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touhou 6 vpatch dll error

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it worked perfectly fine until today and i really don't know how to fix it


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I can solve your problem.

Just use the DirectX repair tools.

You can search it on the internet,or you can use the file under.(Maybe it isn't effective?)

(I'm a Chinese .I can't speak English well.Can you understand what I mean?)

RegClean Pro

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Using https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/:

Safe Files:

key.txt (27 bytes)     |


Chinese_rcp.ini (45 KB)

Danish_rcp.ini (85 KB)

Dutch_rcp.ini (88 KB)

eng_rcp.ini (81 KB)

Finnish_rcp_fi.ini (83 KB)

French_rcp.ini (95 KB) [Interesting...]



Unsafe Files (Unsure of whether it should be categorized as safe files or harmful files due to relationships to harmful files or due to lack of time on my part. Further testing may be required.):

autorun.inf (57 bytes)

RegcleanPro.apm (55 KB)

RegcleanPro.exe (1.4 MB) [Ran on sandbox, looks harmful due to it extracting a malicious file.]


Harmful Files (Identified by either the antivirus websites (which uses multiple antivirus softwares) and by the sandbox reports [running the program].):

CleanSchedule.exe (98 KB) [Ran on sandbox, harmful.]

RCPUninstall.exe (881 KB) [Ran on sandbox, harmful as it writes down your data inside your computer and sends it to an anonymous person.]


Files that I did not scan due to lack of time:

Every other file.

Edited by Popcorn1339
Update to RCPUninstall.exe as sandbox finished running.
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Please do not listen to people who randomly put ZIP files who just joined...

It can literally destroy your computer.

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7 hours ago, Popcorn1339 said:

Please do not listen to people who randomly put ZIP files who just joined...

It can literally destroy your computer.

Uhh...You are right.But I'm just a senior high school student.I'm not a kid or a crazy man.If you can't trust me,maybe you can make a test on it?

I very love this website,so I won't broke it.And I will update my resources about TouHou.You will see.

By the way,the TouHou fans in China are called 'car car man',isn't it funny?

(Ohh...I hope I have no grammatical mistakes.It is difficult to me...)


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Assuming that you are Chinese, I will use google translate to translate my words to Chinese (simplified) [google translate doesn't really work as there is multiple ways to say the same words. Although it has improved so that you can partly say the words in a sentence correctly.] 




不幸的是,您发送的文件已被Hybrid Analysis中的多个防病毒软件故意标记。

我已使用Hybrid Analysis扫描了您的zip文件,请参阅本文中的引用#6。



Or in other words... (So that other people can read it...)


Okay, so the file you just sent has been scanned by multiple antivirus softwares. 

Unfortunately, the file you sent has been deliberately flagged by multiple antivirus softwares in Hybrid Analysis.


I have scanned your zip file using Hybrid Analysis, please refer to quote #6 in this post.

There is no excuses for sending malware...



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When you update your resources, I'll be the first one to scan it 😕 (and when you send it).


当您更新资源时,我将是第一个对其进行扫描的人 :/
Edited by Popcorn1339
Possible loophole.
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Thank you very much for reminding me.I'm very sorry, I actually sent the cracked version.The original software actually needs to be paid.I am out of a good heart.I will pay more attention next time!

Then again,isn't the resource on this website cracked?

Sorry ,please believe me, I mean no harm.Ah, I'm losing face

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I have a very cute Live2D


↑This is video introduction

Download the latest version:

Download link:


Password :


Because it's a Chinese website.You may need to use VPN

LILI WHITE2135688887_2.thumb.png.6ff9556d193fcc98683f79dd41b69310.png

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I think this is the error I'm suffering from too. I wanted to enter into the series with 6, and right now I can't get into the menu. Has anyone worked out a definite solution?

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