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  1. Here's The Official Announcement On Youtube That I Found: https://youtu.be/HPk-VhRjNI8 I'm so happy!
  2. Yeah, for some reason when I install SWR on this website, something in my computer automatically deletes the english version before I can fully extract it. This goes the same for the other fighting games.
  3. Lets say Reimu is getting into Super Smash Bros. What would be some good alternate skins for her? Obviously Classic PC98 would be one of them, but what then?
  4. I'm thinking about showng Touhou to my older sister, who's never heard of it before. What is the best way to introduce it to her, and what game should she play first?
  5. I've downloaded one of the games. How do I play it? Am I supposed to download both files, or just one? Btw I wasn't sure what catagory to choose for the topic.
  6. This topic was one of the first things i saw on here. I just joined. Is there a virus or no, because i was looking forward to play this.
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