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    Alright, we're ready to start, and we'll start with these three. First, a vocal arrangement of Oriental Memory: Second, a Jazz/big band medley from Touhou 14 (not sure what is going on though): Third, a medley of Shanghai Teahouse, Wind God Girl, and Tomboy in Love:
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    I'm very bad for give explanations , So I'm going to quote the touhouwiki. Some popular Cirno videos: The ⑨ Anniversary Edition
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    Hello fans out here, I am a Touhou fan from Hong Kong. English is not my first language so I apologize for any inconveniences. After being a Touhou fan for about half a year, I have noticed that Touhou Fan overseas have a hard time for obtaining Touhou material, more precisely the Doujin Music of Touhou. Even If I would like to purchase music from a circle/creator, sometimes there is no way to support them through purchasing their album in either physical form and digital format. Although this situation is getting better with the introduction of websites like Itune and Apple Music starting to include Doujin music, sometimes they are still locked for purchase in Japan only. And worse, many musics I love is not available on the official platforms. Their circle may be disbanded, or it is a CD from an active circle but they are not producing anymore. What this means is we are forced to obtain said music though ways that will not be beneficial for the Doujin creators, with uploading/ripping website being one of the worst choices we have. To solve this problem, I am thinking of creating a website that will benefit both the oversea fans and the creators. I am calling the website as Library/Museum right now, but it might change in the future. Just like the library for books, this website will work in a similar way for collecting Doujin music. This website will be a hybrid of Doujin music database and official support for Touhou creators to spread their music oversea. The website will look similar to thbwiki and vgmdb, listing out thousands of circles/producers. The different for this website is there will be a listen/download option for non-obtainable music. And a link to the purchase sites for album/music that are still available. In this way, the publisher can benefit from getting sales for the music that they are still selling. And people who love Doujin music can have a better way of obtaining music while supporting the publisher. A simple table for what the library will provide for album depends on their current state As this diagram is shown here, the website is not a download site for doujin music of all kind, it will only cover doujin music that are not available from the publishers and circles anymore and not all the music that they have been produced. If the music is available for purchase in official sites that are bringing income for the publishers/circles, it will not be available on the museum/library. As a sort of reference, an album that is still obtainable from the producer(In this case, TOHO DANCE ANTHEM Vol.1 from DiGiTAL WiNG) will have a site like this on the museum/library: Because it is still available for purchase, there will only be purchase link and information of the album. In the other side, an album that is out of print from the producer(In this case, TOHO DANCE デジウィ FUTURE instrumental from DiGiTAL WiNG, an instrumental disc of the album デジウィ FUTURE which was an extra CD) In this case, the album would have a listenable/downable source for the CD, while promoting other still obtainable CDs at the side. Sorry for all the long words, but for this website to become reality I would really need opinions and view from oversea fans. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdOneKakwThj4iY_T2XiWmzNv8zJgvE3MRLuwBNuckw_XEV0Q/viewform?usp=sf_link Here is a survey I would like you to take, but please leave comments/views about this on here also. Either for the idea of the Library/Museum or the improvement of the survey will be very welcome.
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    Glad you like it. This will probably be something I do on a semi-regular basis, as it's a lot of fun for me as well.
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    I didn't find out about this until it was too late to take part, but I just wanted to thank y'all for doing this. I'm really loving some of the new things you've been showcasing (specifically Photoshop CS(9)).
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    On July the 25th I asked you if you wanted a touhou scratch game, it is happening Goals or Ideas: 5 Playable characters Reimu, Marisa, Sanae, Reisen, Youmu (Cirno once you beat the game as every character on normal mode, Happy early baka day!) The same bombing system of touhou 7 One horrible soundtrack (prepare your ears if you want to survive) Nearly everything is drawn in scratch or MS paint 7 stages 3 extra Sound FX so bad that you will turn them off instantly Estimated demo release date: 25th March 2020 (Remember this is a one man team) Recommend other ideas if you want 'em in!
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    well.... imma start. (i forgot to ask this but i already write a long review below and realized... what happen if your submission is in the list? should we keep reviewing it anonymously? or just the submitter score doesn't count?) i made a spoiler drop down because i go overboard again.
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    Alright, the official Moriya Shrine community music circle Moriya Records now has a publically available and free album of remixes for you all.
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    I had to disable realtime protection. The game runs well. I learned that the Trojan virus is a false positive.
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    That's so cheap! Around 26 Tukish Liras. I wish i could find some figures like that here too, but it's literally imposibble since no one knows about Touhou here. Only ways i can get them are probably Amazon and AliExpress (if figures are there).
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    Wow didn't know about that. That's awesome!
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    That's better than what we've got in England; I've looked in places specializing in manga and such and even there I don't find forbidden scrollery, let alone anything else Touhou related. The only place I've ever been able to get Touhou merch is at a biannual anime/manga convention held in London. Mind you, the British Museum does have a manga exhibition on with a scroll containing fanart of I think every Touhou character, which is pretty cool I guess. Wait that means that Cirno is in the same building as the Rosetta Stone
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    How do I change my password I want to secure my account and also test the notification system of moriya shrine
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    Hello! To change password, click on the drop down arrow next to your name in the top left, click on account settings, then click on password and change it there. Nice gif by the way. Mesmerising.


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