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  1. @Maden Here is the little issue that i had
  2. Hello everyone, I have an unusual request : does anyone have the touhou 6 demo because i noticed that there is some design difference between the demo and the full version of some touhou game (the old one) so if someone have the touhou 6 demo please send me da game. Thanks. (here a little example of the differences that i found between the full (in blue) and the demo(in pink) version)
  3. You did a really good(and funny) mini-game x) I didn't knew that we can do this on scratch ^^ Anyway GG !
  4. Maybe i'll do better stuff next time :3 Anyway, i don't think that my drawing is legit due to the stop sign that i took from da internet
  5. Wait wait wait wait u said that the last DAY for the entries will be the 24 and we are the 23 so why is it today the last day *panik* ;-;
  6. Hello Nitorium, I have a few questions to ask you. First, is it here that we have to submit the arts or in private message ? Then, you said that we have 3 drawings to do but there are 4 error message. And finally, do we have to write "Error 403 Forbidden (etc..)" ourself or will you add it somewhere yourself ? Thanks for answering and have a nice day ! (sorry for my bad english i'm french ^^)
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