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Status Updates posted by Maden

  1. I have been pretty inactive in here for quite a while now. Just logged in to say that I retired from being an admin ( yet again) :SatoriStare:

  2. Looks like the image I slapped on the home page for April Fool's will forever haunt this site now :^)

    1. Ken Hisuag

      Ken Hisuag

      It's not an inaccurate representation of activities. ?

  3. edit: Yeah, the status updates still need to be fixed

  4. Preparing some more updates right now.
    I decided to get fresh files for the official Touhou games and apply some patches to them to avoid complains about outdated patches or corrupt game files :^) even though they might still end up corrupted if problems with the download server happen.
    Also great news for people that have problems with TH06, as I also applied the necessary patches that you'd have to download seperately in the soon to be past.
    Will probably also upload the installers, in case some of you guys also want access to the unpatched games

  5. The question mark that appears in place of the emotes that were sent before they broke make some old messages look worse than they should be :v

    1. Maden


      Also no idea why the status messages end up empty for me sometimes

    2. Drunken_Flower



      also yeah
      the status messages didn't save for some reason
      it'll post empty status and will appear after you edit and re-type it

  6. Beginning to make some more pages for the music now. After I'm done with every album, I'll start creating the article for the music, so that you lads get a better overview for all that stuff.

    So... expect more pages for the next few days ?

  7. Thanks to my tactical slow uploading, I'm now done with uploading ~1/2 of the albums to the host.

    Now I try to be a bit faster with the other half, so that I can be slow again with making the descriptions, the article, and publishing the downloads :^)

  8. Change of plans. Turns out uploading so many things at once makes it fail often for me and I have to restart the upload several times.

    Next time I wake up, I try to upload the albums one after another instead of all at once. That should hopefully solve my problems with the upload.

    1. Drunken_Flower


      wh-what? many at once?! Yukkuri Shitette ne maden.

  9. A big music upload is coming, lads. Over 100 albums.

    Bad part is, that my upload speed is terrible and it might take a day or two for everything to be ready. :^(

  10. Indeed, my first Status Update. I wonder what great things I can perform with the newly achieved ancient knowledge.

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