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  1. This game really is interesting but everything is so confusing about it especially the story, I feel like ZUN and the team just wanted to make a video game without paying extra attention to the story… the characters really looks cool but sadly, we never saw them again (expect Reimu and Mima) Btw Highly Responsive to Prayers had a lot of references/inspirations from other games and one of the most notable is Kiki Kaikai, I’m not gonna make a long list about the references to it because there is a lot of references to that game series
  2. Aren’t those arts made by the same artist ? btw I think that’s because she is often associated with Papyrus from Undertale, he loves spaghetti (and claiming that he is the strongest)
  3. Yup they seems to still be around and they are making Touhou-like games O_O Check it out !! https://amusement-makers.org/catalog.php?id=23 I need to play it in order to have an idea of what Touhou would be like if ZUN was still with them. I remember in an interview that he said he wanted to make a "darker" game or add a more serious tone to the Touhou franchise that’s why he decided to continue it on his own, but I can’t remember where I read that :(
  4. Do you mean what if he has continued to work on Touhou with Amusment Makers ? It would end up just like Touhou Lost Word and we would often see the popular characters in each games. Maybe there would be DLC as well ? Or maybe he would have worked on Touhou games with a whole new concept of Danmaku where we would have to pay in order to unlock new abilities or shooting type Btw what I’m gonna say is kinda off topic but I feel like Flandre in Touhou 17.5 was kinda like fan service ? I mean she has nothing special to do with the incident -_- Or maybe I missed something in the scenario
  5. Kutaka’s little nest on her head seems nice to me, she can carry a cute little chicken with her all day and it’s quite unique :P Remilia’s hat isn’t a sleeping gear, it’s a mobcap/bonnet and was worn anywhere, btw it’s not really old-fashioned because it was reintroduced in 2000s fashion thanks to the Lolita fashion
  6. And thus, @CountVonNumenor started the AMA trend…

    1. CountVonNumenor


      Yeah it looks like I have accidentally spawned a trend

  7. Since the cast seems to be related to animal characters, I would loooove to see Ran or Tewi !! Also I think ZUN will introduce a new character as he did in Touhou 9 with Aya and others There will be an extra stage !! Look at the screen selection of Touhou 19, there is an "extra stage" section :D I guess that ZUN forgot about Alice for sure :( A lot of interesting elements he mentioned in the past were forgotten or unused in the sequels such as why Sakuya and Eirin were so familiar to each other in Touhou 8, he did say that he will develop why later but never did
  8. Hello and welcome on the forum !! Don’t hesitate to take a look at the topics which have been created or to create new ones about subjects you like :D
  9. Yeah you’re right, look at Marisa’s bow on her hat, it’s shaped like cat ears so once again it’ll be animal themed I would love too to see Alice in this game, we haven’t seen her as a playable character since 2009 :(
  10. There’s Nazrin !! And it seems that a lot of characters will be available I’m so excited to discover what is Th19 cast of characters !! :D
  11. gonna take a very long  break 😶

  12. I guess we all have the same "incident" in mind rn… it just depicts perfectly what we all said in this topic -_-
  13. Nah my bad I didn’t got it, so, sorry dude ^^ So what ? It’s not an excuse to make a scene over nothing, you’re both teenagers so you both need to grow up nobody here needs to see your little argument so if you want to continue barking on each other do it in private messages. Don’t you think that you are insulting us as well by generalizing the Touhou fandom ? Let’s conclude it once for all : we are different so if someone enjoy something you hate stop oppressing them, and finally, nobody is forcing you to watch NSFW content. For example @yukayay don’t like religion but isn’t forcing you to stop being Catholic Also, I enjoy Touhou since 2016 and never paid attention to NSFW content so you have two choices : ignore it just like me or cry about it
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