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    I usually don't interact with any fandom, but this place seems peaceful enough to do so. So here goes my attempt to say "hi". And find some people to talk, I guess. I heard the name "touhou" first in 2015 I think. Not sure. I didn't play the game at that time, simply because I thought it wasn't interesting. Anyways, 6 months ago, while I'm listening to something on SoundCloud, I see something called "Native Faith" recommended to me. Usually those recommendations are bad but I don't have anything better to do so I click. I like it immediately, since it's fast paced and piano. Then I search about the song on the web, find about Touhou again. This time I decide to give it a shot since that music was pretty good. And it was a good choice. My first game is Touhou 10 (cause of "Native Faith"). Absolutely loved it, Touhou(s) are the only game(s) that feels fluid to me, after Dead Cells (which is an epic game). I also loved the art of the game, it feels like fresh air after all those "normal" games (xD). It looks weird, childish and cute at the same time, which i like. And the music is just plain awesomeness. When I first heard Sakuya's theme (Luna Dial) in game, it made me thought "Oh sh*t, she is going to kick my ass". As of now i have played 6, 7 and 10, but never finished any. Got to the last stage in all of them in normal difficulty, never managed to beat those damned last bosses. My only goal is to finish every game in Normal difficulty, other difficulties are near impossible for me (expect Easy, lol). My fav character would be Marisa, because I always wanted to be a (ordinary) magician as a child. She is the funniest too (and most energetic?) I think. Which fits me irl. So, that's it. BTW, I use Linux (Void Linux) only. Any fellow Linux users here? EDIT: Forgot to say, this website is really well made. Good job.
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    Hello everyone! I haven't been into Touhou for very long, but I enjoy playing the games, listening to the music (both original and arranges), and seeing content people make of it. I discovered it through listening to arranges such as Bad Apple and Tear Rain on Osu!, but I didn't try playing any of the games until a few months ago. Some of my favorite characters are Sakuya, Mokou, Marisa, Keine, and Yuuka. A few of my other favorite games are Danganronpa, Pokémon, and Celeste. I'm actually kind of nervous since I usually lurk in communities, but I'm looking forward to the rest of my time on here?
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    Hi! I'm dnf. Figured I should make my own intro post, so here goes: I've been into Touhou for years, gosh. I think my very first encounter with it was when I was in high school; I saw a couple classmates bent over a laptop playing Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and got curious about it so they told me about the series. I discovered the rest of the games from there. I like the fighting games, but I'm utter garbage at them, so I still prefer the danmakus. The first one from Touhou that I played was Perfect Cherry Blossom, and it's still one of my favorites today! I've never really interacted with the Touhou fandom until now that I recently got back into playing it because of the newer games, so this is the first time I'm in a forum. Though, I do lurk on /r/Touhou, Touhou Overdose (Discord server), and the Moriya Shrine Discord and ping my friends occasionally for 2hu memes. My favorite danmakus are Perfect Cherry Blossom (bias since it's the first one I played + that damn music), Imperishable Night (first game I 1cc'd!), and Double Dealing Character (OST is one of my favorites + those weird spells from the stage 5 & 6 bosses). My favorite characters are Marisa, Seija, and Junko. As for other interests, I play a lot of rhythm games! (Mostly on mobile though because my laptop is super lowspec.) I also read/watch a lot of shonen and seinen animanga. Aaand I'm the type of person who keeps up with the latest tech news, too (especially Android and Linux stuff). It's nice to be here with y'all!
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    Hey, I'm kinda new to touhou I've listened to the music for ages but I've just got into the games recently, I'm trying to 1cc EoSD right now. I'm usually a lurker in forums and such so I might not post that often but I'm looking forward to having fun on the site and in the fandom. PS: Reimu best girl
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    Seems nice! Unlocking more things are good cause you get more choices. I will just go Easy and then finish the game so I can practice. Thanks for the explanation!
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    Pretty much. To unlock you just have to beat the game - doesn't need to be a 1cc. And then, to challenge a spell card in that mode, you just need to have seen it at least once. This blessing of a mode is what allowed me to eventually conquer the extra stage. In general, Imperishable Night actually has loads of unlockable content, which is one of the reasons I like it so much. Even modern Touhou games don't have as many unlocks. (In fact, unlockable features seem to have disappeared altogether since 8, except for extra stages.) If you're interested in learning what the unlocks are I'll put a spoiler tab listing them.
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    My power will be Mirror Manipulation , Reflection Arts and Illusion Manipulation(Basiclly magic that has to do with mirrors).Becuse I can create illusions(to hide and fight), transport(to anywhere i want in gensokyo) , reflect damaku(and some spellcards) and have creative spell cards.
