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  1. yooo NN have show their true potential in Hecatia with her release in global only 2 days after jp. we are offically faster than jp
  2. I could say that by using cheap jpg and putting most of fan work like story cards and music ost can save alot of money from the live 2d and actual dedication in VA for the characters, too much money put in and low profits will just left the game died, and too little money put in and release character to keep the income stable will be able to lead the game to long term survival. Also Marisa icon, that is the main reasons. Also do any of you have problem with s1 and s3 of Yukari sometimes just unlock 1 bind of 1 character, not entire party?
  3. just search in the new post in facebook group and you could see him on top page now, I think we could write a full documentary on him being cringy and angry as much
  4. yeah cannonball is really a good game but with poor marketing and low income to pay for the live2d and VA so yeah dead is inevitable :(, And now Touhou DK is following the same route as well it is a shame. Also that maniac who like akuuu alot is back now and he going even more wild than before
  5. first clear, yes but they have been nerfing it to only 1 sc and no more do repeat stage to get free SCs so they don't let us do 10 pulls right away but somehow they just decide to brink it back again
  6. after the 0.5 anniversary they decided to no longer give us free crystal after a new stage, and I have not see everyone talking about it until now when in discord, the THLW mods always going white knight if s.o talk dirty on NN ,but now after they " put it in " the game people are surprised? Like, they just put a feature they deleted after those rushing banner and call it new? Eosd Reimu but the d is silenced
  7. you know the old tier list still have some stand for the best L1 friend with medicine, tewi, reimu,.... but now looking at jp newest tierlist and you barely see any L1 make it to the middle because they just get overpowered by their reskin edition, what a shame. He have quite a history of Alice being his first waifu, and then yuuka and now is Akyuu. But his behaviours is still same after all of that, good thing that admin kick him now before he start spamming sauce into everyone
  8. The interlude is just seem not make sense in many ways like where is other sage character, why reimu and other are spreads the rumors or how is everyone not questioning about how f1 reimu just appear even though they just meet the L1 version,.... And yes most if not all character are build by fanon lore ( meiling, sakuya, aya, dai, ...) So it feel like a different person with only their names. That thing is mentioned somewhere in the thread but i forgot the source For the JP is worse than GLB gacha is idk, JP have like release ufes, Efes with general friend in between so if you want to get all ufes or maybe Mvfes is possible if you skip all general or festival friend. But global is, well, release ufes after efes after mvfes is not giving enough time to save resources so skip is a must if you want to get your fav character ( some defense are like 130 pulls or everyone win campaign is just a way to "comprehensive" the lost time that we can not get the cubes ). Now it just well be like Eos early and well leave with the money from banner Quite irony is the rebirth akyuu thing because in the fb THLW global community, there is one maniac who say that he is married to his akyuu and threatened everyone if they just joke about his waifu.
  9. If I remember correctly, global release in 5 or 6 months late than the jp schedule ( we having the first youmu maid event while jp having a reisen airsoft event rerun - ironyly seem like only Byakuren only follow the rule of safety protetion in airsoft ) but global been mixing event with some event go early and some event go later to " release their banner ". Maybe if global get to second anniversary they will maybe do some event rerun again idk
  10. oh so I'm not the only one with the bug because it was like 2 am in my place and that thing actually keep me awake till I go to work. connecting slow and unable to connect happen like the touhou AR stuff first release. I'm now just wait to reinstall the game again at this point to see if it fix
  11. Yeah now reward are pack and pack with a lot of thing to get money from player. Other than that, have you all consider except for the live2d in Rebirth then most of rebirth character just useless outside of buffing point and drop?
  12. Idk if any of you have do the 30 clear of this stage yet but I'm sure that the annouce of winner and reward should be distribute in 3/8 but they delay it ( like usual with everybody win and just silence ) but now is 5/8 and no where the reward is seen so have they just scam us especially now we have a EFes in the corner right now
  13. Touhou yeah dungeon dive, It more of an roguelike game with bullethell dodge and shooting. I remeber when the only track was the Bad Apple and bosses just seem like a Archeio x Touhou with a bad gacha but you can beat the game if you can dodge good enough and the story (I use gg to translate) is just deal with some solaris evil stuff so ehh pretty bland. THLW could do the move like start getting a lot of money and then say that the income was "not enough to fill the quota" even though working with Good Smile to open global server. So when I see how EoSD Reimu release to global I think this is a red flag that start the EOS server but well here we are with another EFes (and well more character in JP) so yeah it just be like Australia forest fire - too big to even stop now
  14. You know, the last time for a new story card have translate was in the oni maid event. Now only the Ex card and some new gacha card get translated; the new card from event is just " coming soon " like they just forgotten about it. I missed the time where I read the info in the card to get more idea about the world
  15. after how DK just died, LW turn into a cash grabing, and AR is just seem like a bootleg remake. Maybe touhou just can't be a gacha game, just a bullet hell, metroidvania, LN,... but definitely not fit to be a gacha game. That should be a good conclude if there is anything else new
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