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    Touhou 17 WBaWC will be released on August 12th. (Comiket 96) The version on the CD is ver1.00a, but there is already a version ver1.00b with a slight bug fix. http://www16.big.or.jp/~zun/data/soft/th17_100b_update.zip (2.48MB) ver1.00b Update contents -Fixed a rare case where the game would crash when a bomb is launched with the first spell card of the stage 4 boss. -Fixed that some achievements were not released even if the conditions were met. Source: https://kourindou.exblog.jp/28512725/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/korindo/status/1160170668861734918 Steam version: Touhou 17 will be released on September 9.
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    I'm kinda interested in this, have wanted to work in public for some time. I can help in programming, i have used C# a lot with Unity, and i have been using Rust a lot lately. I'm actually developing a danmakufu alternative in Rust, so helping a game come true will probably help me in my own project. I can also help in Turkish translation, if that matters. I don't do art or music, so can't help with that. My concern is, will the game be closed source or open source (with paid version on platforms like Steam?). The software (the code) could be licensed with something like Apache 2.0. Artistic works can be licensed separately. I believe code being open would accelerate development. Other than that, the game sounds quite great. I haven't read all of those long long pages, but i got the base idea (i guess). EDIT: I have *just* read some of the notes (i haven't seen programmer's notes for some reason). The part about copyright probably means that code will not be open source. Which is okay for me. As i only want to help, payment is not really important for me, i'm just trying to get my hands dirty in something like this, mainly to make a portfolio for the future. As you probably noticed, i'm all in for open source stuff, so that's why i recommended it :D.
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    Good answers. This project actually kinda interests me now my worries about it have (mostly) been brushed aside. The link you provided at the bottom was very helpful to read. Now maybe you already said this in onw of your lore documents, I didn't really read all the lore stuff so sorry if you are repeating yourself, but could you answer some questions about the setting? Firstly, I'd like to know about the religion of your setting - what it's called, what the places of worship are, whether it's widespread or not, etc etc, since that seems to be a main theme in your game considering your main protag is a priestess. (I'd also be interested to know if she is the only priestess around or if she is part of a network of priests and priestesses.) Secondly, I'd like to know what the significance of your version of the 'outside world' is in the plot - because if it doesn't have any relevance, then you might as well not even mention it. Below is a spoiler tab with more conversation about the actual gameplay design.
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    Official Site announcement time Grab your copy of the game here: https://moriyashrine.org/files/file/649-touhou-17-kikeijuu-wily-beast-and-weakest-creature/ and the OST over here: https://moriyashrine.org/files/file/650-touhou-17-wily-beast-and-weakest-creature-ost/
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    Thanks to your heads up, I've went and uploaded a 2nd version with all titles corrected
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    I've made some updates to pitch in overall and to formatting of documents, but most importantly, design references now have separate hyperlinks, and now each text document is hyperlinked to Google Docs instead of Drive, so you can see Table of contents to the left, proper formatting, and in overall documents are much easier to read, you don't need to manually open them for this in Docs anymore. Under spoiler I had answered on your feedback, thank you very much for it! Also, here is some interesting answers on some questions about the lore and characters.
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    As the title says. Enjoy
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    just 1 more hour Source: https://twitter.com/beatmario/status/1160696807095058438
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    It's like that problem from a while back where the activity message text was in the wrong order, except it's in the "what's new" section of club pages. Example: The first post here has text in the wrong order. The correct order (I think) should be: "SmugWakasagihime added images to a gallery album in Memists of Moriya's Memepostaaaaaaaboard" (Yes, I counted the number of 'a's to make sure I got it right) The second post here describes something similar, but the text is fine.


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