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  1. LotusCraft - SecondSeason!

    Release Information
    Type: RTS
    Developer: Neetpia
    Publisher: Neetpia
    Release: Comiket 83, on December 30, 2012
    Language: Japanese

    Touhou  Strategy - LotusCraft considered as the Japanese version of many western real time strategy game, especially the Starcraft series from Blizzard. The basic gameplay mechanic is the same as every strategy game, collect resources (sake and spirits), construct buildings, develop armies and finally attack your opponents. In LotusCraft each unit has different abilities that can be distinguished from their colors (red, green, blue, black and white). The leaders or main heroes can level up and then use various skills, a system that similar to Heroes of Might and Magic, Starcraft and Warcraft.

    - new version by Patric20878




  2. Mahou Shoujou VS Gensoukyou・Magical Battle Arena NEXT

    Release Information
    Type: 3D Fighting Game 
    Developer: 領域ZERO
    Publisher: 領域ZERO
    Release: Comiket 92, on August 11, 2017
    Language: Japanese
    Character List: 
    Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Youmu Konpaku, Alice Margatroid, Yukari Yakumo, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Tenshi Inanawi, Toyosatomimi no Miko, Illya Einzbern (from Fate Kaleid), Miyu Edelfelt (from Fate Kaleid), Sakura Kinomoto (from Cardcaptor Sakura), Nanoha Takamachi (from Nanoha), Fate Testarossa (from Nanoha), Lina Inverse (from Slayers), Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune (from Slayers), Punie Tanaka (from Dai Mahou Touge) and the final boss Nowel Diastasis (Original). 

    Mahou Shoujou VS Gensoukyou・Magical Battle Arena NEXT features characters from the Touhou universe, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Cardcaptor Sakura, Slayers and Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya. The gameplay is largely the same as its predecessor, a crossover third-person aerial fighting game, where the player uses various attacks from melee, range and magic to exhaust their opponent's health meter. Originally released as an update patch to combine both Gensoukyou and Mahou Shoujou version, allowing characters, stages, and music from both games to be used in either game. As an integrated game, the Comiket 92 version features Story Mode and unrecorded characters.
    - screenshots by Snowbit969
    - new version by Patric20878




  3. 东方梦零魂 -TouHou Nil Soul-

    Release Information
    Type: SRPG
    Developer: Re零同人社
    Publisher: Re零同人社
    Release: 18 mar 2019
    Language: English (can switch to JP/CN)


    Scarlet Devil Mansion is asking for trouble again.
    For the sake of convenience, vampire lord Reimilia Scarlet release scarlet mist to blind the sun. No doubt such stupid behavior will definitely result in a tragedy. Look! Reimu and Marisa are coming to teach her a lesson.
    What is different is that Reimu and Marisa use dummies called “Nil Souls” to defeat opponents this time. Come on! Let’s choose your soldiers , pick up your weapons , dodge opponents’ bullets and beat them down.
    We firmly believe that this brand new scarlet mist anomaly will keep company with you during your playing of about 20 hours.
    1.A unique system including turn base and barrage — turn-based barrage system.
    1-1 What is the turn-based barrage system?
    To cut a long story short, it is a system syncretizing turn-based game and barrage. A system in which the barrages will move according to preset trajectory after players complete operation. A systemwhichletsplayersthink twice before every character’s every step so that their characters won’t be hurt by changing barrages. So this unique system requires players to have the ability of deducing situation they will face after several rounds and scan changes of battlefield in the dynamic perspective.Just think about how you try to guess your friend’s next step when playing chess, then you may understand the system better.

    ▲ This turn-based barrage system nearly like this in the game.
    1-2 How can I enjoy the turn-based barrage system?
    The answer is the diversity of barrage itself. In this aspect, TouHou Project’s official games and other barrage games have given us a lot of reference. Barrages in the game can be classified as:regular barrages,random barrages,tracking barrages and blocking barrages.Meanwhile, bosses’skills can add more changes to barrages. Let’s see two examples. Rumia can hide barrages, which means palyers can’t see her barrages completely. As a result, players have to deduce trajectory of barrages according to their acquaintance with barrages and then dodge them. Hon Meirin is good at knockback, so chances are that even if players have dodged barrages, Hon Merin can still use her skills to beat them back to the area surrounded by barrages or even to a barrage. We hope that we can combine bosses’skills with rules of barrages to create more plentiful experience.

    ▲ Tetris barrages? Are you kidding me?(´_ゝ`)
    1-3 How can we cope with barrages?
    We provide three ways:dodge,just stand stillandelimination.Here we don’t to talk about the first and second ways more. As for the third way, players’ characters will have the ability of eliminating barrages. For example, we design some skills which allow players to eliminate barrages in a certain area, and some spell cards which can attack bosses while eliminating barrages in a large area. We believe that properly using skills of eliminating barrages while attacking bosses, together with barrage itself, will create something interesting. We hope we can make the system more attractive as possible as we can.

