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    ZUN has just announced Touhou 17 titled 東方鬼形獣(Touhou Kikeijuu)〜 Wily Beast and Weakest Creature. https://kourindou.exblog.jp/28205045/  "The animal spirits of hell are planning to control the earth with their power. We are going to get rid of them by teaming up with allied animal spirits."  Heading to hell are Reimu, Marisa, and Youmu.  It's darker than usual, it has a lot of beast elements and it's a slightly aggressive shooting game *since the game is still under development, the image can change at anytime It is expected to be released on this Summer's comiket (Comiket 96) (if nothing happens), and the trial version will be released on Reitaisai 16
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    ZUN is the strongest 2hu!
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    Ahoy! And firstly, thanks for sitting in. It was around late 2017 when I got into arranging some Touhou remixes after listening to a remix for “Septette For The Dead Princess.” To sum it up, I mostly turn some of my favorites into Rock/Metal remixes. I know this has been done to death, and several of these tend to be overplayed on YouTube, but I wanted to give it a shot, anyway. Now, I’ll just post all my current slew of 2hu tracks thus far. I obviously plan to make more, as I’m jamming to several tracks almost everyday. P.S: The sound quality isn’t the best since I have to resort to recording everything on my phone, so I apologize in advance for your ears’ well being. Anyway, up first is my recent post on SoundCloud. Alice In Wonderland from Mystic Square.https://m.soundcloud.com/yoshie-shinozaki-1/alice-in-wonderland-touhou Next is a Black Metal styled re-remix of U.N Owen Was Her? In the style of Final Savage.https://m.soundcloud.com/yoshie-shinozaki-1/final-savage-u-n-owen-was-her This set belongs to Legacy Of Lunatic Kingdom. An Alternative Metal styler for both Pure Furies~ Whereabouts Of The Heart & Pandemonic Planet.https://m.soundcloud.com/yoshie-shinozaki-1/pure-furies-whereabouts-of-the https://m.soundcloud.com/yoshie-shinozaki-1/pandemonic-planet-touhou-metal https://m.soundcloud.com/yoshie-shinozaki-1/gensokyo-millennium-touhou And that’s all for now. If you have any criticisms or suggestions, please feel free to speak your mind, and I will try my best to do much better next. P.S.S: I’ll be posting both my latest work on the first page, and on the newest page onward to keep things current. Thank you for your time, mates!
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    I’d marry Meiling. Having a wife, who knows martial arts sounds really stellar. Would be nice to train with her sometime. Plus she needs more love, and what’s wrong with that? Date Nitori. Despite how she might make me feel regarding my intelligence.(What with her being a genius, and I’m not...) Nitori could be fun to hang out with. I’d play with some of her gadgets she built. We both like cucumbers, so that’s a plus? Sorry to the Sakuya fans. Knife-wielding chronomancers are definitely not my cup of tea to stick around with, per se. Not that I hate her. Far from it. But a hard choice had to be made. Seiga Kaku. Yuuka Kazami. Satori Komeiji.
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    Well, to put my thoughts on these in turn . . . 1) You aren't missing much. To be frank, Zun's plots are generally excuse plots. His dialouge has some offbeat humor, but intricate plots and compelling characters simply isn't something he does. There's a reason fanmade material can have such a wide range. 2) That's unfortunate. I'ld understand if you aren't a fan of fighters or IaMP/SWRs' setup, but they are a decent look at the roster's personalities. They are part of the reason why the 6-8 cast is as popular as they are, and more consistent in fan-portrayals than some of the later ones. (I also personally prefer the older fighters to the newer ones, but that's opinion) They are not essential by any means though, just a good point of reference. 3) Understandable, given that there isn't a whole lot to gotten aside from the massive number of characters. There are a few print works however, that are of some help. Only some help, however, as many of the one that would explore the lore are written by in-universe characters, and thus, not entirely reliable. Grimoire of Marisa and Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red are examples, the former being Marisa commenting on the Spellcard system and the magic used by others, the second being Aya's newspaper (unfortunately known for stretching the truth). Most other printworks are comedic, slice of life style. The notable exception however, is Silent Sinner in Blue, which is a fairly serious and dramatic story, which, while rather mediocre in my opinion, is probably as definitive as you can get with the 6-8 cast. Given how loose the plot is between the games, the PC-98 is hardly essential for understanding anything in rest of the series. There are only four characters returning from that era, Reimu, Marisa, Yuuka Kazami, and Alice Margatroid. Reimu and Marisa are the same, though Marisa started as a rival working for/aprentice of one of the era's main villains; Mima. Yuuka was a villain from the fourth game, and knowing this explains Reimu's reaction to her in PoFV, the only game in which she has reapeared. Alice appeared in the fifth game, then became a reoccuring character for a while (6-11), and reversing Yuuka, knowing this explains some of Alice's behavior. When it comes down to it, though, only a handful of characters have well-defined personalities, and the setting and lore are often frustratingly vague. A lot of what the fanbase will talk about is just commonly accepted headcanon, rather than actual "top order canon" material. Even most of the official print works aren't written by Zun, and are quite loose with established rules and knowledge about the setting (hence the usual comedic angle).
