the end of that stage, which frees up enough time for one additional Continue. Although killing enemies is the default way to earn orbs, it isn't the only possible way; you can earn more ways to get orbs - see below. * If you never meet any quotas, you have enough time for exactly one Continue. Human/Youkai (H/Y) Teams * Unfocused fire comes from the team's human, and focused fire comes from the team's youkai. * The H/Y Gauge at the bottom-left of the playfield tracks your recent firing trends, and awards you a bonus if you've mostly been firing as one type recently; thus, you can work toward one bonus or the other to suit the situation you're in. -> 80% Human or More: You start earning Time Orbs just for hitting enemies; you start earning orbs gradually the entire time you're causing damage to enemies or bosses. -> 80% Youkai or More: You start earning Time Orbs for grazing; all grazes become worth saved time. * The H/Y Gauge is also pushed toward Human or Youkai by which character collects the Time Orbs. * Some enemies can summon spirits to assist them. Humans can shoot and defeat spirits, but Youkai shots go right through them. Spirits are worth massive Time Orb bonuses. Last Spell Cards * All main bosses of each stage have a Last Spell, but they don't normally use it. If you meet the Time Point quota by the end of the fight, then they'll use it against you. If you earn the right to face off against a Last Spell, while fighting it, you will be unable to Bomb, but getting hit won't result in loss of life or time (although it will cost you the spell card; you won't capture it). If you beat it, you get more Time Orbs and a boost to your score. * The player also has Last Spells! This game lets you deathbomb more easily than other games in the series, but this comes at a cost of an extra bomb (2 instead of 1). When this happens, the character's teammate jumps in and uses a stronger version of their normal Spell Card. Scorefile * This scorefile was originally acquired from an unknown source. It was then improved upon by Dark Kijin, and the spell card collection completion was brought to 100% by Drizzle. * It has 100% Extra availability, and more notably, 100% spell card availability in Spell Card Practice. * [Difficulty-Character clearance is under review, but is not 100%.] -> You can help get this scorefile to 100%! If you have a scorefile which improves upon the progress in this existing file, please submit it us! Th08 (IN) Scorefile [Dark Kijin & Drizzle].zip
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    I think you just need to run in Japanese app locale or something. That's what I did. (Nothing to do with the reply to the other comment) This game is kind of confusing at first, but once you get used to the controls, like how to get moist, it's fun- until that first spellcard.
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    From the album: Cirno

    © kankitsu_BB

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    I can see where this is going
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    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: Frontier Aja Publisher: Frontier Aja Release: Comiket 79, on December 30, 2010 Language: English Description Some time after the events in the first game, Sakuya returns from an errand for Remilia involving a book, only to find the mansion empty. It isn't long before Yukari appears and gives Sakuya a clue about where Remilia is and vanishes soon after. The game is heavily influenced by Castlevania, particularly Symphony of the Night and retains most of the cast from Scarlet Symphony, with the addition of several characters from Touhou Youyoumu. Sakuya is agile and precise with her knifes, almost similar to Alucard. The second game also builds around many of the concepts of the first, adds more sub-weapons in the form of partners and is supported by professional seiyuu (voice actors).
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    Release Information Type: 2D Action/Platform Developer: Frontier Aja Publisher: Frontier Aja Release: Comiket 76, on December 30, 2009 Language: English patched Description Gensokyo is covered by scarlet mist...again. Reimu Hakurei sets out to the Scarlet Devil Mansion to investigate, however it is actually a trap made by Remilia. Reimu's main weapon is a whip, while the secondary weapons are powered by souls collected by attacking candles and killing monsters. In addition to weapons, Reimu has three abilities: slide, backflip, fly and partner attack. By completing 8 stages in the regular mode, EX Start with higher difficulties can be unlocked.
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    Release Information Publisher: ZUN Date of Release: August 13th, 2016 Tracks: 10 Track List 01. Old Adam Bar 02. The Darkness Brought In by Swallowstone Naturalis Historia 03. Reverse Ideology 04. Outsider Cocktail 05. Omiwa Legend 06. Pandemonic Planet 07. Adventurer's Tavern of the Old World 08. Rural Makai City Esoteria 09. Lost Emotion 10. Hangover of Bedfellows Dreaming Differently
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    This problem happens to me too on my laptop but it's fine on my PC. But this happens to me exclusively when I try to play on the recommended 1280x960 setting. When I switch the resolution to 640x480, it runs just fine. Try doing that. It might help solve your problem.