    ▲ Oh~ my friend, are you annoyed with being surrounded by barrages? Here is Master Spark, eliminates abundant barrages in a line, releases powerful blast to the maximum and leaves no side effects at the same time. Are you sure you can refuse such a mighty spell card?

    ▲ Besides active attacking skills, some supporting skills also have the effect of eliminating barrages. How to use these skills properly will become the core of the system
    2.Six kinds of skills, weave , combine and mutate.
    We will spend most of time on developing skills in the following days. After all, combos between skills decide whether the game is attractive. So far, we’ve designed and classified skills as following:

    ▲ Attack,Instant damage without any cost. Meanwhile you can also recover your mana. But it will be restricted by distance.

    ▲ Defensive skills,Reduce damage from bosses’ attack.

    ▲ Barrage skills,Bosses only at present. Bosses will use barrages to fulfill the battlefield, surround players’ characters and finally kill them.

    ▲ Spell card,High damage, high cost and various additional effects.

    ▲ Summons skills,Bosses only. Bosses will summon servants to raise their damage.

    ▲ Supporting skills,Skills of coping with different situation and raising combating effect.
    2-1 System of opponents’ skills
    As for opponents’skills, we preset three motivating method:RA(random and active),CA(conditional and active),andCP(conditional and passive).ere is brief explanation:
    Generally, opponents will randomly launch a skill randomly every round.
    When some conditions are met, opponents will launch one or several active skills.
    When some conditions are met, one or several passive skills will be motivated.种被动。

    ▲ ur anonymous Rumia is killed by opponent’s combo of barrages, spell cards and environment restriction.
    2-2 System of players’ skills
    or four skills. Attack has restriction on scope, skills will cost characters’ mana and defense has no restriction. Besides all above, there are other several rules:
    Restriction on scope.
    Some skills only have certain effective rounds.
    Some skills have CD.
    Some passive skills cannot be motivated inbattles but they will take effect continuously (For example, floating opponents won’t be influenced by environment.)
    What’s more, in our next developing step, we are considering letting players themselves choose skills

    ▲ Marisa can’t release ‘Master Spark’ due to CD of five rounds.
    2-3 Servant system ——Icing on the cake
    To keep players from being bored with the pattern of fighting against bosses, bosses will summon two to four servants to combat together. Every servant has its respective action bar, which means players should regard each servant as an opponent. Servants have their own action patterns as well as interactive(with their masters of course) action patterns. How and when to cope with these servants properly will also be an interesting core remaining to be pondered on.
    So far, we can show you following information……

    ▲ Reimu andher servants —— Red and white magatamas

    ▲ Marisa and her servants——Casket of Star

    ▲ Patchouil and her servants——Philosopher’s Stone
    3.team , items and storyline exploration
    3-1 System of team
    ‘TouHou Nil Soul’ is a turn-based barrage game requiring all characters ally against opponents. At most five characters are permitted in one team. More characters will be unlocked with the exploration of storyline. Each character has different position and feature. Using these features properly to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses will make your combat more efficient. What’s more, each character will have following designing:
    Potential combating statistics.
    Three or four innate skills(we will improve this aspect in the following editions)
    Three slots for: weapons, armors and accessories.

    ▲ You can check and adjust characters’ status when you configure team for next battle. Grey characters are unavailable.
    3-2 System of items
    We design the system of items of course. Putting different items into right slots can considerably raise characters’ statistics, which will do help to your following battles. Here is some information about items:
    The only way to gain items so far is: First, win a battle. Second, go to Kourindouand get some dormant items. Third, infuse ‘Nil Soul’ into items and waken them. Now you can use them.
    Wakened items have random statistics.
    Different levels will randomly drop different items. For example, if you get a Reimu’s weapon in ‘Hakurei Shrine’, then next time you may see this weapon in another level instead of ‘Hakurei Shrine’. The reason why we design this mechanism is that we hope we can avoid letting players play one level repeatedly just for one specific item.
    So far, each character has her private weapon but armors and accessories can be used universally
    All dormant items you get from all levels will only exist before next time you get new dormant items. In other words, if you don’t waken dormant items you get from the last battle during the period between the last battle and next battle, these dormant items will be replaced by new dormant items

    ▲ fter you win a battle, you can get some dormant items in Kourindou. Since the ‘Nil Soul’ is finite, it deserves to think twice before wakening items.
    3-3 System of levels
    We design a map ranging from Hakurei Shrine to Scarlet Devil Mansion.What’s more, you will see some special landmarks on this map, they correspond to battlefields in official games.Yes, those familiar opponents will challenge you when you exploring the map. Here is the explanation in detail about this system:
    You can only unlock next area by defeat the boss of this area.
    You can challenge every area repeatedly.
    You will get random items from different area.
    Story of each area will only be motivated the first time you challenge the area
    What’s more, we are trying our best to polish this aspect and enrich players’ experience of exploring the map.

