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  1. From what I know, the "th08" executable is the one in Japanese, while the "Touhou08" one is with the patch. If the patch doesn't work, try going to the "thcrap" folder and then click "thcrap_configure.exe", which will configure your translation patch. I tried this on the newer Touhou games that didn't work with the English patch and it fixed the problem for me, but it could be another issue for you. Hope I helped.
  2. I found Touhou 15 to be more difficult because of the patterns, but I think that depends on the player's accumulated skills and what they're more used to. I have a lot of trouble with both of the stage 5 bosses, but Clownpiece absolutely wrecked me, while Orin (I think that was the cat girl's name, right?) is more annoying than anything. Take this with a grain of salt though, I'm not very good at Touhou, I don't practice too often and I cannot consistently get normal 1ccs. So, in my opinion, if you've played the older games more, you'll probably find Touhou 11 to be easier. At least, I think that's how it is for me.
  3. I played this game a while ago and it was probably the funniest VN I've come across in a while. Simple but effective!
  4. Seems like a lot of people have been introduced to Touhou by a friend. The same goes for me; I had somebody online recommend me the games around 2 years ago, though I had been aware of the series before. I decided to give them a try, and now here I am. Just goes to show how nice the Touhou community is, at least in my opinion. I've never really had any strikingly bad experiences with fans of the games.
  5. I'm not too sure why, but I don't think it's because of the Windows region. I had to use a dll installer before, but recently I haven't had the need to do so; the games worked without it. Maybe it's from an update? I don't know, I'm not exactly a Windows expert.
  6. Welcome! I've started preferring indie games too, and I'd really like some recommendations. I feel like nowadays the industry is filled with soulless games made by equally apathetic companies that just fish for revenue and take advantage of nostalgia (half-baked sequels and remakes), the desire to win (pay to win), or, ironically, the need to distance oneself from corporate products (seems like a more recent thing; I guess every big business now has to have a personality). I think that's a major reason why you and the rest of us like Touhou; it's a great game series that doesn't have to shovel modern gaming trends down your throat. I'm a bit of a newbie here too, by the way. I wish you good luck and lots of fun!
  7. Greetings, Personally, I think gacha games are quite easy to enjoy if you're playing them casually. However, it's important to remember that all games like this are "life-sucking" to a certain degree; they're supposed to hook you in, and since the chances of getting a desirable character are so low, you'll either be spending money or dedicating yourself way too much just to reach your goal. That's the nature of the genre. They're free because you're the product, or even worse, somebody the developers can exploit for cash using this kind of gacha system. That being said, I've played such games before, and I've never gotten devoted to them, so they've been pretty fun. I don't know about Touhou LostWord in particular, but I doubt it's far from what I've described, so if anyone just wants to kill a bit of time, feel free to give it a try. I'd also recommend trying the Skullgirls mobile port; it's still gacha, however it's very appealing and polished in comparison to the majority of the games in the genre. Well, take all of this with a grain of salt; I haven't played on my phone in more than a year, so maybe things have changed, although I honestly doubt it. I think the mobile game market as a whole is wasted potential, so it'd be nice if the state of it would change. I see that a good amount of the people in this thread aren't very satisfied with Touhou LostWord, so does anyone have another game to recommend?
