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  1. Wish the poor translators peace, apparently they have an insane amount of work ahead of them~ I hear every character can talk with every boss from any point in the game, all of them having something unique to say.
  2. I was thinking about the lack of a non-programming based danmaku pattern maker the other day since I was wanting to visualise some of my own patterns outside my head. If I had an android phone I'd definitely check this out. Though I know I wouldn't be able to actually play against the patterns themselves since touchscreen controls are impossible for me. From the video alone though, looking good~
  3. Do you know where the best spot would be to lurk for updates on the situation?
  4. Had the problem myself, and it was fixed by simply changing system locale to Japanese. I was surprised I hadn't already but, but it worked fine after that was corrected, so try that if you haven't already got it set yourself.
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