    ▲ Once you’ve explored the whole map, you will get a picture of part of Gensoukyo. By the way, we haven’t designed this picture completely on the basis of official games.
    4.ther things we think we should display here
    4-1 Characters in the official game ‘the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil’ are all available.
    Besides Reimu and Marisa, nine characters in ‘the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil’ will appear in our game. They will be unlocked with players’ exploration of storyline.

    ▲ The deblocking of two vampire bosses has some special conditions so we decide not to display their images here.
    4-2 Humorous storyline
    We fill this game with a great deal of stories. While enjoying the main line, we hope these stories can make you smile knowingly.
    Yes, it is just a relaxing game, a pleasant game from the beginning to the end. So, you can motivate any story as you wish.

    4-3 Salute the original music——Remix based on original music
    In recent years, the mainstream of composing TouHou fan music is reshaping original music. Actually, we’ve chosen a different way when we developing game music. We decide to use the remix adaption of original music (which is closer to original music). So far, we’ve completed 23 songs. Well, that’s not the end. This number is still raising.

    The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can):




  4. Touhou Phantasm Dream

    Release Information
    Type: Shooting (others)
    Developer: Lonhong Team
    Publisher: Lonhong Media
    Release: 12 gen 2020 (Steam Ver.)
    Language: Chinese

    Touhou Phantasm Dream (original Chinese title: Dongfang Huànmèng jian) is a Chinese Touhou shooting game developed by Lon Hong, based upon Touhou Kishinjou and Touhou Seirensen. The game features three playable characters to choose from; Reimu, Marisa and Reimila & Flandre, each having distinct attack types and personalized bombs. In Touhou Phantasm Dream lives and bombs are gained by collecting four corresponding fragments from destroyed enemies. The scoring system is based on numeric value; starts from 400/600/800/1000 respectively, and after the player gets a fragment the capacity will grow by 100. This value will slowly deplete unless the player is defeating enemies or collecting point items. 

    The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): 




  5. 东方华彩乱战2 ~ Touhou Blooming Chaos 2

    Release Information
    Type: 2D Shooting (others)
    Developer: 二色幽紫蝶, re零同人社
    Publisher: 二色幽紫蝶, 东游鉴
    Release: 17 apr 2020
    Language: Chinese

    English and Japanese language will be available in the future.

    One day, Cirno is having fun playing around, like usual, but when she decides to walk back to her home near the Misty Lake she soon finds out that the path home isn't leading there anymore, after attempting to get home a few more times she finds out that except for the Human Village, all other familiar places are terribly dislocated and no one could reach their destination. Also, seemingly affected by an unknown force, youkais become aggresive and start attacking each other.
    Why would it happen? Could it be another incident?
    And how will the residents of Gensokyo, bored for long, face it?

    ▲Gensokyo is in spatial disorder, the Human Village is the point of departure.

    You’ll be controlling one of various characters to fight from minions to bosses in known places of Gensokyo. Everything is randomly generated, so each run always offers you different experience.

    ▲Gates attached to a room are opened only after cleaning it.

    Puzzle rooms occasionally appears in the dungeon, featuring a puzzle. Great awards await you once you resolve it.

    ▲Once resolved, the curse of the treasure chest is lifted.

    Korindo’s branch store sometimes appears in the dungeon, acting as a supply station selling you goods, with a certain odd of presenting items of better quality. Beside that, it functions exactly the same as the store in the Human Village.

    ▲Korindo's branch store offers significantly better items than the one in the village.

    At every end of the floor, a Boss Room appears as a larger room for a boss fight. Girls of Gensokyo shall launch wonderful danmaku battles here and gain rewards for victory! Raise your spirit and make it!

    ▲Have wondeful danmaku battles with the mighty and graceful girls of Gensokyo!

    Characters gain experience from battles and attribute points from leveling up. Gather and distribute those points to strengthen your character.

    ▲Build up attributes to build your own most powerful character!

    Equipping various suits doesn’t only gain additions on your attributes, but also grants you passive effects.

    Also, equipment can be forged. Keep the properties you prefer, and eventually craft the best one for you!

    ▲Reforge your equipment and make your best arrangement.

    More Than 10 Playable Characters
    Cirno, Youmu Konpaku, Sanae Kochiya, Rin Satsuki... In future updates, there will also be Reimu, Marisa, Alice, Hina, Clownpiece, Suika, Kokoro, Yuka and more.

    ▲Control various characters, and get a totally different experience.

    More Than 30 Available Bosses

    Collect enough certain items, and you can unlock a playable character in the pantheon!

    While a character is unlocked, collect enough certain items, again, and you can unlock a new color palette for this character!

    Once a track is played during the game, you can always replay it in the Music Room.