  8. Greetings, Personally, I think that Touhou's reputation will always remain a mystery, and that its popularity has been caused by a myriad of things that are vaguely and generally attractive to people, but somewhat different from person to person. I'm assuming that a lot of people in the community have asked other fans why they chose to occupy themselves with the game in the first place, and have gotten very diverse results; at least, that's my experience with interviewing fellow members. Some have told me that the Touhou lore has become a passion for them, while others have simply admitted that it's really all about cute girls. These two examples are about as radically different as you can get, so it's obvious to me that there's a wide variety of reasons as to why people enjoy Touhou. For example, I'm on a forum explaining my somewhat unclear perspective on why people like the Touhou series without even having any psychological studies or actual proof; all of this is just anecdotes, albeit hopefully easily recognizable ones. So, from my point of view, I joined the community to discuss with other people because I felt that this game series would have a fanbase with mostly lukewarm behavior; this is yet another motive that is easy to encounter among the majority, however, the conversational subject differs. Some may want to discuss game mechanics in-depth, others may prefer giving advice on writing game related fanfiction, while I personally am writing a completely useless mini-essay to showcase my subjective conclusion regarding this famous community. To me, this feels like a mix of curiosity and herd mentality; the first one, because seeing anime wallpapers with the same five anime girls should naturally intrigue someone, and the latter, because you may be encouraged to understand the origins of the same five anime girls, since you feel like they're all over the place and you need to know too, therefore being like your image of the majority. Also, Touhou media covers basically everything that could appeal to the average person, so you're at least bound to like a small portion of it. Your point about folklore is especially interesting, but I found that the majority of people I have spoken to (as a quick disclaimer, I have likely talked more to people from the Western hemisphere, so results may vary, but this seems like a safe generalization as not every Touhou fan is from Japan, nor are they well-versed in the country's mythology; I personally do not know much about its culture) do not actually comprehend the origins of the characters. Therefore, your theory about relations to previous traditions seems a bit iffy in my opinion, but what I agree with is that it's basically human desire to tell stories and show your point of view on a certain topic. There's a lot of factors that have determined the open-ended character of the whole series, and I think you are especially right when you mention Disney. I believe that it's not exactly folklore, but more like a combination of things that have brought out the need to storytell within people. To sum it up, that'd be it, in my opinion. They're just some nice games that offer a bunch of media to understand afterwards. It doesn't contain whatever engrossing social commentary about current world issues, it's simply something easy to enjoy for most people, and that's exactly what makes it all great in a time period where everyone wants to be something grand.
  9. Hello, I think your ideas would work for a game like that. Having a setting that's more similar to the one in Nocturne is probably the best option; actually, it'd likely be better if the game was based off SMT rather than Persona. Yes, I'm not too sure how fusing Touhou characters would work either. I've thought of an alternative to this, where it would only be very loosely based off the SMT fusion mechanics: you can talk to two characters and tell them to introduce you to another one. Like in SMT, the new party member would depend on the two characters -- for example, if you were to tell Marisa and Sakuya to recruit somebody else, they'd probably bring you a human instead of a youkai, because the two of them are also of that species. However, as a consequence, Marisa and Sakuya would leave the party unless you convince them to join you in another encounter. Special "fusions" would exist too, e.g. you could convince Sakuya, Meiling and Remilia to bring Flandre. It's difficult to create something similar to the system in SMT, because the creatures in the games are disposable, unlike Touhou characters. I think my version of it might be too complicated, though. The magatama from Nocturne could be replaced with Reimu's purification rod (I hope that's what it was called -- either way, it's the stick she holds). Stats would change depending on which weapon is chosen. By the way, is there any news on SMT V? I've heard back in 2020 that it's being worked on, but I haven't had the time to keep up with its development. What's up with it?