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    Out of the Touhou games I've played (everything up to 11 so far (not counting some spin-offs), currently playing through 12), my favourite is definitely Imperishable Night. I too could write an essay about why I think this game is one of the best in the series (in my opinion), but that's something for another time. Admittedly, the fact that IN is also the only Touhou game that I've beaten the extra in so far probably contributes more than a little to my liking of this game and its characters. The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil also deserves an honourable mention for being the game that got me so captivated with the franchise to begin with, plus it has a top tier soundtrack.
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    Honestly, I was going to write an essay to describe which game is my favorite. But I don’t wanna bore the readers with my rambling that everybody’s already read over ten years ago, so I’ll get to the point. Imperishable Night. Subterranean Animism. Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. All three appeal to me the most because the gameplay, soundtrack, and storytelling are equally superb, in my opinion. Course, I’ll admit the sprites for IN made me laugh more than they should. Especially Sakuya’s derpy eyes... Sorry ZUN. Do Fangames count, too? If so, then Disappearing of Gensokyo ranks high, in my book.
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    ah, you begin with Eastern and Little Nature Deity, then Strange and Bright Nature Deity, then Oriental Sacred Place, and lastly the Visionary Fairies in Shrine
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    Added Sanae Miracle(Karaagetarou) to Fan Print Works.
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    Added Moriya Shrine: The Game as the first file in the Community Games page. Oh boy.
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    I added these games to the site, some require more screenshots : Maybe i went a bit overboard this time.
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    I'd marry Mystia, because she has a sweet singing voice and she can scare people we don't like away with her power to cause night blindness. Despite being a youkai she isn't really a cruel or dangerous person, just a bit of a prankster, and even then it's very low key, just frightening people who venture out on roads at night (actually I'd probably find doing that with her pretty entertaining, haha). I reckon she'd be quite nice once you get to know her, and tbh she's kinda cute. Plus, she likes to go out at night. I like night time too :D. I'd date Yukari. It would be interesting to talk someone who is more or less a pseudo-goddess, and also she seems to have an unlimited supply of sake that it is apparently "90% alcohol" so we'd get drunk af XD. I'd kill Aya. I wouldn't be able to stand being with someone who has a reputation for spreading lies and misinformation, and also she's sort of a stalker. Better she isn't there to mislead people and record information about them without their permission. Sakuya Izayoi Hong Meiling Nitori Kawashiro
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    -Death metal -Marisa Kirisame why can I picture these things together so easily
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    Sorry again for posting in a dead topic. Last night, my family and I went to a Death Metal concert for a band named Children Of Bodom. We got to talk to their Keyboardist & Bassist Janne Wirman & Henkka T Blacksmith respectively. I forgot to bring an album for them to sign, so I improvised and lent them my copy of Forbidden scrollery. They were cool with it, thank goodness. So now it’s counted as Bodom memorabilia!
