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Found 7 results

  1. Hello there! After some years of being with an on-and-off relationship with Touhou I have finally decided I would like to take my playing seriously and work my way up from the basic basics. Even after biting more than I could chew in the past or being terrified of the insane skills of the top players (and being shamed) I still came back to attempting to play like an idiot, so I figured out deep down I enjoyed playing Touhou. Maybe bullet hells in general. But guess I never knew where to start. I have never 1CC nor finished with continues any Touhou entries before :_) If I recall corr
  2. I'm thinking about showng Touhou to my older sister, who's never heard of it before. What is the best way to introduce it to her, and what game should she play first?
  3. Hi! I'm 68whiskers and I've been playing Touhou since 2009. I used to have an existing account on here back in 2014 but unfortunately I was unable to recover it. I was first introduced to Touhou when I stumbled across the numerous PVs that existed at the time on Youtube. Ever since then I was hooked. Hope to have some good discussion on here again and I look forward to meeting new people! Feel free to add me on discord and steam to chat or play some vidja!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm d_real_norgriff. I'm a complete beginner in the realm of Touhou but I'm hoping to learn alot about it. Hope everyone is doing well.
  5. Hi Im Rosens! You Can Call Me Rose Or Nyme. I Was Brought Here By My Friends SlashedTuna18 (may be on the site.) Anyways Hello!
  6. Hello, my name is Serpy and I'm here to introduce myself to all of you. That's it really anyway good to see you.
  7. Hey, everyone. I'm Autumn. I've been browsing around this site for a while but didn't realize it had a forum until just recently. Hope to meet new friends and have fun on here!
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