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Touhou 12.5: Bunkachou - Double Spoiler  

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About This File

Release Information
Type: Photography
Developer: Team Shanghai Alice
Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice
Release: Reitaisai 7, on March 7, 2010
Language: English-Patched (ThCrap Self-Updating Standalone)
Silhouette On Cover: Hatate Himekaidou (Rival Reporter)

Character Information
Playable Characters: 2 (Aya, Hatate)
Shot Types: 2 Each
(Landscape- and Portrait-oriented photos; press [Flip] to switch. Aya takes 4:3 photos, Hatate takes panoramic pics.)
There's a new reporter in town - a newer, more modern reporter sporting a cell phone cam - and she's trying to steal Aya's scoops! Can Aya possibly put the word "friendly" before "rivalry," or will it end in all-out war?
Unique Gameplay Mechanics
* As was Shoot the Bullet before it, DS is a photography game. Thus, everything listed in Shoot the Bullet's Unique Gameplay Mechanics section applies here; see that game's entry on the Classic Era page. However, there are also a few additions to take note of.

Orientation Flip
* In this game, you can flip the orientation of the shutter frame back and forth between Portrait and Landscape anytime you want by hitting the [X] key (aka [Flip]).

Switching to Hatate
* Once you clear the Spoiler 4 stage, you will unlock Hatate for play, who comes complete with a tutorial stage (S-5) that teaches you how she's different from Aya. Aside from her unique Spoiler stages, Hatate can try out any main-game stage Aya can play. To switch between Aya and Hatate on the Scene Select screen, hit the [C] key.

The Differences Between Aya and Hatate
* Recharge Speed: Hatate wins this one, hands-down. She charges at double Aya's speed.
* Zoom Functionality: Aya is far more able to take pictures from a distance; Hatate's zoom function sucks awfully.
* Starting Orientation: This is a tie, as you can pick anytime, but Aya starts in landscape, and Hatate starts in portrait.
* Frame Size: This is also a matter of preference - Aya takes standard 4:3 photos, Hatate takes panoramic pics. These both have certain advantages and disadvantages, depending on who you're up against, although if you're concerned about defensive snapping, Aya can snap larger holes in swaths of bullets.
* This scorefile was provided by Drizzle.
* It has true 100% completion status - all scenes are available and cleared as both girls with score requirements met.

Th12.5 (DS) Scorefile [Drizzle].zip


Steam Release
If you would like to support ZUN, you may buy Double Spoiler on Steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1100170/_/?snr=1_7_7_230_150_1

What's New in Version     See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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My anti virus threw me a warning this morning about a trojan in the custom.exe file for Touhou 12.5, and I haven't touched the game for like a year, has this happened for anyone else?


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4 hours ago, Kukkī said:

My anti virus threw me a warning this morning about a trojan in the custom.exe file for Touhou 12.5, and I haven't touched the game for like a year, has this happened for anyone else?


Damn i think someone should make post about it and pin it somewhere or something because i see problems like those quite often

thing is that 3/4 of antiviruses will show EXE file as potential malware or virus because it has been modified.

and about why its been modified from what i know its NECESSARY to translate any game to English from Japanese

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For anyone having issues with the scorefile, the scorefile is no longer placed in the game's folder. Instead, you need to go into your %appdata% Roaming folder, after running the game to generate the folders. Inside should be a ShanghaiAlice folder and in that is the th125 folder which is where you place the scorefile.

Edited by DragonOfAtlantis
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On 5/8/2022 at 6:37 PM, CadeteDL said:

I don't know how to run .zip.torrent file :(


You probably figured this out already but you can open them using another application. I used UTorrent

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