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  1. I can do both but eh whatever LoL K. ( no one will accept me anyway ;( ) Would you rather play Touhou with no focus? or play touhou with only 1 finger to press the arrow keys?
    Cool but not enough grinders.
  2. Hey, So recently I downloaded LoT2 on the website, I liked some music and SE of the game and I want those files for later use in some project but I don't know how yet. I messed around with the files but no luck for me would be glad if someone could help Thanks!
  3. I play Touhou cause it is creppy and make me feel anxious/scared all the time.
  4. Make me wonder if we can clear the game without photography
  5. Kinda bug me too so sumone pls check
  6. I may still be dead but how's the shrine doin?

    1. Otakun Dan

      Otakun Dan

      We had to limit the size of every file because we are getting too much traffic, so i have to reupload a lot of stuff, also i found a site with info about all the fangames we are missing ... so yeah, i have a lot to do.

    2. Suko


      good luck then
      Would seem nicer if I see other site editors working too since I only see you working on it recently.

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