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  1. Hello, I think your ideas would work for a game like that. Having a setting that's more similar to the one in Nocturne is probably the best option; actually, it'd likely be better if the game was based off SMT rather than Persona. Yes, I'm not too sure how fusing Touhou characters would work either. I've thought of an alternative to this, where it would only be very loosely based off the SMT fusion mechanics: you can talk to two characters and tell them to introduce you to another one. Like in SMT, the new party member would depend on the two characters -- for example, if you were
  2. Hi, Here's a question for everyone: what is a niche topic that you would really like to talk about one day?
  3. Hello, That looks pretty interesting. Is the visual novel still in development? What's its premise?
  4. Salutations, As others may have mentioned before, I would really like a visual novel based on the Touhou universe. I don't exactly have any other game to compare or cross it with, but I think a visual novel set in the Gensokyo world would be a captivating change of pace. I do believe it should have its somewhat silly atmosphere, as always, but a few serious moments would be much appreciated. On one side, a turn-based RPG could be interesting too, because the game mechanics would have to be changed up a little to fit that genre. As such, it would be very unique, at least in my opinion.
  5. Greetings, Since everybody here knows about Touhou's infamous difficulty level by default, I thought I'd bring up an old turn-based RPG that is also quite a doozy to get through. It's called SMT: Nocturne, and although it's a change of pace (no pun intended, it's not at all like dodging bullets real-time), it still retains its challenging nature. I'd highly recommend checking it out for the difficulty factor. Like the Touhou games, Nocturne provides a pretty interesting (and challenging, of course) experience, so I believe it's worth checking out if that's what you're looking for.
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