    The gallery images are unlocked after you beat that Tengu reporter who is known for taking secret photos.
    Besides the regular dungeon for the main plot, we’ve also prepared special dungeons for those who seek challenges, these include ones that forbid all pre-brought items and make you start at level 1, ones with a time limit, and one with a boss rush... and so on.

    ▲Dungeons with more varied themes, for players who love challenge.


    For more contents, please wait warmly for future updates...

    The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): 




  6. 东方华彩乱战 ~ Touhou Blooming Chaos

    Release Information
    Type: 2D Shooting (others)
    Developer: 二色幽紫蝶, Re零同人社
    Publisher: 二色幽紫蝶, 东游鉴
    Release: 1 ott 2019
    Language: Chinese


    Touhou Blooming Chaos is an ACT fangame of the touhou project series.
    Everyone in gensokyo seems to have had their body swapped with someone else's, find out what happened.
    This game isn't like a traditional Danmaku game, you can move and attack in all directions.
    Not like traditional Danmaku game, in this game you can operating your characters move and attack to all directions. Find the secret of maps and face to powerful enemies.
    You can find hidden keys and recovery items if you carefully explore the maps and break the offering boxes.
    There are more than 30 types of enemies and every boss has 2 spellcards.
    Our game got totally 6 ending, each and every one of them are really funny.
    The soundtrack is composed of 19 tracks specifically made for this game.
    Whatever you are a Touhou fan or not, you'll have a lot fun with this game.

    Sorry if the description is a bit messy, i tried my best to make sense of the mess that's the original one.

    The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can):


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  7. Touhou: Dreaming Butterfly | 东方蝶梦志

    Release Information
    Type: 2D Shooting (others)
    Developer: 弦语蝶梦
    Publisher: 弦语蝶梦
    Release: 18 ago 2018
    Language: Chinese


    Touhou: Dreaming Butterfly is a Touhou Project derivative game developed by Strrationalism.It uses the way of the horizontal STG that any original game has never used.This game aims to make the horizontal STG players experience the fun of games,also lets the player who are used to the vertical STG have more contact with the horizontal STG, an entirely different type of game from Touhou original games.So, based on keeping style of the horizontal STG,Touhou: Dreaming Butterfly is almost similar to Touhou original games.like known Spell-card Rule, beautiful stages, concentrated but not hard to dodged bullets.

    How to play:
    Direction Key – Move
    Shift Key – Slow
    Z Key – Shoot/Enter
    X Key – Bomb/Cancel
    ESC Key – Pause/Cancel

    This game has gamepad support.

    Hello! We are Strrationalism, a team with interest.Now you’ll play our production, Touhou: Dreaming Butterfly.Whether by chance or long awaited, we are very happy to share with you the joy and hope of this game!

    It says that people entered someone’s dream inadvertently in Gensokyo.
    The leading roles are also our miko and magician.
    As the only ‘waking’ people, they came across acquaintances, one of who was abnormal manic, or sinister, or strange, or…themselves?

    The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): 




  8. 東方逆妙乱 ~ Ephemeral Unnatural Balance

    Release Information
    Type: 2D Shooting (others)
    Developer: Ephemeral Entertainment
    Publisher: Ephemeral Entertainment
    Release: 16 ago 2019
    Language: English (+ others)

    Touhou Gyakumyouran ~ Ephemeral Unnatural Balance (東方逆妙乱 ~ Ephemeral Unnatural Balance) is a Touhou Project fan game.

    A peaceful spring in the land of Gensokyo descends into chaos. The balance of power has been suddenly reversed! The strong are now weak, and the weak are now strong. It's another incident, and incidents like this are usually resolved in a snap. This time, Gensokyo's usual heroines find themselves weaker than a common fairy. Since the likes of Reimu and Marisa are in no condition to solve an incident, three atypical protagonists step in to save Gensokyo.

    Each character has their own unique firing pattern. Pick the one you enjoy the most and dodge your way through the six-stage main game. After you've successfully cleared the main scenario, use your honed skills to challenge the unlockable Extra stage. The main game has four difficulties to choose from, and the Extra stage has two, so you can tip Gensokyo's scales back into balance regardless of your skill level.

    Sometimes the best way to fix something is to shatter it completely. That's why you can harness the power of the incident (and the Balance Gauge) to activate Discord Mode. Using this new mode will temporarily increase both risk and reward. Patterns will become more intense, but if you manage to survive the barrage you will be rewarded with additional lives (and a much higher score).

    Players who want a higher challenge can enjoy Dissonant Mode, where Discord is permanently enabled. While playing in Dissonant Mode, the Balance gauge is used to power Flash Bombs instead. A Flash Bomb will clear bullets in a radius around you. If a regular enemy is caught in the radius of one, that enemy will be marked. Marked enemies will drop additional items, including extra life and bomb pieces if the enemy is sufficiently powerful.