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    Welcome! by 'finish' do you mean just beat the game, or go for a 1cc? (Btw 1cc means beat the game without using a continue) Either way, you can do it! I was in the same position as you once, and to an extent I still am, but I have beaten most of the games I've played on normal, 1cc'd a few of them, and even beaten an extra stage. As you play more Touhou games, you will be surprised at how much you improve! Not so long ago I revisited Touhou 6, my first Touhou game, and was shocked at how much better I was than before! So even though it might seem hard now, don't give up, and remember you can always come back to the games you really struggle with later! Just a fair word of warning, Touhou 11 and 12 are nightmarishly difficult, don't be afraid to use easy difficulty to finish the game when you have to. Touhou 8 introduces an unlockable 'Spell Practice mode' which also returns in some later games as a feature available by default. Seeing as you've played Touhou 6 and 7, I recommend you try 8 next when you want to move on to your next game - I reckon you might like Spell Practice once you get it.
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    Welcome to the shrine. Nice to have you here! Imperishable Night was my first normal 1cc too (praise spell practice mode!). Well technically I 1cc'd PCB first, but... y'know... easy modo... Anyways, enjoy your time on the site, and don't be afraid to post stuff, we are super friendly.
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    Welcome! Fellow Linux user, nice. I'm a bit (a lot) of a distro hopper so I've tried most distros but my device has always run Xubuntu LTS as a permanent daily driver for that safe and stable gleam (and of course because I love Xfce). Also I listen to Touhou music daily and have almost every game's OST downloaded. Definitely agree it is kickass and one of the best parts of Touhou as a whole imo.
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    Nintendo Direct just happened and they don't disappoint. I was able to watch the entire direct on my lunch break, only lasted one hour, its no longer then it needed to be. It had some nice reveals, i'm satisfied
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    I'm the same. I'm especially excited for the smash newcomer. Even though I know it won't be Reimu.
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    As the title says. They did technically work, but now they hopefully work better :^) Basically, the downloads now get redirected to the CDN. Updated links for: If there are any problems with the downloads, feel free to make use of the report function for the page in question
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    I noticed the newest download for SoD didn't include the English translation patch file for the base game, which was required to get the game to run, I'm pretty sure. I have now included that file into the folder, as well as an updated translation patch for SoD (R2 instead of R1; I only used R2 and it works just fine). The game has been reuploaded and should hopefully not cause many more issues, as long as the installation instructions are followed correctly. I also cleaned up the description page for the game, including proofreading and adding a bit more information and clarification. Thanks to Snowball for bringing this to my attention, and thanks to Suwa for providing me with the missing file. Enjoy the game.
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    be the person in charge of making sure a very dangerous girl doesnt escape the basement. i could just create some sort of artificial dimension or something and lock the girl in the dimension, or supply her with stuff that will make her want to stay in the basement. Would you rather? Live in the Dream World, and be a dream dweller. OR Live in the Myouren temple, and be a monk.
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    I'd visit Makai because it's all wibbly wobbly which is pretty cool, plus I'd like to get a better idea of what Makai actually is. Also its a dimension that empowers magic so it could be useful to visit. Would you rather: Be the maid and gardener of a VERY hungry ghost who you better keep fed. OR be the person in charge of making sure a VERY dangerous little girl does not, under any circumstances, escape the basement.
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    Hello, and welcome. Nice to see I'm not the only Pokémon fanatic on here, hehe. Funny that a Nintendo direct on the new game was broadcast on the same day I see another Pokémon fan join this community. I was kinda nervous when I first joined this community too since I'm normally a lurker, but its really friendly here and I've managed to become quite involved on the forums. Make yourself feel at home here. omg finally someone recognises the appeal of Keine
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    Guess I’ll carry us along, then. Would you rather pay Hell itself a visit? Or pay Makai a visit? (You would have the power to defend yourselves in both scenarios.)
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    Greetings! And welcome to the top of the mountain. I guess in a way, I should say welcome back to the fandom. Believe me, I was nervous about joining the group, as well. But this place is pretty friendly so all in all, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with anybody. Anyway, take care and have fun!
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    well depends on what kind of villain if I was a villain in one game but a playable in others why not if im a villain in every game no way but I would say unknown hero because incidents would go away but nobody knows who solved it
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    have all the tools and furniture in my house be tsukumogami. i cant stand the happiness the fairies bring along and ain't have much stuff anyway. would you rather be a legendary villain or be an unknown hero
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    be able to 1cc any lunatic, since i can't last till stage 3 or 4 on most games, even on easy. Also i couldn't get on extra due to how much i suck. Would You Rather? Serve As a servant for Doremy in the dream world. OR Serve As a servant for Satori in the palace of earth spirits.
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    1 horn because if you have 2 horns you would become a drunk horse looking girl would you rather be able to beat any extra stage but not able to 1cc lunatic or be able to 1cc any lunatic but not be able to beat extra
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    Work for Shion, because she has a more virtuous personality and because poverty is good for the soul. Would you rather: - sneeze danmaku uncontrollably in sunlight? - be unable to distinguish fairies from muffins?
