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  1. first clear, yes but they have been nerfing it to only 1 sc and no more do repeat stage to get free SCs so they don't let us do 10 pulls right away but somehow they just decide to brink it back again
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  2. (Repost from r/touhou found here) https://www.reddit.com/r/touhou/comments/wq9ich/can_zun_draw_a_matureadultlooking_character/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) I really do not want to insult his art style. There is something unique about it, and represents one of the defining features for the Touhou games. My question is coming from reading the notes ZUN wrote for his miscellaneous drawings, particularly the commentary for "Zun008.JPG" (dated 20/05/2001, so from the pre-EoSD era). The English translated version is from the wiki: Translated Name: Blonde Shrine Maiden From a Future Era I wanted to draw a "poster shrine maiden." My original concept was to truly draw a sultry, adult-looking shrine maiden for once. No, really. (^^; But it turned out to be a young girl. (lol) It's just that since I was drawing a poster girl, I wanted something that would grab and entice with vivid colors and a subtle expression on the girl. But I guess it's a pointless picture. (^^; As seen, apparently ZUN wanted to represent a mature-looking character. However, it ended up looking much younger than planned. Since that is old, quite possibly outdated information, has he managed to improve on that? Can he now finally draw an adult character, or he is pretty much defined into the style that defines him and his work?
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  3. after the 0.5 anniversary they decided to no longer give us free crystal after a new stage, and I have not see everyone talking about it until now when in discord, the THLW mods always going white knight if s.o talk dirty on NN ,but now after they " put it in " the game people are surprised? Like, they just put a feature they deleted after those rushing banner and call it new? Eosd Reimu but the d is silenced
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  4. From the album: Hopefully Daily Suwako

    #115 August 16 2022
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