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    Introduction to Touhou for Newbies You've never once before played Touhou? Well, we're not here to look down on you for it - this section is here to teach you how it all works, starting with a basic concept introduction, followed by instructions on how to actually get started and play! Subsections on This Page * What is Touhou? * Aren't these in Japanese? * Getting Started * How to Play * Reading the Screen * Pickups & Automatic Collection * Focusing & the Hitbox * Focused Fire vs. Unfocused Fire * Bombing * Moedan What is "Touhou?" Touhou is an extremely popular series of vertical shooting games of the "bullet hell" or "curtain fire" variety, also known as "danmaku," where enemies not only shoot directly at you, but also fire patterned bullets to weave through. Created by Zun, the Touhou game series entails an ongoing story of events set in the fictional realm of Gensokyo, revolving mostly -though not entirely - around incidents regarding the main character, Reimu Hakurei, and the Hakurei Shrine. The series is best-known for its beautiful bullet patterns, seamless story development, and intriguing character interactions; like typical RPGs, character personalities are well-developed, considering the game type, and the dialogue is infused with both drama and humor, making Touhou fun not only in the combat aspect, but also interesting to watch unfold. Aren't these in Japanese? Originally, yes. However, we save you some trouble by pre-applying English patches when they are available, especially when it comes to the official games. (They also come ready-to-play; no need to use potentially confusing methods to use an .iso file to install them.) Getting Started The stories may differ, but how you actually begin playing never does. Every shooting game in the series always asks the same three things before you get started: 1) Difficulty Selection The first thing you're asked to do after hitting "Start Game" is to select your difficulty level (seeing as not everybody is able to walk in the rain without getting wet when they first start). All Touhou games come with four selectable levels of difficulty to choose from: - Easy - Normal - Hard - Lunatic 2) Character Selection There are two or three (or occasionally more) characters interested in resolving the game's incident, and you're asked to choose which one you'd like to play as. Reimu and Marisa are always available choices, and in recent games, Sanae has started making regular appearances, alongside other characters in some cases. Different characters, as you'd expect, have different shot types. 3) Shot Type Selection After you've chosen your character, you're asked to select from two or three shot types that character has to further customize your experience (except in specific games where characters only have one shot type, in which case this step is skipped). Once you choose a shot type, you're whisked away to the gameplay screen, where play begins!! How to Play Now you have to know how to control yourself, yes? Here's how it works: Menu Keys (All Games) [Z]: Confirm [X]: Cancel [Esc]: Pause Shooting Game Controls You'll use the bottom key row in addition to the arrows for movement: [Z]: Fire [X]: Bomb [Shift]: Focus Photography Game Controls If you wanna play "Shoot the Bullet", "Double Spoiler" or "Violet Detector", here's how it's done: [Z]: Shutter(Hold to display viewfinder, release to snap.) [Shift]: Focus (Hold Focus & Shutter to speed-charge camera.) [X]: Flip orientation of frame ("Double Spoiler" only) Fighting Game Controls Playing IaMP, SWR and UNL is more complicated than shooting straight up, of course; it makes active use of six keys on two rows. Only SWR and UNL use the spell card buttons. [Z]: Melee [X]: Weak Projectile [C]: Strong Projectile [A]: Dash Great Fairy Wars Controls Since you can freeze stuff, it controls differently from the other games: [C]: Auto-Fire [Shift]: Focus [Z]: Freeze (must hold briefly to charge first) [X]: Bomb Reading the Screen On the left is the playfield, of course. On the right is the information panel, which keeps you informed of your remaining lives and spell cards (bombs), current power level, and other things like your score. A game's unique counters (such as Cherry Points in "Perfect Cherry Blossom") are usually displayed in the lower-left corner of the playfield (as is the case for the UFOs in "Undefined Fantastic Object," as shown in this screenshot). If you're playing a game from any modern era, the difficulty level you're playing on is also prominently displayed somewhere on the right side of the screen. Pickups & Automatic Collection Along with enemy bullets, as you destroy enemies, the screen also becomes populated with all sorts of pickups; there are unique ones in some games (those are explained in the individual games' sections), but in every one of them you'll run into these two things: Power-Ups. Obviously, it's a good thing to have tons of firepower, and this is how you get it. Collect power-ups to gradually increase your firepower (items bigger in size are, of course, worth more power). In classic titles, you start at 0, and max firepower is 128 points, increasing your firepower every 32 points; in most modern games, you start at 1.0, the max is 4.0, and your firepower increases every whole number. Point items. These add to your score, and are worth more points the higher up on the screen you collect them. In classic titles, they're something like coins from "Super Mario Bros," in that when you collect enough, you're automatically awarded an Extend (extra life), though in modern titles, they simply add to your score (which, depending upon exactly which game, may or may not have much to do with getting extends). There are two other fairly commonplace pickups that appear in more than one game, so I'll explain: Spell Card (Bomb). It doesn't matter whether it's a large star with an "S" or a smaller square with a "B" on it, if it's green and looks important, it does the same thing - it adds one spell card (bomb) to your stock. (These don't appear in games where bombing costs you a power level instead of coming from a separate stock of bombs.) Life Pieces. In some modern-era Touhou games, you can collect 5 of these hollow stars to directly earn an Extend; they're dropped by bosses and minibosses in some games, and also dropped by red UFOs (in "Undefined Fantastic Object," of course). Automatic Collection of Items: It can be hard to keep up with all the items floating down the screen, so when there's a small lull or a good opening, there's another way to collect items. In all Touhou games, there is a point about 4/5 of the way up the screen called the Point of Collection, or POC for short. If you manage to maneuver your character above that line, you automatically collect all items that are currently on-screen. Some modern games are even nice enough to tell you at the beginning of stage 1 exactly where the POC is (as shown here in UFO). Focusing & the Hitbox When you hold the Shift button, your character Focuses. This has three very important benefits: 1) It visibly displays your hitbox (the part of your character's graphical sprite which, when a bullet hits it, actually makes you die; more below). 