    The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can):




  9. Touhou Mechanical Scrollery | 幻想討幻経

    Release Information
    Type: 3D Shooting, ARPG
    Developer: 巫女さん作法
    Publisher: Phoenixx Inc.
    Release: 30 apr 2020
    Language: English (+ others)

    This is a free-flying Hunting Action RPG!Attack from the air and hunt down your targets as Reimu or Marisa!

    ◎Combat System

    ◆Regular Attacks
    You have two types of regular attacks: Melee and shooting.
    Hit with melee attacks to charge your Shot Gauge.

    ◆Spell Cards
    Hit with shooting attacks to charge your Spell Gauge.
    Spend your Spell Gauge to use Spell Cards, unleashing beautiful and devastating danmaku patterns to overwhelm enemies!

    Grazing means to barely avoid an enemy attack.
    This charges your Shot Gauge.

    ◆Destructible Body Parts
    Enemy bodies have parts that can be destroyed to net you materials used in weapon crafting.
    Break those parts and get those mats!

    ◎Equipment System
    Use materials to upgrade your equipment and make your Spell Cards fancier and more powerful!

    Invader weapons called Metal Spiders have appeared in Gensokyo! Why are they popping up around the Human Village?
    Reimu and Marisa set out to the Human Village to get to the bottom of the incident!

    ・Story scenes feature all characters in Live2D!

    The story is set after the events of Forbidden Scrollery and Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, but you don't have to be familiar with either of those stories to enjoy this one!

    The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can):


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  10. Touhou Luna Nights

    Release Information
    Type: 2D Action/Platform
    Developer: Vaka Game Magazine, Team Ladybug
    Publisher: Why so serious?, PLAYISM
    Release: 26 Feb, 2019
    Language: English (and other)

    Touhou Luna Nights is a Metroidvania title with a heavy emphasis on exploration and action. 
    Developed by Team Ladybug, creators of multiple fantastic action games thus far.


    “...Now, let’s begin my world.”
    Remilia Scarlet, head vampire of the Scarlet Devil Mansion sends her maid Sakuya Izayoi with no warning to a world much like Gensokyo, but not quite.
    A world full of strange places, filled with strange youkai and her time manipulation sealed.
    What could Remilia’s end game be...?

    What's special about this game

    ・Time stop system from character's Ability and Gimmick maps that use special abilities like time stop.

    ・Adapt the "graze" system of the Touhou Project into a 2D game, giving you a sense of tension in approaching to the enemy.

    ・Graphics that bring out the appeal of Touhou world, such as attractive dot Graphics.

    A word from the publisher

    Team Ladybug began with "Pharaoh Rebirth," continuing with other enjoyable games including "Resurrection of Beldia" and "Shin Megami Tensei SYNCHRONICITY PROLOGUE."
    Since, I have been waiting in anticipation for their next project.

    This time, they have created a fan fiction game based off the world-renowned "Touhou Project."
    From the background to the character's movements and various skills, one can feel the creator's passion for games and love of the Touhou project.

    While it has a Metroidvania style, the game can easily progress without the insistence of repeat elements or collecting items. This has resulted in a spectacular game born from the game production skills cultivated by Team Ladybug.

    And I personally want to highlight the beauty of the anime sprite.
    You can see the attention to detail the creator put into not only the leading character's movements, but the effects and enemy characters.
    Touhou Luna Nights is not only for Touhou fans but one that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves 2D action games.

    The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): 




  11. Touhou Mahojou - Book of Star Mythology

    Release Information
    Type: Vertical Bullet Hell Shooter
    Developer: Mace's Secret Base
    Publisher: Mace's Secret Base
    Release: October 14, 2016
    Language: Japanese


    Throughout Gensokyo, rumors have been spreading about secret artifact summoned by Fuma Mishandra. With the help of Sanae and Marisa, Reimu takes off to stop Mishandra who is summoning otherworldly beings. Touhou Mahojou, literally translated as Eastern Magic Relic Castle, is a vertically scrolling shooter programmed by Mace's Secret Base and written in Danmakufu ph3, though the script files were left unpacked, which means that the Danmakufu application is not required in order to play the game. The story was written by Milka Oyasu who previously wrote the scenario for Touhou Jaseishou, Touhou Doumeiju and Touhou Tougenkyuu. Book of Star Mythology features three playable characters to choose from; Reimu, Marisa and Sanae, each having two distinct attack types. The gameplay is similar to that of Touhou Kanjuden with the Constellation Gauge and Magnitude that affect collecting bomb fragments and score. Book of Star Mythology allows a selection between game modes; Legendary Hero with infinite lives and Legacy Mode which functions similarly to regular Touhou project titles.




