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  1. Aye sorry about that. I was occupied the last few days so I forgot about that. I think I still deserve some credit for taking care of the seasonal banners for the past 3 years (excluding the time I temporarily retired)
  2. I still see snow outside but it's technically spring already, so I updated the image Made pages for the Touhou Kaisendo 6 ~ Infinite Blade Pavilion & Immunity of Sensibility OST
  3. 22 downloads

    Type: Shooting Game (Danmakufu) Developer: Len Release: 6 September 2020 Track Count: 18 Track List: File provided by @Ken Hisuag
  4. 4 downloads

    Type: RPG https://myouya.itch.io/immunity-of-sensibility Circle: 53 Minute Reverie Release: 2020 Track Count: 18 Track List: File Provided by @Ken Hisuag
  5. Maden


    - Reuploaded "Gundan - The Crowd Shooting", "Kouma no Kagi - Scarlet Devil's Key", "Hashiru! Sakuya-san" and "Touhou Hachikasen - Allrange Retrospective Shooting" so that they're preinstalled now. Also updated their descriptions to provide more info. - Updated "Gensou no Keifu- Hajimari no Miko" from version 1.00 to version 1.22 and included the english patch made by @Alternate Soul. Also updated the description to provide more info for the controls.
  6. Hmm.. Try running the game with japanese locale or using this https://github.com/xupefei/Locale-Emulator It'd at least help to make that error message look less broken. If it appears again you should be able to press ctrl+c on it to copy the message and look up what it means. The Steam version of the trial will also probably release some time today so you can take a look it that one will work on your end.
  7. It should run ver 0.02a now. It also now comes without the directx folder. Might remove them from the other downloads as well some time as it didn't help me as much as I hoped it would.
  8. I think you just have to install DirectX and it should work
  9. Version v0.02a


    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: Team Shanghai Alice Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice Release: March 21, 2021 Language: Japanese Character Information Playable Characters: 4 (Reimu, Marisa, Sanae, Sakuya) Description (Placeholder) Steam Release The Trial is also available (starting March 22 March 23) on Steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1566410/
  10. Now time to hope that I don't accidentally repost something. It didn't happen often recently that I just casually looked for new music to listen to. Mostly sticked to what I already knew. Probably due to being lazy Leaving the details out and making a somewhat long story short, I found some touhou synthwave music.
  11. There might be only one month left of winter but here we go. New image on the homepage
  12. We have replaced some of the titles with images now. You might have seen it already if you use the forums. We also replaced the big broken grey box on the forums page with a new (old) chatbox that's not tied to discord and actually works. Might be slightly late news but better a late post than not posting at all.
  13. Oh you mean that big box on the forum main page that never seems to work? Yeah, we've thought about removing it somewhat recently. Looks like it'll be gone soon as it still doesn't seem to work and only takes up too much space.
  14. Be it parts of the home page, the forums, the downloads section or anything else that is part of the shrine. It's less a question about community activity but rather the looks, structure, features and similar things of the site. I see good suggestions here and there, so I thought that this might deserve its own topic where everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and where suggestions aren't lost that easily. Not every change would happen immediately, would be easy to implement or even happen at all. That really depends on what's being suggested. But it can't hurt to share yo
  15. Changed the "What's going on at the Shrine?" part to list recently used forum topics instead of individual replies. Covers more content and takes up less space Updated the image a bit because I prefer it without the bars on the top and bottom of the image. Also included the artist name and image source, as I used to do with the previous few seasonal images (might start to do them again starting spring) More suggestions regarding the website are always welcome
  16. I tried to look at the old forums in hopes to find some good ideas but unfortunately most snapshots on the Wayback machine are from that april fool's joke in 2014 :v Lack of activity in the forums also seemed to be a problem in 2016/2017. Apparently due to staff changes and people migrating to Discord. It's surely interesting to look at it and compare that to the current forum, but I shouldn't go too off-topic in this post. Game tournaments only seem to work once or twice until people start to lose interest. At least that's how it's been whenever we tried it. Many who participated
  17. Fixed Mohican Sandbag - イケナイ子守唄 Download Added the missing game for Sakuya's Crisis 2 - The Link Age of Servant Trial Added the missing game for LotusCraft Foxtail-Grass Studio - Scenograph #1 should give the right file now Fixed broken link for Magnum Opus - 東方紅魔月譚 ~Scarlet Devil Fantasic Rhapsody~
  18. The zip and the installer within it seem to work fine on my end. Maybe try downloading it again a bit later. Some people occasionally end up with corrupted zip files after downloading stuff, or at least they did a while ago, which caused them to be unable to extract it. Or maybe you could also try extracting it with another program if you don't want to redownload it for now. In my case I used 7-zip
  19. The unpatched game downloads are back now. They're the same ones we've had previously with the exception of 15.5, as that one now also includes a folder with the current beta version
  20. I need better titles Looks like all the japanese file names broke again and show garbled text. Missed it due to my locale being set different. Touhou 6 should now have normal looking files and the game actually works again. Japanese filenames for the other games are still a mess but those aren't game breaking as far as I know. I'll deal with that some other time
  21. @bobby-shmurda-99 @andrea52 The Japanese file names should look normal now. You might have to clear your cookies/cache to not get the old download again. My settings were set to japanese locale so I either might have just missed it or even caused the problem by archiving the folder and that somehow causing the japanese text to be in Shift-JIS instead of UTF-8 again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyways, switched to english locale again and reuploaded it with normal looking text. Looks like it should be fine now
  22. Had an oversight with the english patches. Files should now work as intended, hopefully. If you happened to download one of the games between last changelog and this one, chances are it doesn't work and you might want to download it again now. Sorry for the inconvenience
  23. @bobby-shmurda-99 Alright the new file should be up now. Let me know if this one works better
  24. Besides adding an directx installer, as people not having directx installed is one of the most common reasons why people can't run the game, some people reported problems with the thcrap version that we used in some files and I kinda rushed with applying the patches again. I'll just apply the standalone patches again and update them on my end before reuploading them to the site.
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