2) It slows your character down for precision movement. 3) It switches your character from unfocused fire to focused fire (more on that below). Focusing is what makes weaving through seemingly impossible bullet patterns possible. If you can squeeze that tiny dot between two bullets, you live, regardless of if bullets are touching any other parts of your character's sprite. Focused Fire vs. Unfocused Fire Firing while Focused and firing while unfocused are very different, and it's important to know how to use each to your advantage. Unfocused fire allows your character's full movement speed, and generally revolves around area coverage; you get good crowd control this way without much effort. Unfocused fire is generally used for stage enemies, but can also be useful for bosses who move around a lot. Focused fire slows you down for precision movement, and your character will concentrate their fire directly above themselves (well, in most cases, anyway) to cause maximum possible damage to a single target. For obvious reasons, focused fire is the generally preferred way of battling bosses, but can also deal with pesky normal enemies. Bombing It is pretty obvious to any newbie that using a spell card (bomb) causes massive damage to everything onscreen. However, the point many players emphasize on using bombs is that they clear all enemy bullets from the screen - in other words, rather than bombing to cause damage, players prefer to bomb when they get themselves into a situation they cannot get out of any other way, thus being able to continue on instead of dying. Characters generally start with 2 bombs, and can acquire more by grabbing spell card pickups, though they'll also be given their default 2 bombs back when they die if they died with less than 2 bombs in stock. Be warned that some games in the series do not differentiate your bomb stock, and instead cost one Power level to use (which ones are noted in the indivdual games' entry). Moedan Moedan is a training game for newcomers to Touhou. You play as Flandre Scarlet and are given two spellcard options: Wide Shot and Linear Shot. For game information and for download links, please check the following page: Moedan
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    A general guide on the game demo: You should set your locale to Japanese. The game opens in fullscreen (no windowed mode yet). Use arrow keys to move, Z/Enter to confirm, X/Backspace to cancel and Esc for Start. Aside from arrow keys, there are only 4 buttons in-game; Z/Enter to dash (referred to as Graze), X/Backspace to attack, C to bomb and Esc to Pause. There is no built-in gamepad detection so you'll need to rig it yourself. Be aware when using in-game binding that there are only 4 buttons: the equivalent buttons to ☐ is dash, ✕ is attack, ◯ is bomb and Pause is Esc. These are atypical controls so I do recommend customizing them. Currently only Reimu is playable, immediately enters a boss fight without any tutorial. You have 5 lives (only the first 3 of which can double as bombs), an oil percentage (which I'm still unsure as to exactly what it does) that is probably a debuff that fades over time, and a stamina meter (spent by dashing and attacking, regens quickly when on the ground doing neither). There is no jump button so your only means of upward movement are attacking and dashing in a direction. Attacking and dashing defenst against enemy danmaku but not their charge physical attacks. Holding a direction while attacking does change the attack (in midair it does shoot danmaku but only at a 45 degree angle downward). The Dash/Graze is charge-based. Reimu's bomb uses 1 of the first 3 lives and releases 8 orbs that deal 3 damage each but it can be cancelled by the enemy if they hit you before you cast it. Marisa and Kogasa have 2 phases, Yuugi has 3. If you do enough consecutive damage during their non-final spells you can knock them down for a bit. In-between retries, do not spam the attack button because that's the cancel command. And give it a few seconds before pressing confirm because the game can bug out if you go back in too quickly and/or if you make too many moves during the first spell. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following are opinions. Bombing's not worth it since it draws from the same resource as lives. You can only launch danmaku at a 45 degree angle in midair so it's also unreliable in exchange for draining stamina unnecessarily. Basically, danmaku is currently useless and melee is the way to go. Keep dashes to short bursts and close to the ground unless you're setting up a slam attack. Upward & downward melee will give you enough DPS to carry you through almost all of the demo; the up-down combo generally destroys the first phase of bosses. The point of the game is to efficiently manage your stamina and engagements, using attack/dash invulnerability to simultaneously avoid getting hit and spam melee on the boss. The hardest phases are Kogasa's 2nd and Yuugi's 3rd. Kogasa keeps jumping to the right corner until the end of the stage where she goes left, so getting into melee range is a little trickier. Yuugi slams the ground a couple of times, making danmaku waves. The first wave won't reach you if you go to the stage ends but after that there's so much danmaku it's hard to keep up invulnerability. The trick is to go into her 3rd phase with as many lives as you can, dash in and spam DPS when she's stopped slamming, and never be under her when she's midair. DPS and figuring out spell patterns does feel nice, but danmaku's been nerfed to high hell (haha) and movement's still unsatisfying. The restraints on danmaku and flight are jarring and I absolutely hate the lack of a jump button. Bombing's useless since you have a vulnerability period before you get it off and you could use that life for doing more melee DPS instead. In my opinion, not a very good demo.
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