  12. Suika to Hyakki Hei

    Release Information
    Type:  3D Action Adventure Game
    Developer: Studio Rice Cake
    Publisher: Studio Rice Cake
    Release: Reitaisai 11, on May 11 2014
    Language: Japanese

    The oni Suika was living as usual in Gensokyo, but then she finds out her gourd is empty. Sake bugs are required in order to refill the bottle gourd and her objective is to find them. Suika to Hyakki Hei (English: Suika and 100 Demon Soldiers) is a 3D action game starring Suika in her quest collecting scattered sake bugs. Suika has a standard melee attack and can create smaller versions of herself in a formation which is useful for attack and defense. There are eight different formations which can be selected at any time by the player.




  13. Touhou Genso Wanderer -Reloaded- + ALL DLC

    Release Information
    Type: RPG
    Developer: AQUASTYLE
    Publisher: AQUASTYLE
    Release: 26 October 2018
    Language: English

     AKA 不可思议的幻想乡TOD -RELOADED- / 不思議の幻想郷TOD -RELOADED-


    Based on the "Touhou Project" world, Touhou Genso Wanderer -Reloaded- is a roguelike RPG where the layout of the dungeons and the treasure you'll find in them will change every time you play.
    Packed with a ton of content to discover and explore, it's an addicting experience that will make you want to rack up hours and hours of play time.
    Easy for beginners to understand, yet filled with advanced options for pros, anyone can enjoy this game to their heart's content!

    "Roguelike Games 101"
    Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded is a kind of RPG known as a "Roguelike."
    Every time you enter a new dungeon, your character's level will go back to 1, the layout of the dungeon will change, and the items you'll find on the ground will be different.
    Roguelikes are turn based, so every time you move one square or take an action (such as attacking), the enemies will each get one turn of their own. As long as you're standing still, the enemies will stay put, too.
    However, unlike a typical roguelike, the dungeons in Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded let you keep your items, even if you're defeated! So make sure to collect as many as you can!
    If roguelike games seem scary to you, don't worry! This game has a lot of options and systems to ensure your dungeon adventures turn out great!
    ・Intuitive Interface
    With a press of a button, you can bring up your Cross Menu, allowing you easy access to everything about your character you'll need.
    ・Changeable Game Speed
    You can choose between 3 different speeds for the game to run at, and change the speed at any time. Set your speed depending on your playstyle.
    ・UI Options
    You can change the size of the UI or the placement of the Mini-map to suit your needs.

    "Main Story"
    One day, a heavy rain poured down on Gensokyo.
    Reimu Hakurei looked for shelter in a shop called "Kourindo," but all she found there was trouble.
    Rinnosuke Morichika, the owner of the shop, started acting strange and suddenly attacked her.
    Reimu's skills were no match for his newfound power, and she found herself on the ropes.
    She retreated back to her home, the Hakurei Shrine. Then, with the help of the sage, Kasen Ibaraki, she headed back to Kourindo to investigate the mysterious tower that had appeared there and bring Rinnosuke back to his senses.
    Now the curtains rise on a new incident to threaten Gensokyo, the battle over the Gold Sphere.

    "Your favorite Touhou Characters"
    Jam-packed with over 120 different friends and foes from the world of Touhou, this game may be the biggest Touhou banquet yet!
    All their abilities and unique characteristics from their original games are represented here.
    Loads of them will even make appearances in the many exciting story campaigns!

    ◆ Save
    This game performs auto save at the following point.
    · Move to the other floor
    · Give Up / Suspend (in Dungeon)
    · Return to title screen from option
    ◆ How to end the game
    Within the dungeon: Select [Suspend] at the magic circle of each floor and choose Exit from the title menu.
    Other than Dungeon: Select [Return to title] from the menu and choose Exit from the title menu.

    All DLC included:

    "Reimu Hakurei" Bikini Costume;
    "Reimu Hakurei" Santa Costume;
    Player character "Alice Margatroid";
    Player character "Utsuho Reiuji";
    Side story & Player character "Sakuya Izayoi";
    Player character "Suwako Moriya";
    Player character "Tojiko Soga";
    Player character "Kasen Ibaraki";
    Player character "Rei'sen";
    Player character "Satori Komeiji";
    Player character "Kokoro Hata";
    Player & Partner character "Cirno";
    Player & Partner character "Tenshi Hinanawi";
    Player & Partner character "Daiyosei";
    Digital LimitedPack [OST + Art Book] (donated by Noobnot);




  14. Touhou Gensou Wanderer - Lotus Labyrinth OST

    AKA 不思議の幻想郷 -ロータスラビリンス- ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK

    Circle: AQUASTYLE
    Donated by: Noobnot

    Track List:

