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  1. Not that I know of Nito, but it shouldn't be hard to find the originals for download. I don't think ZUN releases albums of unaltered music standalone.
  2. Looks like we might be doing the one Touhou game I already have on my laptop, hooray. I've also never actually beaten LoLK on any mode or difficulty.
  3. Best final boss theme is Kanako's Venerable Ancient Battlefield. The beginning in particular gives me the feeling of a powerful ancient god and the subsequent battle absolutely lives up to that. Runner up would be Septette mostly because of the remixes, but it's great in its own right.
  4. In honor of the fact that it snowed twice(!) in Louisiana this year somehow, here's one of my favorite images of our resident ice fairy.
  5. dunaway5


    A handy visual aid for jssf's question this week.
  6. Anyone who is/was interested in the Werewolf game, please PM me to confirm entry!  We'll need at least 6 to start, start date will be Sunday the 21st.

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    2. dunaway5


      Is this your confirmation?

    3. Chavez300


      yep if you need to get me more you can talk to  me on discord as well


    4. dunaway5


      Got it, you're confirmed.

  7. Last call for Werewolf Game signups!  Hopefully we'll be able to start this weekend.

  8. I actually discovered it through the games, courtesy of TVTropes. No idea what drove me to actually play them in the first place, or why I got interested in the series, but MoF was probably the first one I really liked. The music is what keeps pulling me in though, probably half of my library is Touhou remixes mostly of Bad Apple.
  9. 1st Hard 1cc, EoSD with MarisaA.  Luckily for me she's stupid strong, dodging that crap is hard.

  10. I think what ZUN said was that Hecatia was on a level above any previous character, not just because she's powerful necessarily but the scope of her abilities. She does have the 3 bodies for 3 worlds thing, so it's possible that she's just some sort of much greater deity than anything in Gensokyo or the moon.
  11. Touhous in modern outfits is the best
  12. Honestly I keep forgetting the ones I like past the Aki sisters and Daiyousei. Touhousort actually surprised me a lot.
  13. I've avoided reading that one because of their reputation, but I like their design. Question: favorite spellcard? Can be a player character's if you want.
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