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    @buskerdogI could be wrong, but... What I've found is that the official comics and manga give insight to some aspects of Touhou lore, but the in media res problem kind of persists all throughout the official series. A lot of what you learn in Touhou lore comes from what people talk about happening in the past. Character interactions that hint at the vague history of Gensokyo become your best friend and there are a few blanks you just gotta fill in yourself. I respect that you don't wanna read the wiki pages, but it's a hub when it comes to the information sought after because of questions like yours. I'd say look for the official comics, here's a list: https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Official_Literature Also, if you have any interest in looking at the translations of the many fan songs that exist, a lot of the artists try to accurately capture the feeling of a character or a setting or a storyline only hinted at. But that requires a lot of cross-referencing with other songs to see which themes stay consistent from song to song. Songs also often incorporate a lot of fan-cannon so be careful, that method is more supplemental than anything haha. It just takes a lot of digging and a lot of playing and a lot of filling in the blanks, I think haha. If I recall correctly, the PC-98 games aren't heavy with lore, they do feature places that are interesting and not returned to often, like Hell. So just get to playing those games when you feel like it haha. That's my take, anyway. I hope it helps at all!
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    Pretty cute drawings ya have, mate. Reimu’s pose reminds me a bit of Narumi Yatadera. If ya don’t mind, I’ll share a quick doodle, I made some time ago. Inspired by the Don’t Starve character portraits.(Sorry for the cloudy appearance. I can’t draw hands to save my life.)
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    This is a thread for random doodles and sketches people make. A couple of mine: A drawing of Reimu I did over a couple of days. It's in pencil so the image appears a bit faint, but I increased the contrast to try and make it stand out a bit more. I started this one from memory, but referred to a picture to add some of the finer details, particularly her bow. A quick doodle of Cirno I did at the bottom of some paper I was using. Did this one fully from memory (not too difficult, Cirno is super memorable). This one's in pen so it's a lot easier to see. However it does also mean I can't erase that accidental line next to her leg...
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    Cover for the Touhou book "The Grimoire of Usami", will be released in April 27. Source: https://twitter.com/korindo/status/1113256164957900802
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    Oh, there's a lot of history, but I'll give a short version. While this forum is relatively recent, the original incarnation of the site and forum are from 2011 or early 2012 (not entirely sure). I joined the forum (as a normal member) in late 2012, and sadly am the only remaining member from that particular time.* There were two forums prior to this one, the original got taken down due to a malicious user, and the second died off due to inactivity before the first Discord was created (the current one is actually the second). None of the original creators remain, all having left or retired, and having passed on leadership. *There are a number from not long after, such as Ceje and Jmonkey
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    Depends what kind of controller you're trying to get working and also the compatibility of the software. https://www.x360ce.com/ This is a software that emulates a 360 controller so people can use a PS4 and other controllers on windows. Mind you, if the program has no controller support then that's a different solution I cannot help on. Hope this helps.
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    Yeah, from the sounds of it you fell in love with this series in a similar way as myself. This is the kind of series that can keep you busy for quite a while. I've hardly even touched the PC-98 and fighting games myself yet. And yeah, SA and LoLK had my favorite stories, especially LoLK. It's one of those games that if you try to explain the plot to people it can sound utterly ridiculous, but it has a TON of depth to it. Plus the game really pushed me to my limits which I can appreciate. And ty! I hope yours comes along nicely as well One of my best friends went to Japan and then shortly after my sister and her husband went there too. I got my friend to pick me up a bunch of the games while he was there and my sister to grab the rest when she went (minus the PC-98 games). It was a good deal because they only cost around 13 dollars each there compared to the 40+ I'd be spending per copy on getting the physical copies imported over here. That said I'm still super glad more of the games are coming to steam. Touhou is the kind of series you really need to go out of your way to discover and get into in the west, and having the games on steam will open the series up to a larger audience I hope. I'm considering buying the games a 2nd time when they're released on steam just as a show of support in the hopes that they'll continue making them a bit more available to western audiences. One thing I find with Touhou is this series has a LOT of completely brokenly overpowered characters, a lot more so then first appears. That being said I also think this particular matchup worked out well for Sakuya do to her experience with vampires.
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    The Moriya, the Yakumo, and the Komeiji By Happy Flame Time https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/the_moriya_the_yakumo_and_the_komeiji A slice of life doujin about the moriya, yakumo, and komeiji families. Each having their own part
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    I like this portrayal of Marisa and mushrooms. https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/ive_become_a_magician#1
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    Here's mine. Posted in the other thread too because why not. Together With Hekaa-Chan
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    Sorry for the inactivity, as you can see I no longer have administrative powers. After beginning to work full-time and conflicts with other staff members I became inactive. I'm always happy to provide recommendations though! Together With Hekaa-Chan is one of my favourites, period. It's very cute and lighthearted.