    01 Ignis -イグニス-
    02 Sign for World
    03 始まりの電脳世界 -Hello,World-
    04 ファーストステップ♪
    05 Cyber Sky
    06 神々の戯れ
    07 純情可憐のふたり
    08 始まりの草原
    09 はじめてのおつかい
    10 迷いの竹林を超えて
    11 魔女と悪魔の百年祭
    12 奇書と禁書の大図書館
    13 3つの世界のナイトメア
    14 埋没する春の夢
    15 至高の悪夢へようこそ
    16 大富豪への道
    17 埋蔵金を探して
    18 残雪を踏みならして
    19 天上の国は雪の先に
    20 下克上のその先へ
    21 逆様のレジスタンス
    22 最後の仲間を求めて
    23 幽寂閑雅の無名の丘
    24 地の底から空を仰いで
    25 蛙と踊る田んぼ道
    26 神社を臨む最後の山道
    27 奇跡と天地の大激突
    28 神闘天争~地の利は人の和に如かず~
    29 水面に映る憧憬
    30 異世界の古道具店
    31 Cyber shoplifting
    32 WARNING,01-Attack of the Hyakki Yakō-
    33 WARNING,02-Wonder of the Hyakki Yakō-
    34 ロータスラビリンスに至る道
    35 有頂天の情景
    36 Count Despair
    37 天空守矢神社防衛戦
    38 今、私にできること
    39 静かな決意~Light of Heart~
    40 Girls Injection
    41 移ろいの電脳世界 -Howdy, World-
    42 目指すは天空守矢神社
    44 エイトビットボナラビリティ
    45 断絶された世界
    46 エイトビットボナラビリティ
    47 その果てに待つものは
    48 Defeat Despair
    49 Ignis -イグニス- InstVer
    50 Enter the Darkside
    51 Voice of Despair
    52 交わした約束~Paradise Lost~
    53 Alnair -アルナイル-




  15. Kouma no Kagi - Scarlet Devil's Key

    Release Information
    Type: Puzzle & Logic
    Developer: GEN
    Publisher: GEN
    Release: Comiket 83, on December 30, 2012
    Language: Japanese

    When receiving an invitation from Scarlet Devil Mansion, Toyosatomimi no Miko is confronted by a labyrinth and a maze created by Remilia. Now she tries to escape from the Mistress's traps. 

    The player must overcome unlimited enemy spawning, 50 challenging level designs and difficult puzzles. Miko can manipulate, create, and destroy certain blocks, however, her fragility and limited ways to dispatch enemies make the game more difficult. 




  16. Shin Touhou Musou

    Release Information
    Type: 2D overhead beat 'em up
    Developer: Hachimitsu Kumasan
    Publisher: Hachimitsu Kumasan
    Release: Comiket 80, August 13, 2011
    Version: 1.0
    Language: Japanese
    Shin Touhou Musou, literally translated as True ・ Eastern Unrivalled, is a tactical shooting game based upon Shin Sangokumusou, a series of action games created by Omega Force and Koei. There is no specific storyline and the player chooses one of 12 playable characters and plays a number of levels going after maid fairies, kedamas, UFOs, and yukkuris. Each level can have different terrains, formations and enemies, but the common losing conditions is still same - when health bar reaches zero. During the game the player can destroy destructible environments, collect items, more than 30 spells and 400 different weapons.




  17. Koumajou Densetsu I & II Premium Pack

    Release Information
    Type: 2D Action/Platform
    Developer: Frontier Aja
    Publisher: Frontier Aja
    Release: Comiket 81, on December 31, 2011
    Language: English

    Koumajou Densetsu I & II Premium Pack is a collector's edition which consists of two games; Akeiro no Koukyoukyoku (Comiket 77) and Yougen no Chingonka (Comiket 79). Koumajou Densetsu is an action platformer developed by Frontier Aja, featuring Touhou characters and the gameplay is based on classic Castlevania games. In the Premium Pack all games have been patched to their final version along with multilanguage options. The collector's edition also includes digital artworks, unreleased rough sketches and mini OSTs.




  18. Koumajou Densetsu II - Yougen no Chingonka

    Release Information
    Type: Action/Platform
    Developer: Frontier Aja
    Publisher: Frontier Aja
    Release: Comiket 79, on December 30, 2010
    Language: English

    Some time after the events in the first game, Sakuya returns from an errand for Remilia involving a book, only to find the mansion empty. It isn't long before Yukari appears and gives Sakuya a clue about where Remilia is and vanishes soon after.

    The game is heavily influenced by Castlevania, particularly Symphony of the Night and retains most of the cast from Scarlet Symphony, with the addition of several characters from Touhou Youyoumu. Sakuya is agile and precise with her knifes, almost similar to Alucard. The second game also builds around many of the concepts of the first, adds more sub-weapons in the form of partners and is supported by professional seiyuu (voice actors).




  19. Koumajou Densetsu - Akeiro no Koukyoukyoku

    Release Information
    Type: 2D Action/Platform
    Developer: Frontier Aja
    Publisher: Frontier Aja
    Release: Comiket 76, on December 30, 2009
    Language: English patched

    Gensokyo is covered by scarlet mist...again. Reimu Hakurei sets out to the Scarlet Devil Mansion to investigate, however it is actually a trap made by Remilia.

