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    Basically a topic where i post music i found each week has it's own topic/theme/genre my priority is to cover a lot of genres and discovering obscure circles other members allowed to post their own music respecting the week theme also feel free to comment and rate and maybe request. although the name is "Weekly" most likely i will do it each 2 weeks or so and yeah... im bad with naming genres so... yeah... yeah. First Week Touhou Angelic(???) Vocal it mainly focused on the Vocal quality and Lyrics meaning im not crying...
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    Uploaded Mohican Sandbag albums Updated this thing over here
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    Oh! here I was with my ignorance!!!! thank you
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    This is not a glitch, you have to complete Sanae's campaign first in order to unlock the others. However, you can download the scorefile to unlock all of them if you want them all available from the start. Please note that there are actually only three campaigns in Hisoutensoku; Sanae, Cirno and Meiling. (Hisoutensoku is considered an expansion of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, so the characters that were already in that game don't get new campaigns. Of the 5 new characters, Suwako and Utsuho are unfortunately left without any campaign at all.)
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    Added Sparrow's First Love to Fan Print Works by Mitsumoto Jouji.
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    Touhou 17.5 has been announced! And it looks like it's going to be a... platformer? I think? This game is another collaboration between ZUN and Tasofro (hence the distinctly not-ZUN artstyle), however it's also going to be the first official Touhou game Tasofro have made that isn't a fighting game (they have made platforming Touhou fangames in the past, though). What do you think of this? I'm really excited that ZUN is letting Tasofro do something new with the series again... who knows, maybe this will spawn an awesome series of platforming spinoffs, like how we have several fighting game spinoffs? Anyway, while at this stage there is a lot we don't know, there's one thing I do know: those sprites are crisp af.
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    Well, you know my answer. This combines the bullet hell aspects and jest general Touhou, and it's combined with a platformer. I grew up on Mario Bros. so you can understand the hype coming from me. Tasofro, you did it again.
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    https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109 Thats usually the case if you don't have directx installed on your PC, so normally installing the directx package from Microsoft solves that error, and just a note on that installer, it at first unpacks itself and then you need to launch the installer in the folder you unpacked it into. Edit; and installing dlls that way doesn't work as you also need the software that dll accesses
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    i have seen the demos going around, it looks like an awesome boss rush platformer. i do think that in invisable dash last too long but the art is epic, combat looks slick and hype and we may see some faces who have not appeared for a long time (manga exclude as all appear in those all the time). overall looking forward to it. those sprites are epic. P.S: i know on faces has shown up to surprise people and fans alike.
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    I really like this idea. I opened the tab expecting there to be 3 - 5 songs or something, then was a bit blown away when there was something like 27... I don't have time to listen to all of that! But I listened to the first few, I quite liked the first one. Anyway, keep doing this, it's an excellent idea, I'll certainly share some songs too when a theme comes up that I know a good song for!
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    This is cool~ The singer in the first song surprised me, because of the high pitch she was singing at (゚o゚) ( ;´Д`) btw, is Cirno okay? She seems to be pretty depressed lately
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    On the Touhou Fandom wiki there's a translation page: https://touhou.fandom.com/wiki/Moedan:_Translation, I don't think it's 100% complete, but it's the most I could find.


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