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  1. Oh, and one question: Has anyone figured out the rules as to how the temporary hit invulnerability works? It's not tied to boss charge, I can assure you that. Seems like understanding that mechanic is crucial to being able to clear the game in harder difficulties.
  2. I think touhou has reached a status where the fanbase will eat up and praise anything tha comes out of ZUN. At this point it's more of a cult following than anything. "A touhou fan is part of your identity so you automatically love any kind of attention or content the fanbase may get. " I get that mentality sometimes. I'm still on the lookout for anything related to touhou on steam, for example. Props on that review, pepi. I think not only did you translate a lot of the games cons (and pros) well but you also brought some different points I hadn't even considered. Can't say I disagree with anything you put out there. The early endings in the series were hand drawn and digitalized. That's where the charm of the black and white art came from. Now it lost that aspect completely, and it's just some half done piece of incomplete digital assets. One positive point that I didn't see mentioned: I am not sure how much of it is recycled, but the spritework for some of this games' sprites is absolutely gorgeous. Especially the boss enemy ones.
  3. Touhou games never had regional princing, but this one is being sold for a higher price than usual. And yeah. I didn't touch on that subject, but the art feels especially lazy on this one. Spritework aside, Suika's portrait is probably the worse offender, and so are the ending CGs, which were never ZUN's forte, but have definitely taken a dip even when comparing to the other digital era artworks. I have no idea why such a basic feature like replays is missing. I hope that gets patched.
  4. I definitely prefer 9 over 19 so far. Though this might change if the community takes their time to improve this entry (as is with most pvp touhous). ZUN's native netcode is pretty bad for anyone trying to connect distances larger than japan mainland - japan mainland. Though I can't say I'm surprised. Parsec is a nice bandaid solution for the time being. The story mode is not a true 1v1 either, with it being a series of boss battles with an invulnerable oponent. What's even the point of the splitscreen? I haven't had the time to check the other modes just yet. The cast of characters is really interesting and new additions have their own appeal as well. Especially like seeing Yuuma and Ran here. Hisami's design is really unique, she's probably my favorite one of the newcomers. I do think ZUN continues to do Flandre dirty. Every other EoSD character has had their fair share of appearances (aside from rumia, poor thing), but one of the most popular characters in the series barely shows up beyond her original game. If we can't get a remake of th6, can we atleast have her shine again in another game? These are my initial thoughts anyway. I'd be happy to see OP (or someone else) elaborate on the points in favor of the game.
  5. oh boy, how did I get dragged into this again? :v
  6. I am not sure if fangames count, but... Genso Wanderer -Reloaded- https://store.steampowered.com/app/931500/Touhou_Genso_Wanderer_Reloaded/
  7. I've been on and off my Xbox One controller over the years. Like what Pepi said, a keyboard without NKRO actually handicaps you into being unable to deathbomb in certain situations, so, without my mechanical keyboard, I would've probably stuck to the controller. To me, the main issue with a controller is precision. Light taps and movement adjustments require a lot more restraint to do with a stick than with static keys.¹ On the other hand, a stick gives you a lot more freedom of movement, and I greatly enjoyed the perks it gave in the likes of Deathsmiles, Dariusburst and so on.² Generally, I've found controllers to have helped my game sense, and afterwards, my gameplay with a keyboard improved as a result, since my brain started considering more complex pattern dodging paths than when I was exclusively conditioned to keyboard inputs. Although how much of that was actually due to experimentation and how much is just practice/rote learning up to anyone's guess. With my experimentation phase over, I mostly stick with the keyboard now. Still, I will move over to using a controller if a mechanical keyboard is not available or if my old hands are already giving me a prescribed dosage of joint pain, a result of the many micro inputs required in an extended play session. Little bonus fact: I had a similar journey with fighting games. While I used fighting game sticks/xbox 360 controllers in my early masher years, I moved from using the stick to eventually being fonder of the precise inputs of a keyboard. I can say that safely hasn't stopped me from sucking, but at least I suck while pretending to know what I'm doing now. Image credit: baalbuddy over at https://twitter.com/baalbuddy ¹ I will not consider the usage of a d-pad here, mostly because as far as an xbox controller goes, using a d-pad is very analogous to the keyboard. I am not sure if the pad in the PS4 dualshock is any better, but it is a popular choice for fighting game players. ² Old touhou games are actually not included here, since the way the game interprets movement inputs is very static. I don't remember if this trend is kept with the newer titles.
  8. CHRONICLE is actually a compilation of the first 3 games in the Fushigi no Gensokyo Series (ending with the 3rd installment/4th game - Genso Wanderer Reloaded, and the only one published in the west) Here in Moriya you can only find the second game, it's expansion, and the Sanae spinoff. Fushigi no Gensokyo: Missing The Express Trail (Fushigi no Gensokyo Spinoff): https://moriyashrine.org/files/file/624-sanae-no-chou-tokkyuu-the-express-trial/ Moshigen Prologue: Missing Moshigen (Fushigi no Gensokyo 2): https://moriyashrine.org/files/file/585-motto-fushigi-no-gensoukyou-under-the-moonlight/ Moshigen Plus: https://moriyashrine.org/files/file/586-motto-fushigi-no-gensoukyou-plus-the-dungeon-of-dreams-and-magic/ As far as legal methods of acquiring it: it seems the original AQUASTYLE page is full of broken links, but you can play around with it and see if it leads you anywhere: https://www.aquastyle.org/chronicle/chronicle_top.html The only store I found that still has the game in stock is suruga-ya. They only sell physical though, and you need to hire a proxy if you don't live in Japan. Good luck with that: https://www.suruga-ya.jp/product/detail/186031828 If you want to get into it, this guide on proxying is pretty comprehensive: https://meramifan.wordpress.com/guide/ Update! Found the full game on melonbooks as well: https://www.melonbooks.co.jp/detail/detail.php?product_id=967014
  9. stop flooding the status updates tab with garbage, turbo

