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  1. I just checked and I'm having the very same problem. The link seems to be leading to an incorrect url, or maybe the download file expired or otherwise is not where it was supposed to be. Same for the games. Cirno, or the games' uploader, Maden, should be notified of this issue ASAP.
  2. I saw both releases (99% and full) on Reddit. If this file is the first, the Shrine definitely should update the download file to the latest, 100% final translation build. I kind of expected the 99% version to appear sooner, since it was released some good weeks ago, and I assumed that this download here was the 100% version, seeing as this page was made some time after the full translation went gold. Nevertheless, good to know that there are workarounds to this issue; I'll be diving back into PDP shortly, a translated SoD was on my wishlist for quite a while!
  3. Welp, it just so happens that my arrow keys are faulty as well (specifically, the left arrow refuses to work consistently, so the character just slowly trudges an inch a second to the left). Might as well just get a new keyboard entirely. If there is a problem on several games, it might be a compatibility issue on the remapping program. Make sure you have the latest version of the software, just to be sure. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall that the Touhou games do offer a remapping option on the... options (duh) menu. I can't remember if you can remap movement that way, but try playing around with the configurations within the game proper. If an external program doesn't work, that might be the solution (although you might need to do so for every game, every time). Else, try updating your remapper or getting a new one. Lastly, try Googling your remapping software for known issues; it's likely that someone else has had a similar problem at some point.
  4. Missed Cirno Day thanks to my computer almost dying on me and refusing to properly boot up until now :/

  5. Thunder


    Hey there! Welcome to the community, hope you have a great time!
  6. Regarding your issues with EoSD; please refer to the download link posted in this topic, or try checking the "custom_e.exe" file within the game's folder and enabling the option that forces 60 FPS.

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