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    @DreamleafI gotta admit, it’s pretty stellar how we were rooting for the opposite fighters to win that One Minute Melee. But I definitely agree, I’m glad Sakuya won. And ja, I’ve been playing Luna Nights since it was first announced on Steam. I love how they utilize Sakuya’s Time Manipulation. I gotta get around to finishing it among an entire slew of 2hu games.(Think I got around 30 of them now?) SA & LOLK are my personal favorites in the mainline series. The stories for both are top notch and in some areas; heartbreaking. I plan on buying LOLK when it arrives to Steam in April, along with Impossible Spell Card. Believe me, I’m on the same boat. I intend on collecting every bit of Touhou work I can find. Especially after finding out my local bookstore started selling the Forbidden Scrollery Manga. Also I wish ya the best of luck in completing your collection, mate. Cheers!
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    I remember the Dio vs Sakuya video. That was shortly after I started myself. I liked both characters a lot but I admit I was rooting for Sakuya so I was pleasantly surprised at the end loI. haven't played many of the fan games but I did recently complete Luna Nights which just got its full release on steam recently. Very solid metroidvania if you're interested. I'd definitely recommend it. It's funny coming into this series as a newcomer. It's like jumping into this massive ocean. I've been obsessed with this series for the last 8ish months or so now and I still have tons and tons left to experience. Despite having gotten all the games from this site I ended up picking up an entire physical collection of the games, that's just how much I love this series. I still need to buy the music collection and printed works though. Btw have you played 15 yet? That game in normal point device mode for the first time is an experience hahaha. I think 11 and 15 are my favorites so you might also like it as well if you haven't tried it yet.
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    Dodging even the rain seems to be useful. even i fight, no hit = no damage = survive = win. meanwhile if you use danmaku, who hit first = win, but speed is not my trait, so yeah... born as miare or born as amanonjaku
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    I looked through my own set of download files from this site, and SA is the only game with any replays by this TAO69 fella, as well. I downloaded each game as a Guest, but I’m not sure if that has any effect on downloads.(Wasn’t even aware there were scorefiles linked to each game until I sifted through this site’s pages again.) Sorry for barging in. But as one bright side; I got to listen to my favorite track from SA with zero effort. ’Cause I suck too much to reach Koishi myself.
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    According to Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia, Tengu (the ruler of youkai mountain) is a hierarchical society and Hell is a meritocratic society. So... If i have to choose I'll rule over youkai mountain since hierarchical society sounds easier to rule (I think since I don't really understand how these society works) Which do you prefer: Going to Chernobyl with Utsuho or going to Antarctica with Cirno
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    I believe it was this interaction with Komachi that stirred up the “Marisa is dead” theory. I’m trying not to pile onto this idea. In fact, I think it’s silly. Though, considering how much the odds were set against her during LoLK’s events.(Especially on Legacy Mode.) It could be possible she might’ve been shot down... But only if you disregard the Hidden Star in Four Seasons events afterwards. Now, back onto 17. I re-read some notes about Hecatia’s relationship with Eiki Shiki. What with Hecatia being her boss, and all. But it notes that the Hell Goddess is only one of the leaders in Hell. So it makes me wonder who, or what might be down there that could be on the same level of power as Hecatia’s. All in all, I’m stoked to find out if this game will be as hard as the older games. Hopefully it’ll be in the same vein as Subterranean Animism. Only with better Options... My opinion.
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    So, once again, I’d marry the green—haired nerd. I bet she would draw a lot of attention at Anime Cons. That would be cool, and would help promote the Moriya Shrine. I’d date Okuu. But not really as a “date” per se. More like kicking it with a friend. She’s someone’s pet with the mind of a child, which is kinda weird. I’d only kill Marisa because I hate the idea of my stuff disappearing. Even though she’d claim up and down she’s merely “borrowing” my stuff... Koishi Komeiji. Nue Houjuu. Mamizou Futatsuiwa.