  10. Hi, Here's a question for everyone: what is a niche topic that you would really like to talk about one day?
  11. Hello, That looks pretty interesting. Is the visual novel still in development? What's its premise?
  12. Salutations, As others may have mentioned before, I would really like a visual novel based on the Touhou universe. I don't exactly have any other game to compare or cross it with, but I think a visual novel set in the Gensokyo world would be a captivating change of pace. I do believe it should have its somewhat silly atmosphere, as always, but a few serious moments would be much appreciated. On one side, a turn-based RPG could be interesting too, because the game mechanics would have to be changed up a little to fit that genre. As such, it would be very unique, at least in my opinion. I've also considered that, but actually integrating those two aspects and mashing them together may prove to be quite challenging. For one, there's the dilemma between the school setting and the Gensokyo one -- both contradict each other, especially if you keep in mind that the Touhou characters do not really need to go (back?) to school, since the majority are around nearly as old as time itself. There's also the actual gameplay, and the difference between playtime -- SMT and Persona games are horribly lengthy, while the Touhou series has short installments in comparison. Since you mentioned teammates, I think they should probably be the playable characters you can choose in the Touhou games, such as Sakuya Izayoi, Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Youmu Konpaku, etcetera. Unlike the SMT and Persona series, however, I'd like for all of them to be playable, but not like a switching perspective, as that could ruin the immersion -- just choosing a single character to experience the game as. It's an interesting idea, but it really requires a lot of thought. Also, like you, I have always planned out games like these, but I never get down to it, nor do I have the knowledge to actually fulfill my concepts. It's important to understand that coding is not the only thing necessary to make a game like this -- the SMT and Persona installments have very large scopes. With all that being said, however, I wish you lots of good luck in this endeavor, and, of course, determination! I really like the Skullgirls style and I'd be interested to see how the Touhou art direction would blend in with that. I imagine that the Daily Life section would contain the bullet hell stages, while Deadly Life would focus on investigating and interaction, although you could beat up a certain character to learn more information or to gain access to more clues, but that should be optional. Trial minigames would have bullet hell elements, and Psyche Taxi (I hope I remembered the name correctly -- it's been a while since I've really touched Danganronpa) would be the same, but instead of points or power, you pick up what you think is essential to solving a specific problem raised by the mystery. [SPOILER ALERT -- TEXT HIDDEN FOR DARK MODE -- INDICATIVE OF SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE FIRST CHAPTER OF DANGANRONPA V3 -- HIGHLIGHT TO SEE] Contrary to your suggestion, however, I think it'd be kind of meta but still somewhat neat if the protagonist was Sakuya Izayoi, but would be replaced by Youmu Konpaku, just like in the third installment. To me, Sakuya seems fairly serious, maybe even a little uptight, which is perfectly fitting for a protagonist of this game series. Marisa and Reimu would probably be secondary characters, while Yuyuko would be the detective sidekick who guides the protagonist. Overall, I think that the crossover should lean towards the adrenaline triggered from catching a bad guy, instead of the tragic atmosphere that is present in the newer Danganronpa installments, because I don't really know if the Touhou universe would mesh too well with that. I think it'd be very fun to play. Speaking of murder mystery games, I heard there's a fangame that is a crossover between Touhou and Ace Attorney. I haven't played it yet, but it sounds very interesting, so I encourage you all to give it a try if it seems like it may be right up your alley. (Edit) I think it's called Shin Gyakuten Touhou - Aya Shameimaru: Ace Attorney.
  13. Greetings, Since everybody here knows about Touhou's infamous difficulty level by default, I thought I'd bring up an old turn-based RPG that is also quite a doozy to get through. It's called SMT: Nocturne, and although it's a change of pace (no pun intended, it's not at all like dodging bullets real-time), it still retains its challenging nature. I'd highly recommend checking it out for the difficulty factor. Like the Touhou games, Nocturne provides a pretty interesting (and challenging, of course) experience, so I believe it's worth checking out if that's what you're looking for. I've played those games too, and I have to say that they're probably the best ones of their respective genre. I do have a good amount of qualms regarding Danganronpa's story and its attempted symbolism, but it's very charming for a visual novel. The same goes for Ace Attorney -- it's a lot more lighthearted, but I found it just as fun, as some of the hard-hitting moments certainly aren't duds. I've scoured through some visual novels, and I honestly have not been able to find ones better than these games. Persona 4 Golden may be my favorite game out of the series. I really like how it makes the player take a break from the hectic atmosphere of this modern world and just submerges you into a completely different place -- one that's forgotten, but calm enough to provide a neat experience (at least until the story really takes off, but I still found that it's a very tranquil settlement). I've also completed Persona 3 Portable, which is another one of my favorites, but again, I have an issue with the attempted symbolism in that game. I personally prefer something easy to digest when playing a game, because a profound story is not exactly something I would leave in the hands of just about anyone, but I congratulate Persona 3 Portable for the things it addresses. It's fairly brave -- that's how Persona and SMT games are in general, which is something I admire. I would also recommend trying Persona 5, if you haven't already. I won't say too much about it, since I don't wanna taint your playthrough of it, but it also has an intriguing story, and many aspects have certainly gotten modernized (in a generally good way, however). Of course, it suffers from the same flaws shared by its older "siblings", and I heard that the Royal version is quite controversial, but it is worth trying. I'm kind of iffy on the newer edition too, it's still sort of expensive. That being said, may you please recommend me a game similar to these ones? I've heard of Yume Nikki, it looks quite nice. I do hope to try it out someday. Do you have an idea of the average playtime required?
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