    1. Turbonator


      ℝ𝕖𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪? 𝕆𝕕𝕕, 𝕀 𝕤𝕒𝕨 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕤𝕦𝕔𝕜𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕕𝕠𝕘𝕤 𝕡𝕖𝕟𝕚𝕤 𝕝𝕒𝕤𝕥 𝕟𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥.

  10. thcrap is not a virus, but a game patcher that injects an english (or other language) translation into an official Touhou game file. This detection is a false positive. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8721180f14b4496f503e34240d626c5d0edf4e01f0a161a80b41d7863744f125 If you want to know more about thcrap, what it is and where it comes from, information can be found here: https://www.thpatch.net/wiki/Touhou_Patch_Center:About
  11. Interesting lists. Before Akyuu rose to the top, you were a fan of Myon, huh? Seems like Youmu's popularity never fades. If I recall correctly, she even managed to take the crown in one of the last character popularity polls? I could be mistaken, it has been a couple months since news of that came around and I'm too lazy to verify it at the moment. Maybe I'll bother to do another sorter and find my previous results, too. That could make for a fun subject. Yeah, it starts with a successful video and it just ends with milking the trend. Youtube works in a way to reward consistency above everything else (such is why artists struggle to find success in the platform if they adhere to the mentality of making quality, time consuming works), and it seems suwa's main priority here is to keep his channel and community alive above anything else. Though, by following the example of https://www.youtube.com/@AspreyFM, I think suwawako could use a little more creativity in his most recent posts (admittedly though,asprey doesn't post that often either, so maybe it is unavoidable). My personal bias against some of this touhou new breed comes with the very idea of new fans getting introduced to an old fandom. It's like you have this beautiful garden, but suddenly, the new hired maids, through no fault of their own, start planting new flowers, pruning the branches you took a liking to, and maybe even removing some of the "uglier" plants, all with only very superficial knowledge of how it came to be many years ago. To your dismay as the old gardener, you can still recognize the garden, but with all of it mischaracterized, shifted to fit a new vision. No fault of their own, of course. How could they know? And perhaps, in a moment of self reflection, you could even reach the conclusion: Is my way of viewing and treating these characters more valuable than the newer ways just because it was here first, and it borrows from ancient knowledge, now forgotten for the most part?
  12. I've seen at least first 3 videos, or in he case of XG3E, bore witness to his "mommy" videos absolutely rampaging my recommended for a time. Good old youtube. And all I have to say is... well, I just don't agree at all with any of what they say. One is just a fad of repeating the same clip with swapped fanart of one particular character (some, admittedly nice) while the other two either write something purely for meme value, characterize your personality as being the same as your favorite Touhou character or make up a personality that quite frankly does not relate to anything I've seen in reality (at least by any form of specific behavior, it's all broad strokes when it lands). Speaking of suwawako: Maybe he's a had a lot more contact with the fanbase to draw these stereotypes, but in my eyes, the feel like some attempt to imagine what the fan of each character would look like, to pad out for content. Personality Tests are an evergreen mine of clicks,so from a channel maker standpoint, these are a great idea, even if you have to complement anecdotal experience with pure conjecture, or worse, instinct. As for my top 10: Aside from the podium always being Patchouli, Suika and Yuyuko, the rest of the list is pretty volatile and seems to change every time I do that test. It's interesting because it doesn't ask you a traditional placing of characters in a list, but rather, decides your preference for you in a duel format. Perhaps that's a better way of rating what your true preferences are? I find it to be messy, especially, after reflecting for a bit, I realize often don't give the right answer to a duel question simply because I want to move on quickly from a poll with so many questions.
  13. The way the term "fic" was brought about here doesn't mean yukayay is attacking a fanfic made by RoboticSquire, it means they're criticizing the strange way they went about criticizing the character of marisa because she's a witch by concept or something. I suspect this is the thread that talks about this: As for your question, Squire. You're an young and impressionable person, and I'm sure you still have much to learn in your life. But if there's one thing the Bible teaches us, is that we should treat others with respect and dignity, regardless of who they are. Let people live the way they want to live, accept others for who they are, be understanding, cool your jets. This will come a long way into making your interpersonal relationships healthier, regardless of your beliefs. A pretty quick way to earn other people's animosity is antagonizing them by who they are and what they like constantly.
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