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  1. I have actually given up on trying to get this game running cause of multiple problems.
    One of my favorite games from the Windows Era of Touhou. The art style is good and the music is still fantastic as ever but Its hard, really hard. By episode 6 I believe is where the difficulty starts to pick up and where it start going bullet hellish and the enemy start becoming much harder to hit. The game is really hard when trying to 1cc it, I was so used to Marisa in PoDD that I 1cc it and then the time I got to this game, It became really difficult and a lot of frustration when it came to 1cc this game due to the final boss, Shikieiki. The only problems I had with this game was the boss attack spams from the AI due the point combos and sometimes the overwhelm of bullets that go fast even on normal. Using charge 2 or 3 attacks is my trick on getting far cause if use a Charge 4, the AI might counter it with point combos,item drops, or just simply defeat the boss attack. Lots of characters to play with and stats of each character which add some replay ability and the story is nice. Great game but really hard.(P.S I apologize for any grammar mistakes I've made)
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