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Touhou Ibunseki - Ayaria Dawn: ReCreation

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Release Information
Type: Tabletop-like Game
Developer: Team L.U.R.Id Glow
Publisher: Team L.U.R.Id Glow
Release: 11 nov 2019
Language: English
Characters in this ver. : Reimu, Marisa, Alice, Remilia, Sakuya, Patchouli, Yuyuko, Youmu.


Once upon a time, a mysterious crystal fell into Gensoukyou.Wierd things happens, but this time, not throwing danmaku to each other, Reimu.
Use your head, I mean, if you have enough money, why not settle those annoying problems by just thrusting money to the man behind all these?
Well then, it's a damn good idea that let that Reimu pay.
Actually, she did pay!
***What the hell was going on? There's only one thing I know - She earned all those money, by doing real estate business !***

======GAME FEATURES======
· Classical Monopoly-like game.· Custom level editor, make your own monopoly ! You can also upload the custom map to the workshop in the coming updates.
· Double resource system (money & crystal), electric dispatching, SP required dice throwing - All these make a huge different!
· Weather affects largely your movement, make use of this!
· Fight who is in your way, and get rewarded or get in the hospital.
· 20+ characters from TH.6 to TH.11, each with different skills and voice.
· Original boss characters.
· 10+ official maps
· Online multiplayers in the coming updates.

Please support the devs by buying the game on Steam if you can:


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i know this game. i was the one who started the form that told the devs that fans would like an English version. (not a lie, being 100% real)

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On 4/13/2021 at 5:17 AM, nutbuster87 said:

Anyone has plans to update this game?

I sent in the most recent version earlier in the week just waiting for it to be put up.

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