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  1. I'm gonna sleep now :/

  2. Are you having problems with downloading from the server or are you having problems with opening the downloaded files with 7zip? (At this point, I'm confused.)
  3. Can you show a picture of your files explorer screen? (I don't want to see the files themselves, I just want to see the outlay of the files explorer so that I can help you.)
  4. Some files can be opened using the files explorer. Press the arrow next to the button that says open and open it with files explorer. (I only used it for windows 7, not sure if you can do that with windows 10 or etc.)
  5. To be able to nullify and absorb any powers that I want to. (This includes being able to take abilities from any character/items in any dimension, location, book, computer game, etc.)
  6. If I were a boss... I would be immediately crushed by Reimu or Marisa or etc. There wouldn't even be a theme as I would die instantly from a single bullet. Me (1/1 HP) Me(0/1 HP) | | | |
  7. I mean, you could just go to the developer console (Right click on the download tab and press inspect) and click the download button and go to the error message and click on the zip file (mentioned in the error message) to download it yourself.
  8. It won't work, here's why. If you inspect it closely (and if you run it), it'll say "'The site at "https://moriyashrine.or moriyashrine.org/:1g/' was loaded over a secure connection, but the file at 'https://nitori.moriyashrine.org/Touhou 10 - Mountain of Faith.zip' was redirected through an insecure connection. This file should be served over HTTPS. This download has been blocked. See https://blog.chromium.org/020/02/protecting-users-from-insecure.html for more details."
  9. Well then, someone decided to alter the entire game file downloads. If you look at all of the game files, they were updated recently.
  10. Well something happened to all of the game files, they were updated pretty recently. The download links are bugged for all of the games. Someone did something.
  11. In fact, all of the download buttons for all the games are broken. The command for the download popup is probably broken (Although it would be weird that it suddenly breaks. [Maybe the signal to open the popup isn't working? Or something else is going on?]). It doesn't popup a message that allows you to download the links. (I mean, it could be just because I'm using a laptop.)
  12. I was mainly confused with the results of the sandbox and the results of the antivirus softwares as the sandbox mainly said that it was fine, but the antivirus softwares didn't. (At that time, I knew about false positives and I thought that the softwares just used behavioral based detection to scan.) I just went with the results of the antivirus softwares. (Although I did take a look into the sandbox environment that the code was being run on, it only told me that the software was safe and wasn't running any processes that were suspicious. ) [For example, touhou06.exe was marked as malwar
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