    Reimu's main weapon is a whip, while the secondary weapons are powered by souls collected by attacking candles and killing monsters. In addition to weapons, Reimu has three abilities: slide, backflip, fly and partner attack. By completing 8 stages in the regular mode, EX Start with higher difficulties can be unlocked. 




  20. Zorozorozofoi 1.03

    Release Information
    Type: Shooting (others)
    Developer: Tokushu Soukoutai
    Publisher: Tokushu Soukoutai
    Release: Comiket 80, on August 13, 2011
    Language: Japanese

    Spring has flourished, many people and youkai came to enjoy the excitement. However the peace did not last long, a lot of kedamas and fairies spawned and made spring become dangerous. Fortunately, Utsuho Reiuji and Rin Kaenbyou with their zombie fairy armies have come to restore peace. Zorozorozofi (English: zombie come in droves), is an arena shooting game similar to Super Smash TV, a classic run and gun game for arcade (1990). In Zorozorozofi players have to shoot down hordes of enemies as they advance from all sides, while at the same time collecting weapons and power-up items. Unlike Super Smash TV, there is a base or pre-battle menu where one can change their weapons, save the game, and select which level to play. 




  21. Zorozoro Wars

    Release Information
    Type: Shooting (others)
    Developer: Tokushu Soukoutai
    Publisher: Tokushu Soukoutai
    Release: 2013
    Language: Japanese

    Zorozoro Wars (Japanese: Zorozoro U-ouzu), is spin-off of the original Zorozorozofi, an arena shooting game similar to Super Smash TV. It formerly was a paid doujin game at Reitaisai 10, but later became freeware. Developed using same game engine, the game features only Rin Kaenbyou in a large map with a single objective: survive from hordes of enemies and bullets. By touching candles, Rin can summon zombie fairies with different shooting styles to help her in her mission. The game is not limited by time and will be over only if the player runs out of life points.




  22. Yoiyami Densetsu - The Legend of Twilight

    Release Information
    Type: Action, RPG
    Developer: Otter's Arcadia
    Publisher: Otter's Arcadia
    Release: Comiket 82, on August 11, 2012
    Language: Japanese

    Yoiyami Densetsu (English: The Legend of Twilight) is the second doujin game from Otter's Arcadia which was released at the 2nd day of Comiket 82, on August 11, 2012. An adventure RPG with real time battle inspired by The Legend of Zelda (A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening respectively), but also includes a menu system similar to Seiken Densetsu 2 for Super Famicom. The game uses four standard buttons: Z (confirm), X (cancel), C (item menu) and F4 (toggle screen). The story is around Rumia who's involved in an incident after seein familiar temple grounds and must collect 8 objects.




  23. Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!! - Hakugyokurou-hen

    Release Information
    Type: 2D Fighting
    Developer: D.C.S.
    Publisher: D.C.S.
    Release: Comiket 75, on December 29, 2008
    Language: Japanese

    Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!! - Hakugyokurou-hen, literally translated as One Two Meiliiing!! - Part of Hakugyokurou, is a simple fighting game developed by D.C.S. and based upon Yie Ar Kung-Fu, a 1985 fighting game developed by Konami. Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!! features Hong Meiling as the protagonist and she must fight all the five characters from Touhou Youyoumu to win the title of Grand Master. She has a variety of punch and kick blows usable by combining the punch and/or kick commands. Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!! - Hakugyokurou-hen is the second game in the series.




  24. Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!! - Eientei-hen

    Release Information
    Type: 2D Fighting
    Developer: D.C.S.
    Publisher: D.C.S.
    Release: Reitaisai 6, on March 8, 2009
    Language: Japanese

    Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!! - Eientei-hen, literally translated as One Two Meiliiing!! - Part of Eientei, is a simple fighting game developed by D.C.S. and based upon Yie Ar Kung-Fu, a 1985 fighting game developed by Konami. Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!! features Hong Meiling as the protagonist and she must fight all the five characters from Touhou Eyashou, with Fujiwara no Mokou as additional hidden character in extra mode, to win the title of Grand Master. She has a variety of punch and kick blows usable by combining the punch and/or kick commands. Meiling also has nine additional movements when she changes into Koakuma mode. Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!! - Eientei-hen is the third game in the series.




  25. Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!!

    Release Information
    Type: 2D Fighting
    Developer: D.C.S.
    Publisher: D.C.S.
    Release: Touhou Kourumu 4, on November 2, 2008
    Language: Japanese

    Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!!, literally translated as One Two Meiliiing!!, is a simple fighting game developed by D.C.S. and based upon Yie Ar Kung-Fu, a 1985 fighting game developed by Konami. Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!! features Hong Meiling as protagonist as she must fight all the five characters from Touhou Koumakyou with Flandre Scarlet as the final opponent to win the title of Grand Master. She has a variety of punch and kick blows usable by combining the punch and/or kick commands. Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!! is the first game in the series.




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