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  1. Damn, JynX really likes turning up the loudness all the way up huh
  2. If you're using WebExtensions you might have to do without some of them. uBlock Origin has a version for Pale Moon, and for Tampermonkey there's Greasemonkey as an alternative. But if a particular extension is not available in an XUL version you can try searching in the add-ons site if there's an alternative that can fill in the same role as your Chrome extension, but otherwise you're probably out of luck. Another thing missing would be some very recent JavaScript (such as regexp) and CSS features, and WebComponents. These may impact web compatibility. GitHub and Pixiv for example need WebComponents to function properly, and you have to install an extension called Palefill as a workaround. To be fair to the browser's developers, we can't really expect a small team to be able to keep up with the ever-changing web standards, especially when said standards are being pushed by Google which is known to be monopolistic. Even Firefox, which has a large team of developers paid for by Mozilla is having trouble keeping up with the new features sometimes. On the other hand, with Pale Moon you get superior customization (complete themes are still supported which its sibling Firefox dropped, and you can even combine them with personas or lightweight themes as you can see with my screenshot from my earlier post), more powerful extensions (XUL can modify the browser much more even down to its internals, unlike the very limited WebExtensions used by Chrome and Firefox), NPAPI support (Flash, Java, and other plugins are supported and will stay supported in the far future), and less memory footprint (due to the fact that it doesn't use a multiprocess design which is notoriously resource-intensive). Just like any other tool, it's up to you to decide which works best for you. I think the trade-offs are worth it, and therefore Pale Moon works best for me, in my opinion. If Chrome works best for you, good for you! I do use another browser temporarily sometimes if I can't workaround a problematic website in Pale Moon.
  3. Holy shit I didn't know there's someone here also using Pale Moon! If you're using the latest version, you should be able to open this JPEG-XL image ;) Screenshot_2022-12-04_19-33-29.jxl EDIT: Ah, darn, it looks like the forum software just gives out the wrong content-type for these images, which makes the browser always prompt for a download instead of opening them inline...
  4. Just a regular fastfood takeout meal of a piece of fried chicken, a slice of pizza, and a cup of rice from Greenwich Since that's boring, might as well bring up my lunch from yesterday too, which was two bowls of Korean instant ramyeon with some leftover Chooks-to-Go chicken from the day before yesterday added to the soup. Wait, that's kinda boring too LOL. Seriously, my lunch meals are always boring since they're usually leftovers from yesterday's dinner (which are usually not boring and cooked at home), fastfood, or instant meals. I usually only get a not-boring lunch once a week, and only on weekends...
  5. I read somewhere in a health journal that breakfast is actually optional; it's totally fine to skip it if your body can handle it fine. Even if you eat more food in lunch if you don't eat breakfast, it's not enough to actually add yourself more weight. The reason why so many studies observe people being healthy when they eat breakfast and unhealthy when they skip it is more because of their lifestyle, not necessarily due to breakfast itself. This is just another case of "correlation != causation". ;)
  6. A good 'ol peanut butter sandwich. Peanut butter is the best spread. Though if I'm in a hurry I go toast two breads and use salted butter instead. For some reason I eat faster when I eat the toasts separately and use dairy salted butter for my spread. I'm usually slow eating bread but salted butter makes an exception it seems.
  7. Yeah, I was there lol. I considered posting about it here first, but decided to not steal your journalism and let you do the reporting instead. It'd be kinda boring if the literal moderator who approved the post circlejerk himself here. ;)
  8. Well that escalated quickly. It's funny to see people there heavily downvote the mods' sticky comments at first just because they approved the post LOL. But looks like they're back in the positive digits now.
  9. Hey, that's my comment lol But yeah I think Flandre deserved this win. Though I really wish PC-98 is given some more love...
  10. Here in the Philippines, there is technically no "age rating system" for TV; just general descriptors. We even had a simpler two-rating system before, I still remember the rating just being shown in plain text in mainstream channels instead of a pictogram with the plain text below (some channels still do this actually, like the government-owned IBC 13 and ABS-CBN's cable-only Kapamilya Channel).
  11. Touhou x Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune crossover anyone? CTBR - Fight on Darkness https://ctbr.jp/content/music_file/ctbr_008.mp3 (listed here on https://ctbr.jp/content/music010.html) CTBR - magic of love
  12. In Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia, Aya was known to have read about the 2016 U.S. elections, inspiring her to mimic Trump's slogan for her fake news about Miko. So Aya probably can speak English a bit.
  13. Wait a sec, how the heck is Nitori a tier lower than Takane?
  14. Seiga - Why does your name sound like that certain Japanese company. Your hair is even the same color as their mascot! Chimata - You look like an NFT lol Yuuka - Meh, I liked you better in the PC-98 games Flandre: Leche flan in canon, and leche ka in fanon. Eiki: You are a war criminal Utsuho: You're so dumb you don't even appear in Satori's manga My other favorite characters (in no particular order) are Takane (duh), Rika, Rikako, Yumemi, Mai (PC-98), Satori, Koishi, Junko, and Daiyousei
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