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    Hi everybody! Today I'm happy to share with you my fourth touhou fangame, this time is not a platformer one, it's more likely a strategic one. Name Touhou ReiMari Tactics Description Plot Point: Nitori made a game and asked Marisa to test it, then she asks Reimu to play it with her. How It Works: You'll travel throught five worlds with isometric view, defending yourself and your shrine from enemy waves. Saving: You can save everytime you want on the ingame menu. There's no autosave on this game, so don't forget to save before closing it! Release Information Type: Strategic Publisher: Kira - Games&Stuff Language: English Year Of Release: 2019 Default Controls: -Arrow Keys: Move -Z : Shot -X : Bomb -P : Pause Trailer Download Link https://mega.nz/#!LZoG1YQA!TxJNheiKkDaUHZ4e0fx3ltB6Tf3TkrN7oqbHoplr4Iw Hope you guys enjoy the game! Greetings, Kira - Games&Stuff
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    The Touhou Wiki is pretty much your only choice at this point for "backstory"/lore. Just going from character page to character page and reading print works on it will give you enough information.
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    Added Cat's House(Nakatani Nio) to Fan Print Works
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    The Watatsuki Sisters are so strong to the point where Reimu hakurei nor Hecatia or Yukari yakumo can beat them.
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    Which silver-haired maid is the hardest working maid in the series, in your opinion? Sakuya, whom has to cook, clean and serve an entire mansion’s fairy, hobgoblin, etc employees. Her vampire mistresses. A mage and her little devil for what seems like infinite hours in the day.(Oh, and the gatekeeper.) Or... Youmu, whom has to feed one Yuyuko... My money’s on Youmu.
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    Well, since RP hasn't really gained much traction, despite people expressing interest, maybe we should have a thread talking about ideas people may have, or talking about the kind of things they would be interested in. Or, conversely, any concerns or anything making you unsure about RPing.
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    After tallying the votes, though we were missing a few, a verdict has been met. Ladies and Jets, a winner has been crowned and may his name go down in the history books as the first winner of our Doujin Manga Competition. Give a hand to @Crusader Jerome!!!! PM me and we'll work on getting you that soda haha! I would like to thank you one and all for participating. @Drunken_Flower @Haruto Kazuki @Sakkun @Shrow. This celebration of original works would have met nothing without all of you. I'm going to open up the thread again because I want y'all thoughts. Was this fun, would you do it again? What worked for you, what didn't? Any thoughts concerning the future of this competition?
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    Something for April Fool's day
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    Renamed some of EoSD's files to the correct Japanese names so that the Japanese version will run correctly. Hopefully. Thanks Mirrakh.
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    well... i attend some of Moriya Shrine History Class in Discord (AKA some random conversation that turned into story time) The first admin is Ace of Arrows, second is Craftymage and now is Cirno. i don't know much about Ace, since not many that survived from that era. apparently there's a Skype group back then. and again i don't know much. Discord came in, and i guess that marks the end of Skype. from what i know, there's the old Server and then Crafty (or Cirno) made a new one in May 2017. the old one still there but it's empty. then there's Crafty. he still quite often seen in the server. pro at Tetris and Fighters. and there was the Moriyashrine.weebly.com (then renamed to HakureiShrineRedandWhite.weebly.com after the creation of this site) which run by Crafty. but recently it died. i don't know anything about moriyashrineextend.proboards.com. then i guess we're here where Cirno is the admin. (was) Pro at bullethells, now re-training. and pro at throwing stuffs, especially mugs. The oldest active member is Jmonkey and Cejic. all the Twitter, Facebook and Youtube account is dead since the operator is missing. we don't actually know who hold the accounts. i guess that's all i can tell. most of the Moriya Shrine History Class just talks about certain individual, quite uncommon to talk about the server itself though.
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    basically, all Final Boss theme is hype.
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    Can we get some love for the absolute banger that is Night Falls ~ Evening Stars. Yukari's theme from Antinomy of Common Flowers.
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    Try going to settings at the start menu to see the controls.
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    HAHAHA! That's actually pretty funny. Thanks for pointing that out.
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    Ash is at the beach in the last part.
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