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  1. It's not impossible; back when ZUN wasn't releasing his games on Steam (meaning everything was physical-only) he pushed out the necessary updates on his personal website. This went on all the way from EoSD (https://www16.big.or.jp/~zun/html/th06.html) until LoLK: https://www16.big.or.jp/~zun/html/th15dl.html
  2. Aside from Japan (which I will go to primarily for the Touhou stuff lol), I wanna visit Vietnam. Or Taiwan. Hell maybe even North Korea!
  3. I headcanon Takane as a secret commie guerilla. "Ka", is an abbreviation of "kasama", which is Tagalog for "comrade". Basically my display name here is a parody of Filipino Maoists :P
  4. Windows 11's built-in Media Player until VLC fixes its shit with FLAC decoding. https://code.videolan.org/videolan/vlc/-/issues/27477
  5. I think I might be a bit too biased towards PC-98...
  6. I feel ya, especially in the games part. I think my bullet hell skills (if there were even any lol, though I had normal 1cc'd SoEW and LLS out of all games, so maybe I do have a little bit of skill I guess) have been rusting, when I played the Touhou 19 trial. I just kept recklessly running into bullets for some reason. I even tried to get an Easy 1cc on all characters in Mystic Square thinking it would just be easy as SoEW, as I wanted to unlock all the Extra stages of each character to watch ZUN's Mima Extra demo play myself (and there's no available hdi which already has all Extras unlocked), but I couldn't even get past Stage 4's boss... I also have been lazy in following Esvee_Viridae's PC-98 fanfiction which I was diligently keeping track when it was still about HRtP and SoEW (as well as some Mima extras)... I don't know why I couldn't get myself to keep myself up-to-date on their PoDD novelization. I always thought "eh, I will just read it later, maybe if they've completed the story." Another thing I am being lazy at keeping track is Foul Detective Satori, though I definitely know why I've been lazing around: it's just become too boring for me. Though I've been recently hearing of good things about the manga, so maybe I might take a peek on it in the future. Anyway... Are you still a Touhou fan? Hell yeah! It's not like you've suddenly hated or disliked the series. I myself have been lazy on playing Pokemon, and I don't talk much about it or consume new content of that franchise these days, but I never considered myself no longer being a Pokemon fan, because I still love Johto. Are you on the verge of burning out? Maybe. If you find asking yourself that question it might be better to take a break. Though I would suggest trying to "diversify" the Touhou content you enjoy. It could be searching for NES arranges of your favorite songs, or randomly searching a crack ship in Dynasty Reader. I myself have been searching for SC-88 and SD-90 MIDI arranges on YouTube, and I've recently started some sort of a self-imposed challenge of posting found fanart of Seija daily on a Touhou forum I manage in raddle.me. Whoops, shameless plug lol. (But if you're curious, it's a very lax [rules-wise] alternative to r/touhou I created 8 months ago hosted on a old.reddit-like link aggregator, which I just recently made very active after the Reddit API drama prompted the Touhou subreddit to go private for 48 hours, you can find my pet forum at https://raddle.me/f/touhou) So yeah. Don't go hard on yourself. As Maden has said, enjoy Touhou at your own pace. Yukkuri shitte ne! :)
  7. For my secondary browser I've been using Floorp which is a fork of Firefox ESR developed by a circle of Japanese students called Ablaze. It has a heavy emphasis on customization too like Pale Moon but it does so in a fundamentally different way by baking in the customization features like instant CSS reloading into the browser itself. I personally think it's a bad approach to user customization and having a leaner browser core like Pale Moon does is better, but I can't really blame the Floorp devs because Mozilla has pretty much killed most of the user-friendly customization XUL, XPCOM, and complete themes have offered.
  8. I like the headcanon of Mima actually adopting Rika and Meira. And of course being a mom to Marisa! :D
  9. Surprised nobody has mentioned Touhou Mother yet. If you've ever played EarthBound or Mother 3, then you will definitely enjoy playing it and its sequel! :D
  10. Mima-sama will come back for sure this time
  11. Really cool chiptunes Native Faith: Magus Night:
  12. My very first exposure to Touhou would be danooct1's video about Rensenware:
  13. Damn, JynX really likes turning up the loudness all the way up huh
  14. If you're using WebExtensions you might have to do without some of them. uBlock Origin has a version for Pale Moon, and for Tampermonkey there's Greasemonkey as an alternative. But if a particular extension is not available in an XUL version you can try searching in the add-ons site if there's an alternative that can fill in the same role as your Chrome extension, but otherwise you're probably out of luck. Another thing missing would be some very recent JavaScript (such as regexp) and CSS features, and WebComponents. These may impact web compatibility. GitHub and Pixiv for example need WebComponents to function properly, and you have to install an extension called Palefill as a workaround. To be fair to the browser's developers, we can't really expect a small team to be able to keep up with the ever-changing web standards, especially when said standards are being pushed by Google which is known to be monopolistic. Even Firefox, which has a large team of developers paid for by Mozilla is having trouble keeping up with the new features sometimes. On the other hand, with Pale Moon you get superior customization (complete themes are still supported which its sibling Firefox dropped, and you can even combine them with personas or lightweight themes as you can see with my screenshot from my earlier post), more powerful extensions (XUL can modify the browser much more even down to its internals, unlike the very limited WebExtensions used by Chrome and Firefox), NPAPI support (Flash, Java, and other plugins are supported and will stay supported in the far future), and less memory footprint (due to the fact that it doesn't use a multiprocess design which is notoriously resource-intensive). Just like any other tool, it's up to you to decide which works best for you. I think the trade-offs are worth it, and therefore Pale Moon works best for me, in my opinion. If Chrome works best for you, good for you! I do use another browser temporarily sometimes if I can't workaround a problematic website in Pale Moon.
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