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    I think i only heard Sariel theme metal arrange from Unlucky Morpheus (not like i don't like them just rarely listening their stuff) Also this is so eargasm
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMi6TW7MV7o&feature=youtu.be If someone is interested there is a live from Flowering Night 2020 concert i didn't expected it will still go after i wake up but welp
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    I was Indonesian and didn't like funkot that much but... Dang... This is a headbanger: Also, the only thing missing for this song below is Mystia's singing "sinden" (The singing part on a gamelan concert, usually linked with supranatural rituals) Yes, I was meant to post this 2 days ago, but I got no wifi Glad to see someone that likes Funkot too (OTOMEKAN's Sagume funkot's very groovy)
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    I love the explanation. It's thorough and very simple. Her erasing time however is specifically *erasing* time. As seen in DDC she erases the past present and future time of an object thus making it non-existent
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    Well, I'm a huge fan of Unlucky Morpheus and Fuki in general. The albums I've listened to the most is the non-doujin stuff but the doujin albums are absolute dope. Guess they're pretty old news in the touhou sphere, but I don't see them mentioned all that often and for me they're absolute essential
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    Been listening a lot to this lately. Awesome OST!
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    So we may not have any Touhou in super smash bros, but I have made the second best thing. Introducing... The first Touhou Challenger Pack! (Forgive my crappy trailer lol) This is a mod have been working on for the better part of... too many months. This was actually meant to be done back in October spooky season (because, you know, she's a witch), but then... college happened . Anyway it's finally done now, so I guess you can consider it a Christmas present instead. For any who don't know, the game is 'Rivals of Aether', a smash bros melee inspired game with an emphasis on fast pace and crazy combos, and is definitely a game I recommend. The game is on steam as well as some consoles, but... if you want mods, you need the steam version, so get that if you want to play this mod. This mod is just the first in a series, I definitely plan to make more of these, and I will be updating this thread when those are eventually made. Now that Marisa is already done, I'm sure it's no secret who's gonna be next... By the way, I made a stage for Marisa too! There are four music tracks that can play on this stage; Love-Coloured Magic (IaMP), Vessel of Stars ~ Casket of Star (SWR), Love-Coloured Master Spark (IN), and Fragrant Plants (SWR). Also shoutouts to my buddy John for being player 2 Get the character mod here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1942628561 Get the stage here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1942638009
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    Perhaps you'll get a chuckle out of this.
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    Touhou x Hololive (collaboration album), release date: May 17 Edit: beatmario reuploaded this video and he has aclared that this isn't a official collaboration album for Touhou project. It's more like beatmario x Hololive Meanwhile, a couple of weeks ago
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    The second Touhou Challenger Pack is complete, this time it's Reimu Hakurei! I started work on this one more or less immediately after the first mod was finished, and now it's ready just in time for Reitaisai! I made a stage for her as well! I heard a familiar face is hinding here... where could she be?
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