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    have the 2 billion score ransomware in UFO, since i am too confused on picking either. Would You Rather? Work For Shion, but have never-ending poverty. OR Work for Jo'on, but have never-ending financial ruin P.S. The Choice For Shion Means you can work for her, but are cursed with poverty, but it cant be removed. and the choice for Jo'on means you can work for her, but are cursed with financial ruin, but it cant get removed.
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    This sounds pretty cool. Let’s see... Mokou is red. Shion is blue. Jo’on is greedy. Reimu is too.
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    I’d need a lot of practice, but I think I have a better shot at beating UFO without any extra lives or bombs. Best case scenario is I’m not killing myself, trying to nab those power-ups. Would you rather do ten push-ups for every in-game death. Or play all of DDC with your screen upside down?
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    Thanks! The game works now! I have another issue with a fangame, but I'll post it in another thread.
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    well you know what they say if it aint flashy it aint magic so mini-hakkero would you rather 1cc TD on hard mode without trancing or 1cc UFO on normal mode without touching any UFOs
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    I'm assuming your controls aren't changed to match the orientation? In that case play stage 1 - 6 upside down because inverse controls are at least easier to understand than having controls where X inputs move you on the Y axis, and vice versa. Also extra stages are difficult enough even with normal controls. Would you rather: Have Marisa's broomstick Or have Marisa's Mini-Hakkero
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    Ok, I tested the game. and It happens to me too. Just delete the file called "config.dat"
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    Here is one of mine. A cute Youmu. ? I made the mistake of drawing it very small. So I can not add details for now.
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    climb the top of the youkai mountain because maybe I could see kanako would you rather use frog bombs or use snake bombs
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    I think Keine would help the most by just removing sonic's bad past history. Sure, that doesn't mean correcting it, it just means making it never happen in the first place, but it's better than... letting that thing happen. (However, I have no idea about the longevity of Keine's effects, they may just be temporary.) She probably could correct it if it were a night of the full moon, when she gains the ability to create history instead of just removing it, but again I have no idea if her effect would last or not.
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    After a certain movie trailer appeared and scared the Internet more than any Youkai could dream of, who in Touhou could help Sonic with his film of bad luck. I think the Goddesses of misfortune (can't spell or rember name at the moment) could help by talking the bad luck away from him and put it in a doll for her collection. As both a Touhou and Sonic fan, I would really like to see your thoughts on this matter.
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    Time to mention it here too. Can't really hurt Both, Touhou 17 and it's OST, are available for download now. Game: OST:
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    be as dumb as cirno because then i can be like "did you know water cant melt!?" would you rather be youmu or be youmu's ghost
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    on the moon because in heaven you will only really see tenshi and suika would you rather play every game as a reimu main or play every game as a marisa main
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    I’ll take having to play all the games but one in Japanese. It’ll bite having no idea what’s going on, for the most part but eh. Would you rather live on the Moon, as a Lunarian. Or live in Heaven, as a Celestial?
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    Sounds fair enough, to me. Alrighty, think I’d rather play the games with only using one finger to control the arrow keys. That’s basically what I do, already.(Focus Mode is vital to my survival, haha.) Would you rather Have a strong tolerance towards pain. Or have a strong tolerance towards lunacy?
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    I'd rather save all of Gensokyo with no payout. That's basically what Reimu does on a weekly basis anyway, so that way she can at least get a day off. (I wonder if Reimu would choose the money over saving Gensokyo?) Suko already posted a question so I won't put another one so that this thread doesn't become confusing to follow.
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    Ahh, as much as I like alcohol, I think I’d just be wasting Suika’s gourd.(Just one beer knocks me out, ahaha...) So I’ll take Kaguya’s five Impossible treasures. That is, long as I don’t have to fulfill her requests. Would you rather save all of Gensokyo with no payout. Or watch Gensokyo burn, but you become incredibly wealthy?
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    Meet Yamame any day. Spiders? fine. Creepy sentient dolls who try to poison you? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE Would you rather: Have Kaguya's five impossible treasures, which possess incredible magical power or Have Suika's gourd of never ending sake
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    What kind of immortal? Houraijin? nope NOPE NOPE. i'd rather be undead. Celestials Immortality? Yes YES YES. what about Hermit immortality? well... not bad, i can make undead this way. Meet Yamame Kurodani or meet Medicine Melacholy
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    That would depend on their response. I think Tewi might take slightly less offense if I took her carrot. Unlike Ringo, who is both a glutton and a soldier. So I’ll go with Tewi. Which would you rather be? Immortal. Or Undead?
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    relive their worst nightmares bc then i can troll anyone i want to would you rather steal tewi's carrot or steal ringo's dango
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    Or you could just boot up a windows7 VM to play all the older games. ?


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