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Touhou Tougenkyu - Riverbed Soul Saver  

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Release Information
Type: Vertical Bullet Hell Shooter
Developer: ido, Len
Publisher: ido, Len
Release: 2015
Language: Japanese

Default Controls
Arrow Keys: Movement
Z: Fire / Select
X: Bomb
Shift: Focus Movement
Esc: Pause
Ctrl: Fast Forward


The third installment of the series started by The Last Comer and continued by Mythical Power Plant, Riverbed Soul Saver is an amazingly beautiful (and murderous on your processor) game with music composed by WanWan. A typical 2D shooter, later updates have added Futo and her Zen powers to the roster.

The main gimmick in this game involves hypers - hold down bomb when your gauge is max to unleash them. You gain twice as many bomb and life fragments this way and you can obliterate bosses entirely.

As for the plot, that is for you to find out on your own.

--This game is murderous on your processor. You may want to go into config and toggle the effect cuts. The higher the number, the less effects. Note that the game is not fully optimized.

Page on the Touhou Wiki: Link
Official Website: Link (Japanese)

What's New in Version     See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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crashes on me when I get to stage 4 so it wont let me 1cc

that wasn't very cash money of you RSS

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